What did you think of 3×18 “Bleeding Through”?

A kiss in "Bleeding Through," which aired April 20, 2014

A kiss in “Bleeding Through,” which aired April 20, 2014

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  1. Hi, faithful readers. I’ve been super busy recently and have fallen behind on the episodes. I’ll be catching up very soon and will be posting comments again. In the meantime, please feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.

  2. I think everything is getting confusing. Why didn’t Leopold recognize Cora when she ended up marrying his father. For that matter. why didn’t Ava recognized Cora when she married Leo’s father. Why didn’t Leo recognize Cora when she palmed Regina off on him, after Ava’s death. I think Regina is Rumple’s child. Seems like Cora got around.

    • In the episode ‘The Miller’s daughter’, Cora was promised a hand in marriage to a prince after spinning gold. Why didn’t Ava and the entire royal court recognize Cora when she went to the ball…especially after she lied to Leopold? I think the prince Cora married was the brother of Leopold, not his father. Maybe it was an entire different set of royalty?
      You are right, it is confusing. They tried to play off of ‘The Miller’s Daughter’ and got it horribly, horribly wrong IMHO.

      • I should have went back and looked at that episode. I remember her holding up a child to her court with Leo’s father standing next to her. I thought if she hadn’t married the father it seemed aud.

        • The prince Cora married(who became Regina’s father) was named Henry(young Henry was named after him) and I don’t ever recall him being any relation to Leopold.

          The episode was fantastic in so many ways but I did find it a little strange(in an uncomfortable sort of way) that Cora “arranged” for her daughter(Regina) to marry a man that she herself had once planned to marry, and that Leopold would want to marry the daughter of Cora(a woman he once had romantic feelings for).

          I’m also a little sick of Snow always accepting blame for what are essentially the character flaws of others. Cora was a social climber. Cora slept around. Cora became pregnant. Cora lied to get close to Leopold. Leopold rejected Cora. Cora gave up her baby, not to give the child its best chance but to give HERSELF HER best chance. So Eva called Cora on her lie. How does that make Cora’s abandonment of Zelena Eva’s fault? Even if Zelena can wipe out the past she can’t guarantee that Cora will love her. Regina got all of Cora’s attention but that wasn’t always a good thing. Look at the way Cora raised Regina. Zelena needs to realize that the grass isn’t always “greener,” as it were.

          Still and all I enjoyed the episode very much.

          • Ava physically tripped Cora in ‘The Millers Daughter’. There was no mention of any of the royal court knowing Cora. When the writers back-filled the story, they missed the mark. It’s not clear the prince was Leopold’s brother, but who else can it be?
            The fact the writers missed so many obvious things makes the episode a total turn-off.
            The story was a gamble, and a risky one at that. Read the above comments. I’m not the only one that questions why people didn’t recognize Cora. Everybody I talk to asks that question. It’s not just an oversight, it’s a MAJOR oversight.
            Poorly thought out and poorly written.

          • I watched the millers daughter again and the last episode. Not sure of the timeline anymore. Which came first? Cora being tricked by the guy in the tavern for which she ended up pregnant by then meets Leopold or her delivery of flour to the castle and all that transpired there. It is all messed up. Ava saw her in the gazebo with Leo and as well when she tripped her when she delivered the flour. Ava should have recognized her and blew the whistle on her. Was Leo Henry’s brother or are we talking about two different kingdoms and Ava just happened to be visiting both at a time Cora was in the picture. Never the less she should have recognized her. I also don’t understand how Princess Cora ended up married to the Henry the father that Regina loved. I remember in the millers daughter Cora holding up her baby Regina in front of the court, with Prince Henry and the King bowing to Regina. Why later in life is she married to someone named Henry that seems to be no more then a wealthy land owner. If this Henry was Prince Henry it would seem like all she needed to do was wait till Prince Henry’s father the King would die and Henry would become King and she queen. It didn’t seem necessary for her to gain political power and wealth by palming her daughter off on snow whites father. Besides she has all this magic Rumple taught her, why can’t she conjure up all and everything she wished. The writers really wrote themselves into a mess. Can anyone tell me if we are talking about two separate kingdoms? Henry’s and Leo’s? Was Ava basically shopping between Kingdoms for a husband? But like I said before, Ava should have recognized Cora in one of the flashbacks. But you are right Lisa, if this Leo, the King she is palming Regina off on, is the same Leo she almost tricked into marrying her when she was pregnant with the tavern guys child then yeah real creepy. Another thing, if Rumple hadn’t changed the contract between Cora and Rumple about giving their first child to him, I would have suspected that Rumple was Regina’s father.

