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Short recap 1.21 An Apple Red as Blood

Once Upon a Time 1x21 An Apple Red as Blood

The Evil Queen, Snow White, and the poisoned apple

The red apple of the title plays a dangerous role in both worlds. First, Regina uses it to put the sleeping curse on Snow White. Later she retrieves it with the help of Jefferson’s hat and tries to use it to poison Emma by baking it into a pastry. But Henry eats it instead. In a cliffhanger episode ending, he collapses to the floor. Continue reading

Poll and Discussion for “An Apple Red as Blood”

Editing to add: I just saw it. Initial thoughts:

The episode was all about sacrifice — including Henry’s surprising self-sacrifice at the end. I don’t think he will die, though. I don’t think the show would go that dark — plus the show needs him as the SB connection between Regina and Emma.

Loved the interaction between Mr. Gold and Regina. They have such wonderfully malevolent chemistry between them.

I wonder where Mr. Gold is planning to go on his out-of-town trip.

Did Grumpy really say to Red, “You have someone on your chin”?

Did anyone else expect Regina to tell Mr. Gold, while she was in his shop, that she had Belle?

Things I wonder if we’re going to see next week: A hint about who Bae is now. Whether Mr. Gold will demand the deal with Emma that she had previously promised him. Whether we will see Emma believing in the curse without reservation. Whether Graham and/or Belle will reappear.

Promo for “An Apple Red as Blood”

I saw this promo during Modern Family:

I’ve been super-busy the last couple of weeks, and have fallen behind on the recaps. I still owe you guys recaps for the last two episodes. I’m going to try to catch up — stay tuned.

Meanwhile, there are only two more episodes left for this season. Is there anything in particular you are hoping to see before the season ends? (No spoilers, please.)