What did you think of OUAT 3×04 “Nasty Habits”? (poll)

3x04 Rumple face painted

What did you think of the episode Nasty Habits (aired Oct. 20, 2013)?

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  1. I feel like the whole capturing Henry thing is getting old and redundant. They need to speed it up. They also should do a back story of Peter Pan and how he came to be. So why does magic need to be saved anyway?

  2. Is Peter Pan really evil? Is he really a protector? Tinkerbell wasn’t evil.
    The only people that have labeled him as evil are Rumpel and Hook.
    I’m not convinced of the job application references at this point.
    Nova (Blue) has made choices that made us angry, but it was in the best interest of the “Good”. Perhaps Pan’s sole mission is to protect children in trouble. Any thoughts?

  3. Interesting point. And maybe Pan does see himself as a protector, convincing himself that he is luring lost and lonely boys not because they are easy to exploit, but because they need a place where they can belong. But Neal/Bae wanted to get away from Pan’s clutches, and Neal’s not a bad judge of character.

    I think there’s a lot more to Pan that we haven’t seen yet. Right now, to me, he’s looking like a cult leader preying on the vulnerable.

    • Close! The old ‘preying on the vulnerable but really protecting their best interest trick’ (Maxwell Smart)
      I believe Pan has some issues and is trying to do right. I’m not convinced he’s the cult leader as he is portrayed.
      Something tells me there is something deeper.
      Pan is trying very hard to restore hope and magic. Remember that line?
      That sounded like he is trying to restore a fighting chance. He seems to be going about it wrong…but maybe desperate times call for desperate measures.
      Many times things are never what they seem. :)
      Would you believe a bail bondsman, a pirate, a goat keeper, a wicked witch, and a princess are going to save the day? (Maxwell Smart)
      Ok, how about a used up fairy and alot of sentiment? (Maxwell Smart)

      • Oh, but they will save the day, LOL!

        Even if Pan believes he is doing the right thing — and I think you may be right about this — he’s too much of a control freak to pull it off. Keeping people imprisoned isn’t protecting them.

  4. This was my least favorite episode of the new season so far. I found it to be rather confusing and a bit too chaotic.

    I think part of the problem(and it’s really beyond anyone’s control) is the fact that the actor who portrays young Baelfire keeps getting older but the FTL flashbacks of Rumple and Bae are supposed to have taken place before Bae went through the portal and met the Darlings, and when we saw him leave Rumple and go through the portal the actor was noticeably younger. I also think that the whole Rumple/Bae FTL conflict has been rehashed and retold a few times too many, now including the Pied Piper/Pan. I wasn’t clear on the connection between Rumple and Pan either, though it seems to suggest that Pan was a villain from way back.

    I’m also not buying Henry at the moment. I thought it would take a lot longer for him to “hear the music.” For a kid who had all the faith and belief in the world in Emma and the fairy tale book I feel as if he’s being swayed and manipulated by Pan too easily(unless that sleeping curse contained some kind of long acting spell).

    As always, my favorite scenes were between Emma, Snow and Charming but in this episode there just weren’t enough of them.

    On the whole I think this episode tried to be everywhere at once and ended up cramming too much into an hour(or 43 minutes as it were). As I said all of last season, the writers should slow down and take the time to tell the story so we get the time to enjoy it.

    • You think Henry could be faking and not really hearing the music? Just pretending he is to catch Pan off guard later?

      • Henry was unconscious for most of this episode so it’s hard to say if he was faking. I don’t think we’ve seen enough of him this season to know but I seem to remember reading somewhere that at some point he would start to sympathize with Pan and the Lost Boys.

        I know this season is all about saving Henry but I’m realizing the more I think about it that Henry is actually the least interesting character in Neverland(IMO).

        As a side note: Jennifer Morrison(Emma) appeared on “Live with Kelly and Michael” this morning and the scene they previewed from next week’s episode regarding Henry seemed very interesting.

        • Is this the same scene that you saw? It is interesting …

          • Yes. It was a bit longer but that’s the scene. To me it implies that either Henry is turning dark or Pan and the Lost Boys want Emma and the gang to believe he’s turning…….either scenario potentially very interesting if written correctly.

          • Or maybe Henry wants Pan to think he is turning dark … I’m still thinking that Henry might be faking …. Would probably be a more interesting story if he wasn’t, though.

    • Yeah I agree about the time line being confusing. If all these flash backs happened before Bae went thru the portal and in this flash back he has run away from home, then at some point there must have been some kind of reconciliation between him and his papa. So there is more too the story. I agree about the age of Bae. Dylan Schimid is growing up fast. He is going to really make these flash backs confusing. About Pan, he seems to thrive on kidnapping hopeless boys, it rather makes him some kind of perv. Look how he seems so pleased to see his boys dancing around the fire in some kind of drunken trance. Maybe he’s an evil imp that gets his energy from the despair of the lost boys. Why aren’t there any girls? Seems like he used his shadow to kidnap the Darlings off and on but let them return home. Maybe there is some kind of free will thing involved on whether you stay permanently or not in Never Land. Of course the Darling kids were loved by their parents so I don’t see why he bothered to try and keep them. Maybe it takes Pan awhile to steal the ones he wants especially if they are loved by their parents.

      • The boys dancing around the fire reminded me of “Lord of the Flies.”

        Agree with you and Lisa about the timeline being confusing.

        • That last scene creeped me out. Henry picking up the sticks, the scenery gets blurry, Peter Pan has an evil grin, all the boys dancing around the fire like crazy people, then slow motion.
          I was thinking the same thing. It was a Lord of the Flies moment…creepy!
          I’ve got it!! Peter Pan is Lucifer!! LOL

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