What did you think of episode 3×13 Witch Hunt? (poll, discussion)

Behind the scenes,  3x13 Witch Hunt, aired March 16, 2014

Behind the scenes, 3×13 Witch Hunt, aired March 16, 2014

Poll results for last week’s episode: 44% Amazing / 45% Good / 10% Just okay / 1% Horrible.

How does this episode compare?

5 responses to “What did you think of episode 3×13 Witch Hunt? (poll, discussion)

  1. I wasn’t surprised that WWW and EQ are sisters, but thought it was funny that WWW was jealous that EQ got to grow up with Cora. WWW should be counting her blessings. I was glad to see that Rumple was alive (or back from the dead?) — and may be insane? That should be fun. I’m not sure why everyone is protecting Henry from the truth. Why not just tell him (the way he had told them in Season 1), and have him not believe them, but at least plant the seed of the idea in his mind? Maybe he’s just too young to have to endure thinking that all the grownups have gone bonkers.

    • I have a suspicion that Rumpel made the memory potion for Emma. That would make sense because he is the only one that knows how to make it.
      I also believe the WWW has the kris dagar and is controlling Rumpel somehow; otherwise he wouldn’t be in that cage. Either that or he isn’t the Dark One anymore.
      Wonder why Zelena is interested in Snow’s baby? Also, why is she green? The daughter of Rumpel? That would be too easy.

  2. I’m thinking daughter of Rumpel. Sometimes the obvious choice is the right one. Remember how we thought (or at least I did, ha) that Regina was the child of Cora and Rumple? Well, we might have been close — they might have had a child after all — just not the one we originally thought. And WWW did learn her magic from Rumple …

    It is very creepy the way she wants to get her hands on Snow’s child. I wonder if this might go back somehow to the original (Grimm) Miller’s Tale — where Rumelstiltskin made a deal for the Miller’s daughter’s future child. Or maybe the baby will be Savior II? Or valuable to provide ingredients for magic potions because it is the product of True Love?

  3. I’m with you on the sister thing, Marj. Once Regina started talking about blood spells, I knew exactly how and why the wicked one was able to break through it. Not convinced on the father theory, but not discounting it, either. I think it’s definitely possible.

    AND, I was also very, very happy to see Rumpel although I am wondering about the “seeming” madness. What’s that about? I’m thinking that he either did die and she brought him back (thereby inducing the madness) OR he didn’t die but was cast into some hellish-type realm where he suffered endlessly (time probably meaning nothing in that realm), which could also have been madness-inducing. Should be interesting finding out. I’ve got a different take on the knife, though. I don’t think greenie has it – I think she’s got Rumpel caged simply because of his madness and maybe some spell on the cage. If Rumpel were in his right mind, he could break the spell, but his current condition disables him.

    I was looking at the wicked witch’s interest in Snow’s baby as her “legitimate” road to the throne. She wants to rule Fairlytale Land, so maybe she figures if the people won’t willingly follow her, she can take the baby to raise herself, kill off Snow, Charming, Emma, et. al., and rule that way. Who knows? Could be something magical, too – I hadn’t thought of it from that angle.

    And, really, what IS the deal with not just telling Henry? I find that the most bizarre twist so far. It is the exact opposite of what Henry did with all of them. He took on the role of the lone voice in the wilderness to put everything right, but all the adults are conspiring to keep him in the dark? Too weird and doesn’t really fit into what I view as the character’s character, if you know what I mean. The people I perceive them to be (other than 1 or 2 notables) are honest and forthright. They wouldn’t deceive Henry this way, so it lends a discordant note to the proceedings, in my opinion.

    Otherwise, enjoyed this one better than last week. Keeping fingers and toes crossed that they keep getting better until the season ends!!! :)

  4. [“And, really, what IS the deal with not just telling Henry? I find that the most bizarre twist so far. It is the exact opposite of what Henry did with all of them.”]

    How is that going to help? Henry is a kid. And I cannot possibly see him accepting the truth about Storybrooke, Regina and the Charmings without any truth potion.

    Sometimes . . . there is a reason why people lie. Henry is too immature to understand this.

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