What did you think of the Season 3 Finale?

Emma and Hook in the season finale aired May 11, 2014

Emma and Hook in the season finale aired May 11, 2014

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  1. It was bloody awesome! Can’t wait till next season with Frozen! Although the queen wasn’t evil.. I wonder how it will play out.

  2. Apart from the whole Elsa thing (which is AWESOME), the two best parts? When Hook told Smee not to smack the rat (LOL) and Rumple’s “What the hell am I doing in here?”

    Oh and also Hook’s heart-to-heart with Charming.

    One thing I read that makes me wonder…could someone ELSE also have a lion tattoo? Will Scarlett, perhaps? Because I’d love to see Will and Regina together…oddest couple ever..!

    • Will and Regina — that would be a very interesting couple to watch! I do hope that there is someone (whether it is Will or someone else) besides Robin who is Regina’s destined love. It would be too sad if Marian had to die (again) or if she turned out to be evil or an imposter.

      • It didn’t occur to me til later, but they DID make a pretty heavy-handed hint in that once scene with the wine about how Regina didn’t see her soulmate’s face, only his lion tattoo…and surely, there can be more than one of those.

        Come to think…is Robin’s tattoo on the same wrist as the one Regina saw in the tavern? That could be a clue…

  3. My theory is that snow queen will end up killing off Marian. or Marian is not Marian and is going to end up being Zelina instead. We shall see what happens.
    Love Rumple all puzzled Hook “That hatchet has been buried” Rumple “yes but why not in your skull” LOL that is my favorite rumple!!!!!

  4. Did we ever find out what August showed Neal in that box to convince him who he was? I thought I read that it would be revealed, but I never saw it.

  5. Depends on how they play the “Frozen” angle…if she is based on the new movie then no she isn’t evil, but if they stay closer to the Hanz Christian Anderson’s “Snow Queen” she was more rough around the edges then the likable Elsa…..

    We already have soooo much set up for next season…First we have Rumple/The Dark One’s Secret of the dagger that will most likely rip apart his happily ever after with Belle. We have Regina’s tranformation back to the evil queen with the arrival of “Marian”…which I have a feeling that Zelina transformed herself with her residual magic to ruin her sister’s “happy ending” with Robin. Hook and Emma finally together, and then oh yeah that one thing..lol…Elsa/The Snow Queen”…I really see her riding the fence between good and evil….Rumple and Elsa will obviously come to blows as he had her trapped in a magical urn in his vault…which by the way did you see all the “other” magical things he couldn’t control or understand in there…enough for 2 more seasons :)…We naturally assume after last season we have a villan Elsa, but what if he kept her locked up in their because she has “good” powers he couldn’t control. Her backstory and prior interactions with the Evil Queen and Rumple will set the scene in September. I’m currious like Talonvaki: who is to say that Robin was the only one with that tattoo…they did make an extra large effort to point out that story..September can’t get here fast enough… :)

  6. I was thinking the same thing, how many men have that lion tatoo. Poor Regina. It looked like everyone was going to have a happy ending. I was looking for the other shoe to drop but I didn’t see that one coming. Well done writers. I see they brought back that nasty urn Hook picked up when they landed in the dark vault. I don’t see why it made it through the portal. Well it doesn’t matter, the snow queen, or what ever she is made her escape. The new character is very remenicent of Disney’s Froozen character Elsa. Don’t care if they stole her from Anderson or Disney. Should be fun. But I can’t help but feel for poor Regina. That Charming family is sure poison to Regina. Someone destroy that portal before something else comes through. Just think if Past Rumple came to the future looking for Bae. That would be interesting.

  7. Looks like everyone else is pretty much in line with my own thoughts except maybe as they relate to the Frozen hint. I knew as soon as I saw the dress forming exactly who that was going to be and I was torn about it. I saw that dress appearing and I said to my daughter, “That’s Elsa!” With some indignation, I admit. I love the movie as much as everyone else seems to, I guess, but I do have a few concerns about its departure from the traditional Disney message, and I just don’t think it has earned its place yet. Maybe I’m just being too nit-picky – it’s certainly a possibility. Regardless of my mixed feelings, I am interested in seeing where they go with it. Like everyone else I’m wondering if she’ll be good or evil. A surprise twist, at any rate, so I got a kick out of that.

    I SO did not see the Marian thing coming. I kept saying to my daughter, “Who is she? What is the significance?,” and then they flashed to the diner scene. Holy cow! I practically yelled to my daughter – with LOTS of indignation – “That’s his WIFE! That’s Robin’s wife!!” Sure enough, she walks in and they go running to her. I could NOT believe they’d done it to Regina again, but then I had the same thought everyone else had. I told my daughter there was someone else who would show up with the Lion tattoo. I reminded her of the scene that everyone else has mentioned – Regina specifically saying she didn’t see his face, just his tattoo. My daughter speculates that it is a “royal” marking and that Robin is going to have a brother, cousin, or something of that nature – he just doesn’t know it yet. If anyone has seen the Robin Hood version with Kevin Costner, you can see how they might pull out that angle.

