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“Red Handed” is the second most popular episode ever, according to this blog’s readers

Once Upon a Time Red at her window, happy to see Peter Looking at the poll results so far, Red Handed is the second most popular episode of the season, with 82 percent of the people who voted in the poll choosing the top rating. Red Handed‘s high rating was surpassed only by Skin Deep, the episode about Belle and Rumpelstiltskin, which got top ratings from 86 percent of the voters. The third most popular episode so far, with top ratings from 75 percent of the voters, was The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, the episode about Graham/the Huntsman that ended with Graham dying in Emma’s arms.

By contrast, only 12 percent of voters gave the top rating to last week’s dwarf-centric episode, Dreamy.

Quick Cap — Episode 12 “Skin Deep” — recap, review, etc.

Once Upon a Time episode 12 Skin DeepRumpelstiltskin blows his chance at love; Emile de Ravin is a true Beauty as Belle; Mr. Gold becomes shockingly vicious; Rumpel and the Evil Queen struggle for power in two worlds — and the episode ends, again, with a twist. Continue reading

Poll: What did you think of Episode 12 “Skin Deep”?

Small (but very exciting) spoiler for “Skin Deep”

I want to stay unspoiled, so I’ve been avoiding reading much about the plot of tonight’s episode, Skin Deep. I did come across one little teaser, though, that is too good not to pass along: Continue reading

Jane Espenson doing two live online events tonight (Feb 12) for “Skin Deep”

Correction: The live Twitter session starts at 8 PM Pacific time/ 11 PM Eastern time.

Jane Espenson, Once Upon a Time writer

Jane Espenson

Jane Espenson, who wrote tonight’s much-anticipated episode “Skin Deep,” will be doing a live interview/question-and-answer session tonight (Feb 12) after the East Coast broadcast of the show, and then she will be live tweeting the episode during the West Coast broadcast.

The live interview/question-and-answer session on Blogcritics. It starts at 9 PM Eastern time.

Editing to add 2/14/12: There’s an archive available of the live chat (go to the bottom of the page, and click on replay). Jane answers questions and teases (without giving away too much) some upcoming plot developments. Worth reading!

The live tweeting, during the West Coast broadcast, will be on Espenson’s Twitter account: @JaneEspenson, starting at 8 pm Pacific time (11 PM Eastern time). Continue reading

“Skin Deep” — how many puns are in the title?

I was just thinking about the title of the next episode — Skin Deep. You know how the OUAT writers love puns and wordplay (in both the episode titles and the names of the characters), and they love to have double, triple, or quadruple meanings in the titles. So I was wondering what this title might turn out to mean.

The most obvious thing is that it comes from the expression “Beauty is only skin deep.” And that already has a pun built into it because the episode is going to tell the story of (very slight spoiler) Continue reading