What did you think of the OUAT winter finale (3×11 Going Home, 12/15/13)?

3x11 curse

Wow, that was unexpected. What did you think?

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  1. First thoughts:

    I can’t believe Rumple’s really dead. He was the heart and soul of the show.

    And what is Emma doing in New York? Is that BaeNeal’s old apartment? The song is the same one Neal was playing in the season premiere.

    Love that Hook showed up!

    Not sure, but it looks like the number on the door was 311 — not one of the LOST numbers.

    • I nearly wept for the last 15 minutes. OUAT has never done that to me before.

      I don’t consider Rumple to be the heart and soul of Once(Snow & Charming fill that role for me) but I don’t think he’s gone for good either.

      Regina may be Henry’s mom, and seemingly turning over a new leaf, but after all the havoc she’s wreaked and lives she’s destroyed I think she definitely qualifies as a villain.

      I’m guessing that when trouble strikes in FTL Hook will find a portal back to our world and search for Emma……then have to convince her that she’s the savior all over again. Unfortunately we now have three long months to speculate.


  2. Almost thought the show was ending, until Hook showed up. lol

  3. Love this show. I cried and laughed. Love Hook

  4. Why didn’t Bae get to stay ? He wasn’t part of the original curse. And rumple is the show to me…I NEED him back!

  5. Interesting that that Blue Fairy came back to life. (And I’m sure we will see Rumple/Gold alive and well at some point.) I thought Rumple said back in Season One that magic is powerful (and comes with a price!) but one thing magic cannot do is resurrect the dead. (Then again, in C.S. Lewis’ “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe”, the White Witch didn’t know of the Deeper Magic from before the dawn of time that resurrected Aslan.

    And where is Red?

  6. 311 isn’t a LOST number, but 815 is (near end of the episode, the alarm clock in Emma’s apartment went off at 8:15)

  7. And speaking of C.S. Lewis, actress Rebecca Mader played Dr. Charlotte Staples Lewis on LOST (introduced in season 4). I’m pretty sure the Wicked Witch (green face) seen in the preview of the next episode is played by Rebecca Mader.

    • Yes, she is! I’m going to try to do a post on LOST references/actors on this episode when I get a chance. I saw that 8:15 also!

      • The Storybrooke clock was frozen at 8:15 when Emma first came to town. Only when she decided to stay and took a room at Granny’s did the clock start to move again——and, as we now know, time started to pass again after 28 years of the curse.

  8. Did anyone see Regina’s father in the episode?? He was listed in the ABC press release as a guest star (actor Tony Perez, with the character’s name listed as “Valet”), but I don’t think I saw him, and I can’t imagine what scene he might have been in.

  9. Rumple is not dead….Rumple is not dead….Rumple is not dead. I’m just going to repeat that for 3 months because otherwise I won’t be able to watch when it comes back in March! I need Rumple – lol! I really don’t believe Rumple is gone for good. I think the backlash the show would get would be too much. He is such a central figure to so many of us.

    I also wondered where Red was. When Granny picked up Henry’s scent, I thought, “What?” Granny isn’t the wolf, Red is!” But then Red was nowhere to be seen.

    And I have a feeling they’re going with the whole “true love’s kiss” thing again. I think Hook came back because of what Emma said to him when he said a day wouldn’t pass without him thinking of her. He believes he is her true love and he thought his kiss would bring it all back to her.

    I think when we resume, we’re going to see parts of the year that passed in FTL and how Hook was able to remember and then decide on the course to bring back Emma’s memory, but then we’re also going to see Hook come to the conclusion that Neal is Emma’s true love and he has to get Neal to her to kiss her (boo.) I like Emma and Hook, but I think most people would rather see Emma and Neal together.

    I never watched LOST, so I can’t contribute any opinion to those references. I didn’t notice Regina’s father, but I also didn’t know to look out for him. I don’t think that either Rumple or Regina are really villains in the fairy tale sense of the word – Pan filled that role for me. They have obviously done some pretty bad stuff, but they both have redeeming qualities, and if they can love, they can change.

    Ultimately, I thought it was pretty good last night. They could have gone a much different route and then I would have been really upset. I was prepared to give it up! This way, they’ve still done the whole “everyone forgets” thing, but they’ve done it in a way that keeps me interested to see how it turns out. :)

  10. Did everyone forget or just Emma and Henry. I thought I heard Snow say “we’re back” in the previews that showed them in FTL

    • I want to watch the episode again but I too was under the impression that only Emma’s and Henry’s memories of Storybrooke were erased. Everyone who was originally from FTL pre-curse was sent back(except for Emma).

      I have no doubt that Rumple will be back. My hope is that the “how” and “why” will pack as much of a punch as his apparent demise did. So much of this episode was unexpected. I give the writers and actors a lot of credit for how they pulled it off.

  11. so what exactly did Regina do for Emma and Henry? also now that the blue fairy is alive, that means the guy working with Tamara is alive( I forgot his name)?

    • His name was Greg.
      From what I understand, the curse is basically wiped out of existence (Regina’s comment). Anybody that interacted with the curse would lose their memories of it regardless if they were cursed.
      Since Emma was written into the curse as the Savior, she is not bound by it’s magic. That is awkward because when the curse broke, she would retain her memories. The writers spun it differently…hey!!, she is the Savior right? That makes no sense the way the writers presented it.
      Anyhoo, Regina opted to give Emma and Henry new memories. That was cool.
      If the curse never existed, is Rumpel still alive? I bet he is. How about Malificent? She should be alive?
      But maybe not. Since “dead is dead”, the curse will undo itself filling in the blanks the best it can for the living? Interesting.
      This whole thing is confusing…probably because the way the story is told doesn’t make sense.

  12. So I’m meekly raising my hand to admit I *almost* cried. Not the way I cried when The Doctor had to leave Rose in a parallel universe, but when Emma and Henry were driving away with their memories changed and I thought the show was actually over, it was so bitter sweet, and those my friends, are the endings that choke me up, where they aren’t quite sad but aren’t quite happy, especially when the idea that love can be happily forgotten instead of sadly remembered.
    I would imagine we haven’t seen the last of Rumple, but I was sort of boggled that Blue/Superior was resurrected. I’m not a fan of her. But I am excited that everyone is back in FTL and I hope that Emma and Henry are able to travel there somehow. The fact that Hook is the one trying to convince Emma of her real history is interesting and I’m glad it’s him.
    I also don’t view Regina as the Villain any more, and I imagine that she will continue to be some what of an ally and maybe accepted among FTL folk. Assuming our new villain is the WWW as seen in the preview, than I feel more certain that the writers agree Regina has earned a bit of redemption and will possibly find romantic love with Hood.
    So, when the season continues, lets assume Dorothy will not be the role we think she should be, just a hunch.
    And lastly, I was glad to see various flashbacks in this episode. Instead of sticking to one character and trying to over more back story, they chose to give us little tidbits of Hook/Tink, Henry/Mary Margaret, Rumple/Belle, etc. I enjoyed that a lot!

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