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Echoes of LOST in episode 2×02 “We Are Both”

Several things in the “We Are Both” episode reminded me of LOST. I don’t think they were deliberate shout-outs (such as the LOST references here and here, which were intentionally placed to amuse LOST fans), so instead I am calling them “echoes.” Perhaps they were inspired by some of the story-telling techniques of LOST, or maybe they are just themes that so fascinate OUAT’s creators (former LOST writers) that they revisit them again and again, even in different shows.  Continue reading

Poll: What did you think of episode 2×02 “We Are Both”?

What did you think of the Once Upon a Time episode “We Are Both” broadcast on October 7, 2012?

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Promos and Sneak Peeks OUAT 2×02 “We Are Both”

Here’s the promo they showed at the end of episode 2×01 in the U.S.:

Here’s the one they showed in Canada, which is totally different:

Sneak peeks are after the jump (warning: spoilers): Continue reading

Info on second episode of Season 2

Cora and the young Snow White in 1.18 The Stable Boy

Once Upon a Time’s second episode of the second season, airing on October 7, 2012, is called We Are Both. It’s written by Jane Espenson,  directed by Dean White, and features the return of Cora, Regina’s mother, who we first met in episode 1.18 The Stable Boy. The seven dwarfs will be back too.  The official plot summary (warning: spoilers) is after the jump:  Continue reading