4.01 “A Tale of Two Sisters” poll and discussion thread

Hi, again. I’m still catching up with the show. Please use this post to discuss the Season Premiere episode.

Elsa, trailing ice in Storybrooke

Elsa, trailing ice in Storybrooke

Some discussion questions after the jump:

How do you feel about the “Frozen” characters? Do you find them interesting? Do you think they belong on this show?

I’ve never seen “Frozen.” Am I missing anything?

What do you think of Regina and maybe Rumpel going back over to the dark side?

Are you sympathetic to Regina’s pain in losing her new love with Robin — or do you think she needs to get over it? If you could sit down and give her some advice — and if she would listen — what would you tell her to do?

Was the snow monster scary or kind of cute?

Will Emma and Hook ever find the right time to be together?

Or talk about anything else about the Season Premiere episode.

5 responses to “4.01 “A Tale of Two Sisters” poll and discussion thread

  1. The Frozen characters are perfect mimics of the movie…even the snow monster is an exact replica.
    I HATE that Regina didn’t get her happy ending and looks to be going dark. Rumple did get his happy ending and still looks like he may go dark…sigh why did they make us love the villains!

  2. I personally love Frozen and yes, I think you’re going to miss quite a few references if you haven’t seen the movie (as when, in the second ep, Emma asks Elsa if she isn’t cold, too, and Elsa shrugs that cold’s never bothered her). The snow monster was taken from the movie, as were Anna’s “in-laws”…I think they fit in/belong as much as Ariel or Belle or Mulan or any others of the “Disney Princesses”…

  3. I haven’t seen the movie Frozen either but am certainly aware of the hype surrounding it. For that reason I’m inclined to think that the “hype,” while it has certainly drawn attention to OUAT, cheapens the show in some way. I wish Adam and Eddie had waited longer to work the Frozen characters into their story. Last season was so jam packed with Pan and Zelena. Taking a breather during the first half of this season and focusing the show on the original core characters(and their cliffhangers from the end of season three, i.e. Emma and her parents, Emma and Hook, Regina and Robin Hood) would have been nice. Also, what have Ruby and Archie and Marco been up to? These are characters who get neglected every time the new “big bad” shows up. I realize that neither Elsa or Anna are villains but they distract the writers from the core characters. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that seeing David, Mary Margaret and Emma, Regina and Robin, and Emma and Hook work on their relationships would have been nice without the “ice”. With all the complex relationships ONCE already has, sometimes the added conflict isn’t necessary.

    I still love the show and really had no expectations coming into the new season so I’ll take it as it comes. Whether I agree with it or not, Storybrooke has Frozen over so I’ll just make the best of it.

  4. “Ice Magic”? Really? That was totally written in to appease the “Frozen” peeps. I don’t mind the story, but I think they went out of the show’s construct. Why not “Fire Magic”?. In this show, magic is light or dark. Maybe there is a middle ground…but “Ice magic”?
    Why is Emma so weak? Regina trained her to fight the WWW. They (the characters of Storybrooke) thought she (Emma) was prepared enough to face-off with the WWW. Now, all-of-the-sudden, she can’t throw a light ball correctly. What happened here? If she is that weak, why did her father, mother, Regina, offer her up to the WWW knowing she would surely lose. That is just cruel.
    Emma is a tough, tough woman. As soon as magic is involved, she goes helplessly weak. What gives?
    I did enjoy the story tho…just wish they left the “ice magic” part out. Maybe “cursed magic”? That would be a little less lame.

  5. I hate the episodes that are airing now! Too dark, too scary for kids. Not watching until it changes.

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