Once Upon a Time is Coming Back on Sunday — How Many Cliffhanger Questions Will Be Answered?

Emma saying goodbye, at the end of the last episode.

Emma saying goodbye, at the end of the last episode.

Just a reminder that Once Upon a Time is returning from its very long winter break on Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 8 p.m. The first post-hiatus episode will be 3×12 New York City Serenade.

As you may recall from the last episode, the show left us with a bunch of cliff-hangers and unanswered questions:

Will Emma recognize Hook? If she does, will she remember everything?

What was Hook trying to tell Emma? He said her family was in trouble — what kind of trouble?

How did Hook get back to our world anyway?

Why are Emma and Henry living in New York? Why are they listening to the same song that NealBae had on his iPod when he was in New York (at the start of Season 2)?

Did Storybrooke really disappear? If so, will it ever come back?

Did everyone (besides Emma and Henry) really go back to Fairy Tale Land? If so, what were things like there?

And of course …

Is Rumplestiltskin really dead? Is Pan?

I’m trying to remain mostly unpsoiled for the episode, but if you want to see some sneak peek photos, ABC has put some up.

12 responses to “Once Upon a Time is Coming Back on Sunday — How Many Cliffhanger Questions Will Be Answered?

  1. It looks like Rumple and the Green Witch of Oz, AKA Rebecca Mader of Lost fame, have been seen filming in our beloved town of Storybrooke last January 14th. Here’s an article I found… http://www.examiner.com/article/rumplestiltskin-is-back-on-once-upon-a-time-set. So no matter how you spin the cliff hangers, the Producers have saved the town and it’s citizens. The problem is Greenie has been a bad girl. Probably dropping houses on people left and right. Somehow Hook has left Storybrooke using some kind of spell similar to that Rumple used when he went searching for Bae in New York City. The savior must return to…save them. I can’t wait to see all the detail unfold. The winter break was ridiculously long. But maybe all that good filming that Robert Carlyle did in January will make the wait worth it. Gotta love Robert Carlyle’s work…especially when he is transformed into super evil Rumplestiltskin.

  2. I think it’s possible that the Storybrooke scenes could be flashbacks, so we don’t yet know for sure that the town has been saved. I’m so glad that Rumple will be back (in whatever timeframe or alternate reality that might be!). Totally agree with you about amazing Robert Carlyle is in the role. What would the show be without him spiraling his finger in the air and trilling “Dearie!”

    • Yeah, dearie, I agree. But do you think Greenie would be in a flash back. In the promos I suppose that could have been a flashback of her with the entering Storybrooke sign in the back ground. They can trick us or me real easily. ) Intriguing, I wonder what her story would be.

    • Something crazy happened in SB in the missing year. Maybe the spell Pan cast and the EQ broke opened up a portal for the WWW to enter SB. Snow is now pregnant. If they only remember Emma leaving, and then a missing year goes by, are they saying that they woke one day and Emma is 9 months pregnant? They said all they remember is Emma leaving and none of the last 12 months. So Marry-Margret had to have gotten pregnant about nine month ago of that missing 12. Am I missing something. And what about the two versions of everyone. Is the WWW, bringing copies of people back to FTL or leaving duplicates in SB. I’m thinking they are duplicates in SB. Remember Grumpy reported that 30 at a time seemed to be popping up back to FTL. That doesn’t seem to make sense, except to support some kind of nefarious plan by the WWW to fool Emma into thinking everything is OK in SB when she showed up at the end of this episode. Hook is stating that her family is in trouble. Which family. The one in FTL OR SB. Once Hook got back to SB he found duplicates. Plus the fact that the WWW has captured SW’s old castle. I don’t know which family to root for. Hook probably got a magic bean and memory potion from Rumple but how, he’s dead. Maybe Belle and Neal found Rumple’s dagger and summoned the dark one. Maybe that’s how Rumple comes back. Hook found his ship in FTL and made his way back to our world. Is there a duplicate of him in SB. When he got back to SB and found out there were duplicates of PC and SW there, it further reinforced his claim that Swans family was in trouble. Hook was probably surprised there was even a SB when he got back to our world. How did David and Mary-Margret in SB react to the fact that there are dups in FTL. How did Hook leave SB and travel to NY without losing his memory. David said they were trapped in SB again. Maybe the dups in SB are flying apes disguised like Emma’s bow in New York. What kind of creature is Mary-Margret possibly carrying. Tons of questions.

      I haven’t read any of the other posts yet. Kind of like to tell what I think before reading them so some of my thoughts my not be too original.

  3. In the episode ‘We are Both”, Rumpel gave Regina the “Written Word” which was the book of spells that she inhaled to restore her power. I remember his statement that the “straight up spells” were “hard on the system”. She replied, “…I don’t care if they turn me green..”
    I’m wondering if one gets carried away with magic, one turns green..among other things?
    Who knows…just an observation.

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