What did you think of episode 3×09 “Save Henry” (12/1/13)?

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  1. I don’t know if I’m liking this twist about Pan and Henry switching. It seems contrived. One good thing, though, is that it means that Robbie Kay, the actor who plays Pan, will be back for at least one more episode — and he has been my favorite thing this season. I’m curious to see how he plays Henry. My expectations for how Jared Gilmore will play Pan are much lower — the little snippet we saw so far was not very convincing.

    • I really wanted to like this episode but for the most part found it rushed and confusing. For instance, when exactly did Pan switch places with Henry—–and how did Rumple escape Pandora’s box? Everything happened too quickly. Scenes that should have held more weight and poignancy were unremarkable(examples: given that Snow chose to get her baby to safety right after giving birth, Mary Margaret holding Henry—-her grandson—-could have been more of a “moment,” and the reveal that Pan is Rumple’s father was entirely too casual for me). All the “kumbaya” moments aboard the Jolly Roger were a bit much and a little too pat as well. The writers just crammed way too much into this episode.

      I also thought that the Storybrooke scene with Regina concocting and drinking the potion to make herself forget could have been handled differently. It made the Evil Queen appear much weaker than I’ve ever imagined her to be. And I know ambiguity is a hallmark of the show but Adam and Eddy should clarify what Mr. Gold knew and when he knew it. They’ve stated before that Mr. Gold realized who he was when Emma came to town; his behavior in this epi makes me wonder.

      • I agree, Lisa, with everything you said.

        In Season One, I thought both Regina and Gold remembered who they were throughout. I believe there were hints of that all along, and I don’t think anything the writers did afterwards will really convince me otherwise.

        I remember reading somewhere that for at least part of Season One, Adam/Eddy wouldn’t tell Lana Parrilla whether or not Regina could remember, so Parrilla had to play the role in such a way that it could be interpreted either way. So that also added to the confusion.

        In a very early episode — I think it was the second — Regina seemed to be testing Gold to see if he remembered — and he used a word (a phrase?) that he had said in Fairytale Land would compel her to do his bidding (or something like that — I don’t remember exactly what it was — just it was something that really seemed to show that he did remember who he was — and that she did also).

      • I also agree with you, Lisa – not one of my favorite episodes. I’m sick of the Pan storyline, but I really don’t want the guy who plays Pan to go either! He’s fantastic. Anyway, Rumple getting out of the box confused me, too. It appeared that Bae got him out? I didn’t know Bae had magic. But….Pan switched places with Henry right before Pan’s body got dragged into Pandora’s Box. Pan was trying to get at Henry’s shadow from behind because Regina had put a protection spell over Henry’s heart. Rumple sensed Pan and came to battle him off Henry. During that battle, Pan switched with Henry and Henry went into Pandora’s Box inside Pan’s body.

        • I watched the episode again on abc.com and did notice some funky eye special effect that I suppose was meant to signify the Pan/Henry switch…..and Bae/Neal did open Pandora’s box(without magic) to release Rumple. Apparently magic is needed to put someone in the box but not to let them out. I still feel as if the writers got a bit lazy with this episode. Hopefully the actual resolution to Pan’s story will be a lot more interesting.

    • Love, love, love the young man playing Pan. Although I have been over the Pan storyline for quite some time, I haven’t wanted to see him go. He’s wonderful. I’m not thrilled about this latest episode,though. I agree with pretty much everything that’s been said so far. It was too rushed, the whole Pan switching with Henry just felt like another way to drag out the Pan story line, and there really were so many moments they could have handled better. Not one of my faves.

  2. Loved the episode, although I need to rewatch the ending. So who or what was fired out of the cannon? Was the assumption among the others that Pan was destroyed? (Robbie Kay is certainly a great choice to play Pan.)

    So Pan is now inhabiting Henry’s body, presumably like Wanderer inhabited Melanie Stryder’s body in the sci-fi novel/movie The Host. Is the soul/spirit of Henry still within his body, or is Henry in Pandora’s box? (or was Pandora’s box destroyed)

    • Henry’s spirit is in Pan’s body.

    • It also reminded me of when the Smoke Monster inhabited Locke’s body in LOST. Terry O’Quinn is an amazing actor and pulled off that difficult switch beautifully. I hope Gilmore is up to it.

    • It was Pan’s shadow that was fired out of the canon. Emma, Hook, and Bae had captured it in the coconut because it was the only way to open a portal out of Neverland. Pandora’s Box was not destroyed – when Rumple was struggling with Pan to free Henry, Pan switched places with Henry and Henry was sucked into the Box. I have no idea whether the others assumed Pan was destroyed, though – that was confusing to me, too. Bae only said that’s how they could open a portal, but not whether Pan’s shadow would be destroyed (thereby destroying Pan?) Obviously not, because he came on the ship for Henry and is now on his way to Storybrooke, but it sure looked like destruction, didn’t it? Don’t know…

  3. I also thought Lana Parrilla’s (Regina) vertical vein on her forehead was even more prominent in this episode than usual (when she exhibits strong emotion).

  4. Speaking of LOST. How many remember the episode with the Apollo chocolate bar?

    Before OUAT ends, will will have a scene at the Boston airport, with a Oceanic Airlines jet in the background? 😎

  5. I thought the switch between Pan/Henry was obvious. When Pan says “No!” just before being shut up, I realised the little eye effects meant that now they had switched bodies. Henry realised what happened but by then he was sin Pan’s body and was sucked into the box and could only get out a simple ‘no’. Although I do not think Gilmore will play a convincing Pan, but I wonder if we might get to see inside the box somehow, where the actor playing Pan-turned-Henry will still get a bit of screen time.
    As for as Pandora’s box goes; she was mortal and without magic and was able to open it to let things out, remember? But a magical being had created, filled and given her the box. So, it makes sense that Bae, a non-magical person could open the box but not necessarily put anything/one in. But wait, has no one mentioned the fact the Rumple really needs to work on that antidote for David!?

  6. Well, yeah, but he can’t make it until they return to Storybrooke. He said he had what he needed there. I’m guessing we’ll see something about that this week. They brought water from the island to keep David safe until Rumple makes the antidote. I don’t know whether they’ll try to carry that storyline on – it sounded pretty final to me. But who knows? I do think we’ll get more on that this week.

  7. The water! I had forgotten about that entirely. When Hook’s brother died, it was the moment they left Neverland. I was thinking that there would not be enough time once they arrived in Neverland to make an antidote. But, then, the water. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Jenn – at first, I thought Hook just assumed that’s what killed his brother (drinking from the fountain and not being able to be away from the water after) because no one ever really said that. Of course, I could have just missed that part, but I don’t think anyone ever said it outright. However, they are still carrying on with that, so we’ll see how it pans out (haha – no pun intended). It will be interesting to see where they go with it this week – it’s not something they can just leave alone for a week or two – David’s on a timeline. I’m hoping tonight is better than last week. I was disappointed in last week’s episode. :(

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