  3. The Cora timeline does need clarification, but I still don’t see any connection between Henry Sr. and Leopold. If they had been brothers that would mean that Regina married her uncle. And though I haven’t re-watched “The Miller’s Daughter” in a while, I do seem to recall that Henry’s father didn’t think very much of him—-which could explain why he never achieved a higher status in the royal hierarchy.

    Bottom line—–the episode was thoroughly entertaining and Cora was a cold-hearted *@%#*!!!!

    • The Miller’s daughter portrayed Cora as a hard working commoner/peasant who had a disdain for royalty because they were so mean to her…especially Ava. It shows how her heart changed because of the way she was treated.
      Bleeding through (chronologically speaking) took place before The Miller’s Daughter.
      Bleeding through shows that Cora had coldness/darkness in her heart all along.
      When Ava tripped Cora (The Miller’s Daughter), Ava (and her court) should have recognized her from the whole Leopold scandal. There just seems to be a big disconnect in the story line.
      I consider us ‘experts’ in the OUAT canon, and we’re a little confused. Imagine how the casual watcher feels. I hear many peeps saying how confusing the show has become.
      You are correct, if Henry (Sr.) and Leopold were brothers then Regina married her uncle. If not, then they were from two different kingdoms.
      Bottom line, Cora was cold, and Ava was a spoiled trouble-making brat.
      I would like to see what changed Ava.

      P.S. – I could have done without the seance :) and would rather see Emma practicing more magic with her upcoming battle. At least I hope there is one.

      • Another thought…Maybe we have yet to see how Rumple fits into this. He has seen the future. He needs Cora in order to ultimately pull off his curse. That won’t happen until Cora bears Regina. Maybe Rumple enchanted Ava to make Cora’s life miserable, so that in the end she would murder her. Rumple by rescuing Cora in the tower showed her how to spin straw into gold, taught her magic and how to use it to seek revenge for all those who had humiliated her, especially Ava. Magic was her ticket into Royalty. Any offspring from Cora would be a prince or princess. Prince Henry and Cora bear Princess Regina, worthy of marrying a King. Killing Ava solved two problems for Cora, one revenge and two she needed Snows father to be single. Maybe Rumple cast a memory spell on Eva at their second meeting. She thus didn’t recognize her. If Rumple hadn’t helped Cora spin straw into gold, then Cora would never have married Henry, and they never would have had Regina. Ava would never have married Leopold if Ava hadn’t squealed on Cora. Then Ava would never had Snow. Then Snow White would never have betray Regina. Regina would never had learned magic, become evil, and overly obsessed with killing Snow or destroying Snows happiness. All of this was necessary to insure that Regina would cast Rumple’s curse so he could transcend realms looking for Bae. Whew! Anyone see any wisdom in this?
        Why Leopold, Snows father, didn’t recognize Cora is beyond me. She was older, but the name should have jogged his memory. Maybe she hit him with a memory spell. Pretty creepy setting up her daughter with someone she was once interested in. But it was all business to her

      • Yeah the seance was lame.

  4. I rewatched Miller’s Daughter. I agree with everyone that it’s all confusing, but I think the sequence is that everything with Cora and Leopold came first, and the scene with Eva tripping Cora came later. In fact, that would explain WHY Eva tripped Cora (because she *did* recognize Cora), which hadn’t made much sense to me when the episode originally aired. I don’t think there’s a connection between Leopold and Henry — I think they are different families — although I may have missed something relating to that.

  5. Lisa, I agree that Cora’s abandoning Zelena was not Eva’s fault. I was thinking that Snow was wrong when she said that it was. When Cora entered Snow’s body (or whatever it was that happened), it looked like Cora didn’t “tell” Snow the whole story. *We* saw, later, in a flashback, that Cora abandoned Zelena for her own social-climbing purposes — but I got the feeling that Snow didn’t know that. Or at least I hope that’s the case, and that the show is not trying to say that in some convoluted way, Eva was responsible for what was clearly Cora’s decision.

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