Sneak Peek 3×07 Dark Hollow

Two mysterious and sinister strangers, after the jump (spoilers)

Home office? That’s got to be a different home office, right? Or could it be Pan again? Are these guys the latest version of Greg and Tamara?

4 responses to “Sneak Peek 3×07 Dark Hollow

  1. i think they are michael and john darling, wendy’s brothers.
    yes, they are connected to pan, either through having become lost boys,
    OR wendy is who is in that other cage and they are trying to free her. pan may have made it so that stopping ariel guarantees wendy’s release.

  2. How does Pan recrute people in this realm to do his dirty work?

  3. He calls them on the inter-realm telephone? Seriously, that’s a good question. Maybe the the wraiths or the shadows or whatever they are that come to this realm to kidnap children also drop off messages?

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