Jafar takes a trip in OUAT-Wonderland 1×06 Who’s Alice (11/21/13)

W1x06 knave and alice

Will this episode be as good as last week’s? Keeping fingers crossed. Meanwhile, there is more info about the episode after the jump (minor spoilers)

“Who’s Alice”

In England

Jafar pays a visit to the Asylum and Dr. Lydgate to uncover information about Alice.

In Wonderland

Alice heads to the Black Forest on her quest.

An unlikely ally uses magic to wake up the Knave. He searches for Alice and finds her in terrible danger.

Cyrus tries to evade the Red Queen.

In England — flashback

Alice returns to Victorian England and her father after losing Cyrus.

… on “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland,” THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” stars Sophie Lowe as Alice, Michael Socha as Knave of Hearts, Peter Gadiot as Cyrus, Emma Rigby as The Red Queen with Naveen Andrews as Jafar and John Lithgow as the voice of the White Rabbit.

Guest stars

Johnny Coyne as Dr. Lydgate
John Prowse as Carpenter
Shaun Smyth as Edwin
Matty Finochio as Tweedle #1
Brian George as Old Prisoner
Heather Doerksen as Sarah
Kylie Rogers as Millie
Hesham Hannoud as Ghazi
Troy Young as Painter
Kerry van der Griend as Thief #1
Sean Owen Roberts as Thief #2
John R. Taylor as Old Peddler
Dallas Sauer as Young Man

“Who’s Alice” was written by Jerome Schwartz and directed by Ron Underwood.


2 responses to “Jafar takes a trip in OUAT-Wonderland 1×06 Who’s Alice (11/21/13)

  1. Finally got a chance to see it. Good episode! I loved the scene in the “happy” forest. It reminded me of the poppy field in The Wizard of Oz.

    Jafar looked so handsome dressed in clothes from Victorian England. And the scenes in the backstory with Alice’s father and new wife were so believable and sad.

    I wonder what will happen if the knave puts his heart back in. Will he still love Anastasia, or will he fall in love with Alice?

    This show is firing on all cylinders, and I’m eager to see what will happen next.

    BTW, was “Darcy” a nod to Jane Austen?

  2. Haha my ears perked up when “Darcy” was said. I really did feel for Alice when she returned home to a father who was embarrassed by her and by a stepmother who is ashamed and is desperate to have her out of the house. She didn’t have much choice but to go the madhouse, did she? Although a part of me says she would have rather gone out on her own or tried to find a new world out there rather then allow herself to be broken.
    And I don’t care what Jafar wears; his jerry curls freak me out!
    I don’t think the Knave will fall in love with Alice. I sometimes expect it to happen but he knows she is meant for Cyrus and he understands heartbreak as well. I thought there might be more to the Lizzie character. I would have liked her to stay around. Jafar tossed her in a hedge and we haven’t heard from her since.
    One last thing, the Carpenter, smiling like a creep with his saw….eerie!!!

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