Poll 3×07 Dark Hollow (aired 11/10/13)

3x07 Dark Hollow

So … did you like it?

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS this episode was amazing. The only problem is I didn’t watch the last season so I was confused on certain parts, like Wendy (someone please fill me in) and why she is doing what pan is saying. But other than that it was really good. I have to admit, much better than the last one. The story is really heating up and I was holding my breath for many parts! I thought when hook and Neal were getting their souls ripped out Emma would be forced to choose, but it happened another way and I could breath normally again. It’s getting pretty intense between hook, Neal and Emma. I’m totally for Neal and Emma. Did hook make up that they were dating (when he was talking to Neal) or did i miss something again? I’m so glad belles back. Even though I didn’t know much about her when I first started being obsessed with this show, she seems really nice, and all the scenes she’s in are very exciting. Some questions I have: someone please update me with Wendy, and why were the 7 dwarfs not with snow white (who was the one who had faith in snow and charming?) So overall, my opinion, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

    • Again, someone correct me if I’m remembering this wrong …. Last season, they showed that after Bae landed in our world, he ended up in the Darling household. Bae befriended Wendy Darling, and she hid him and fed him. The shadow/wraith/whatever took Wendy to Neverland, but later brought her back. Then it tried to take Wendy’s younger brother, but Bae protected the brother by getting the shadow to take him to Neverland instead.

      I don’t think they ever showed us how Wendy ended up back in Neverland again, but they will probably show that eventually in a flashback. As for why she is doing Pan’s bidding — maybe he threatened to kill her brothers if she didn’t? Just a guess.

      As for the love triangle, I’m voting for Emma and Hook because they have better chemistry and because I think Neal is boring. I do think Emma will choose Neal because he is Henry’s father, they have a history together, and it’s the right thing to do — but maybe the show will kill off Neal, and then Emma can hook up with Hook (sorry for the pun) guilt-free.

  2. I liked the episode. Could have done without the whole “Home Office” thing. Why did the Darling brothers use the ‘Home Office’ amongst themselves when they knew they were working for Pan? Sounds like they changed course in the middle of writing the show and forgot to go back and fix it.

    I wonder how the Pandora’s Box thing will work out. Doesn’t sound like something I would like to open at any cost.

  3. I am rooting for Neil and Emma. Remember Hook stole Mila from Rumple, who is kinda Emma’s father in Law- that is just weird and a little too close to family for me. It will also be like history repeating itself – instead now Hook is going for Emma instead of Mila. Hook needs to stop pirating women- esp from Rumple and his son! I really like the Pan character and all the little ‘games’ he plays- so sneaky! Good call @Marj for the Bae and Wendy episode last season. I kinda forgot about that- but there are def some gaps in the story that need to be filled. @riles I think they used the ‘home office’ term because its prob just all part of Pan’s game- and the writers prob didnt want to spoil that they were Wendy’s brothers until the end of the episode. I like that Emma’s is getting more interesting- with the love life and the magic from Regina. I don’t really understand why Pan needs Henry so much- the heart of the truest believer is just not making sense to me. Snow and Charming are kinda boring me with their little spats, but Overall I liked the episode.

    • Good point about Hook taking Mila from Rumple and now wanting to take Emma from Neal. I hadn’t thought of that, but now that you mention it, it is rather strange. Doesn’t he know any other families, LOL? As for the heart of the truest believer — I don’t get it either, but I suspect we may find out when Henry goes into (or tries to go into) the Skull Rock. Agree about the “Home Office” being used for suspense. Agree also about liking the Pan character — and the actor who plays him is perfect.

  4. Pan is great. Totally the sort of kid I’d be writing up for bad behaviour at recess. Yeah the Charming’s are boring me now. They don’t seem like the time to have spats and give the silent treatment, although I am curious as to how the whole David staying in Neverland thing will work out. I know I shouldn’t want Hook to win over Emma, but BaeNeal is just so…I don’t know. there is nothing about him I like. I don’t dislike him either (except his facial hair, I mean, only Hook is pulling that off amiright?) so I’d rather root for Hook since they have chemistry and he is trying to prove that he is more than just a pirate. I mean, we all thought Peter Pan was a hero and Hook was a villain in the stories we know, but on this show, it’s the opposite. So, Hook ftw! I’m happy to see Tinkerbell again, but not happy about Ariel. God, she is so lame. I wish they had cast someone else! Her cg tail is lame, too.
    I’m assuming that maybe after BaeNeal lwent to Neverland, Pan’s shadow went back to the Darling house to take Wendy’s brothers, but she managed to go with them too, maybe to protect them. BaeNeal may not have seen them if he already escaped Pan and was in his cave before escaping altogether. Since the boys said they’ve been trying to get her back for 100 years or something, I’m going to assume they spent a long time in Neverland not aging, which why they can show up in 2013 in their 20’s. That’s my take anyway!

  5. I have to defend my Charmings! I love OUAT but Snow and Charming are the characters I most look forward to every week. Frankly, they could read from the phone book and I would be enthralled. They make “true love” completely believable in my eyes and from day one the couple with the greatest chemistry on this show has been Charming and Snow/Josh and Ginnifer.

    Also, though some of the effects on the show are sub par I think Ariel’s tail is actually pretty cool looking. I never saw The Little Mermaid but so far I have no problem with Ariel. Belle, on the other hand, has always been a character I could take or leave.

    The Hook/Emma/Neal triangle isn’t grabbing me either. I’m much more interested in seeing Emma forge a relationship with her parents than I am in her love life at the moment.

    Finally, the addition of Peter Pan has proven to be a huge shot in the arm for the show this season. I find myself wishing that the Neverland adventure could go on for months rather than days.

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