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Deleted scenes with Sheriff Graham (Jamie Dornan)

Once Upon a Time Season One DVD extras deleted scene screencap

Emma and Graham in a deleted scene from the Pilot

These two deleted scenes are from the Season One DVD, via the Jamie Dornan Online fansite and the Oncers fan community. Video after the jump. Continue reading

“Once Upon a Time” on hiatus until January 8, 2012

(Last update 12/28/11)

Pilot episode snowy mountains

Once Upon a Time is taking a winter break

Episode 7, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, which aired Sunday, December 11, 2011, was the “winter finale.” The next new episode will be on January 8, 2012.

Reruns will be broadcast on two Sundays during the hiatus. Continue reading

No rerun of “Snow Falls” (episode 3) this week

John Doe looking at Mary Margaret Once Upon a Time

A poignant moment in 1.3 "Snow Falls" (screencap by Dramatic-Personae.Net)

For the last two weeks, ABC has been showing a rerun of the previous Once Upon a Time episode at 7:00 on Sunday and then the new episode at 8:00. They’re not doing that this week. Maybe those two weeks with reruns were just a temporary thing to give a boost to the show at its beginning.

The new episode “The Price of Gold” will be at the regular 8:00 time, Sunday, November 13, 2011, but at 7:00 they’re showing “America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

You can still watch “Snow Falls” online for free at Hulu, ABC, and IMDB (which is really just the Hulu version). You can also buy the episode on Amazon and iTunesicon.

Episode 1.3 “Snow Falls” recap, review, etc.

Prince Charming and Snow White Once Upon a Time


Snow White and Prince Charming push the limits of meeting cute when she ambushes his carriage and bashes him in the chin with a rock. It is, of course, love at first sight, and for their first date they fight off loathsome creatures to save each other’s lives, but they cannot yet be together.

Two strong LOST shout-outs here — when Prince Charming uses Danielle Rousseau’s technique of trapping people in nets swinging from trees, and when a “Wanted” poster is shown revealing that Snow White is a Kate-like fugitive (she even looks a bit like Kate while peering out of the netting). Continue reading

What did you think of Episode 3 of “Once Upon a Time”?

Prince Charming Snow White Once Upon a Time 1x03

Prince Charming and Snow White, Episode 1.3 aired Nov. 6, 2011

Episode 2 of “Once Upon a Time” being rerun on Sunday at 7:00

Episode 1.2, “The Thing You Love Most,” will be rerun Sunday, Nov. 6, at 7:00 p.m.

The new episode, “Snow Falls,” will be at the regular time, 8:00 p.m.