What did you think of 3×16 It’s Not Easy Being Green? (poll, discussion)

The Wicked Witch in 3x16 It's Not Easy Being Green, aired April 6, 2014

The Wicked Witch in 3×16 It’s Not Easy Being Green, aired April 6, 2014

3 responses to “What did you think of 3×16 It’s Not Easy Being Green? (poll, discussion)

  1. Arhgg AT&T and their internet problems…I couldn’t login for 3 days.
    OK, here it goes:
    The 3 rules of magic according to OUAT canon:
    1) You can’t bring back the dead
    2) You can’t make somebody love you
    3) You can’t change the past
    It seems they are breaking rule 3. Fair enough, but to do so they need:
    a) The brains ( Zelena already told Rumpel he has the brains as indicated in an earlier episode
    b) The heart ( A dark heart? The darkest heart? From Regina)
    c) The Courage (David/James/Charming)
    I’m curious of the heart that Zelena loved the most. She had to sacrifice a heart to get the folks to Storybroook. What was it?

  2. Good question!

    Well, the writers spent so much time at the end of episode 15 and the beginning of this episode (16) to ensure the audience “gets it” that Neil/Bae really is dead–as in DEAD dead! But when it suits their purposes, it seems they can bring back anyone eg. Mother Superior/Blue Fairy.

    And why does Hook still wear that hokey pirate get-up in Storybrooke? Even Robin Hood got a cool wardrobe alteration for the 21 century.

    The plot moved fast, sometimes I thought a little too fast, and felt the writers had to cram all this stuff in now to get to where they want to be in the finale (probably a 2 part) which the cast and crew just wrapped on their Canadian set.

    In the real world, about when are Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas expecting their baby to arrive. Congrats and God bless to the “charming”
    couple. 😎

    • The episode was entertaining but I agree that the writers seemed to cram a lot into it. I really wish that OUAT could air without commercials and that the plot could unfold at a slower pace, but sadly that will never happen.

      On a side note, from the shadow and the hat I was beginning to think that Jefferson was going to turn out to be the Wizard of Oz, then I realized that Chris Gorham’s named appeared in the opening credits——so now we know how Walsh became Zelena’s #1 flying monkey.

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