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“Red Handed” is the second most popular episode ever, according to this blog’s readers

Once Upon a Time Red at her window, happy to see Peter Looking at the poll results so far, Red Handed is the second most popular episode of the season, with 82 percent of the people who voted in the poll choosing the top rating. Red Handed‘s high rating was surpassed only by Skin Deep, the episode about Belle and Rumpelstiltskin, which got top ratings from 86 percent of the voters. The third most popular episode so far, with top ratings from 75 percent of the voters, was The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, the episode about Graham/the Huntsman that ended with Graham dying in Emma’s arms.

By contrast, only 12 percent of voters gave the top rating to last week’s dwarf-centric episode, Dreamy.

Quick Cap: Episode 14 “Dreamy” recap, review, etc.

Lee Arenberg (Dreamy/Grumpy/Leroy) falls in love with Amy Acker (Nova/Astrid) in both worlds — and in both, she is off-limits, someone he is not supposed to love.

Things work out better for them in Storybrooke than in FTL, despite the Storybrooke curse. Continue reading

Poll: What did you think of Episode 14, “Dreamy”?

Reminder: Once Upon a Time will return tonight (March 4, 2012)

Once Upon a Time took a night off for the Oscars last week but is coming back tonight with Episode #14, called Dreamy. Pictures after the jump: Continue reading

No “Once Upon a Time” episode on Feb. 26

David was so intent on looking at the glass unicorn that he didn't even notice the Oscar sitting on the shelf in Mr. Gold's pawnshop

There was no Once Upon a Time episode on Sunday, February 26, 2012, because of the Oscars. The Academy Awards broadcast pre-empted the show.

The next episode will be on Sunday, March 4, at the usual time. It is episode #14 and is called Dreamy. (More info after the jump — very slightly spoilerish if you didn’t see the preview at the end of What Happened to Frederick) Continue reading