    Anyway – I thoroughly enjoyed the episode for the most part, but I confess I was really, really, really hoping their trip back in time would result in Hook losing his hook and Pinocchio avoiding becoming either a wooden boy or going back to his original boyhood. I liked the guy who played Pinocchio a lot – I could easily see him with Regina. I’m also guessing that Rumple’s deception will come back to haunt him with Belle. Well, of course it will. Sigh…

    Loved the great humor in this one! Especially, like Talonvaki, Rumple’s “What the hell am I doing here?” Hahahaha

    Yes – September is a VERY long way away, and I really don’t like the mid-season “break.” Everything felt abrupt and rushed to me after that. Will be anxiously awaiting the next season.

  8. Best lines: “I don’t know how we’ll get back to the future. Who do you think I am? Marty McFly?” … “Marty McWho? Is he a wizard?”

    Is Zelena still alive despite the fact that Evil Gold broke her statue into pieces? Will she be back?

  9. Oh my god , freaking Marion. I was screaming in horror. Poor Regina! Ugh ugh ugh! And all the excitement I felt fell flat at Elsa. What? I hope it works. I just thought it was kind of lame.
    I too loved Rumples “What the hell am I doing here?” line. And did anyone else notice the difference between the scenes of the original footage with Snow and the new? Her face is so much plumper now with her pregnancy and I didn’t notice until I saw old scenes where her face is really thin. Too cute.

  10. I think it was good because is was amazing but now there are no more seasons of the show so now i want to no what is going to happen to every one because of the ice princess

  11. I hated Emma throughout the entire finale. THE ENTIRE THING. I don’t know…I get that she’s all “light magic savior” and all and wanted to do the right thing, but c’mon! She should’ve listened to Hook! I knew immediately who Marian was (I remembered what she looked like when she was sick), however I doubted myself because I recalled Robin repeatedly stating that it was his fault that Marian died! Ugh, I wish she would’ve. Idc…even if he wasn’t “the one” for Regina, he was the one for right now. Here and now remember?

    Getting back to Emma, everything could have been avoided i she didn’t go near the freaking portal in the first place!!! But I s’pose that way there wouldn’t have been a show. Whatever, she still pisses me off.

    Furthermore…I was expecting Zelina to pop into a scene…any scene. We all saw her spirit go into the portal, so where did she end up? What’s her plan this time? When is she going to reappear? Questions.

    Lastly, the whole Elsa thing kind of .. “killed my vibe” so to speak. I have not watched Frozen and I refuse to ever watch the movie. It’s such a fad, and people have a tendency to hype things up along with my expectations. Even if the movie is as great as everyone says, because of my sour mood toward the movie already, I would never be able to enjoy it thoroughly, so you can imagine my surprise to see her entering OUAT. I was not happy to say the least.

    (on a side note: what ever happened to Cinderella? She just…never returned in another episode!)

    • You should really give the movie “Frozen” a try. My husband even likes it. :-) it has wonderful music and did you know Anna is the voice of Kristen Bell? Come on. I dare you. 😉

    • The Elsa thing. The only reason they did it was for ratings. Frozen has a big following, but to me it’s only a $10 cartoon with a $100 song.

  12. Yeah well I actually really liked the movie Frozen. I’m sure it will join the many movies our family loves to watch at Christmas. ) Mean while the news is out, “Fringe” star Georgina Haig will take on the role as Elsa.


    Seaon 4, bring it on. ⛄️

  13. I love Frozen but in all honest truth it is only being focused on and featured in the show because of it’s popularity, Most people who are against Frozen appearing in Once are against it because they believe that there are many stories that we have yet to see that should’ve been included BEFORE Frozen, and they feel that it only is because it is was a massive hit and will generate more publicity for the show (which probably is true)

  14. I didn’t like that the finale brought Marian back into Storybrooke’s timeline, for mainly two reasons. 1.I do ship OutlawQueen and 2. Primarily because of how such an event will affect Regina as a character, I really do not want her reverting back to the “Now I’m good now I’m bad” kind of character that she was in Season2, She was all over the place! and it was annoying and damaging to her, so Eddie and Adam please please please do not ruin Regina in season 4, just because you feel that she would be against Marian appearing back in Robin’s life.

  15. I liked the season finale and cant wait for the new season however id really like to eventually see them go back to the enchanted forest andlet emma be the princess she never got to be growing up and make her family bobd together as a true family

  16. I am really fascinated by the whole once upon a time series. But from my point of view, the third season was the most amazing one. I was really upset when I realized, that there is no happy ending for Regina and Robin. But otherwise I think it is a great finale.

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