Poll for OUAT episode 3×03 “Quite a Common Fairy”

3x-03 Quite the Common Fairy

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  1. I hope the writers were not trying to link Mulan with Sleeping Beauty as a love interest. Otherwise it was going to be Prince Phillip and that would have been a debacle. The story line is really getting so good it’s unbelievable. Keep up the good work.

  2. If Mulan is in love with Aurora so what? What century are we in?

  3. I kind of got the impression that Aurora/Sleeping Beauty was the “love interest” that Mulan commented on. It couldn’t have been Prince Phillip, because Aurora asked, “Do you want me to get Phillip?” Then Mulan replied, “No, it was you I wanted to see.” (Not sure of the exact wording, but it went something like that.)

    And it doesn’t bother me if that is what the writer’s were hinting at. Except that Aurora belongs with Prince Phillip. (I love my Princess fairy tales, so I don’t want the Prince and Princess breaking up.)

    So if the writer’s are going with Mulan being a Lesbian, then I would prefer they pair her up with someone other than Aurora.

    But I have to tell you all – I’ve never seen the Mulan Disney movie or any other Mulan stories/movies. So I don’t know what her original story was about – other than she disguised herself as a boy so she could fight.

  4. I watched this episode on DVR. Usually, I wait until the alcohol wears off. Tonight I was in full-force vodka mode.
    OMG, I had no idea Mulan was Lebanese!! (Insert Golden Girls pun reference of Danny Thomas)
    Was the story of Tink and Reg a little weak? I think so.

  5. It is disgusting they are putting the gay agenda in fairy tales. How dare they change century old truths. Gays really are the biggest attention whores on earth. One more gay reference and I am never watching this show again and people shouldn’t let their kids watch It either.

  6. ThePlotMurderers

    I personally think the show is taking a big, brave, and admirable step even implying a same-sex romance. As for gays being ‘the biggest attention whores on earth’, as a member of the gay community I am truly insulted. Fairy tales are the kind of story designed explicitly to be told different ways each time. You might as well protest the show pairing Rumple and Belle because one is villainous and one is good. If the show wants to pair two female character, let them. I applaud their progressive stance and urge them to continue doing what they do.

  7. Hmm well it is amazing how many of you gays are bigots…seen it and heard it so save me your sanctimonious BS. And NO gay writers have no right to make fairy tale characters gay because they were NEVER written that way and changing them is just a form of outright stealing. Stealing from the authors themselves which none of you have a right to do. What do you want next, Peter Pan as an excepted pedophile? (And the disgusting author of PeterPan WAS one and he molested the kids he adopted).Yeah, I bet you do especially since the majority of gays and lesbians ARE…..and thousands of criminal cases prove that. The damn gay agends is SOO unfair to all the adults molested as kids by the gay community to-it makes me sick these people have to sit here every day hearing all of you push how great you are……I could puke for them. If OUAT wants to lose millions in ads because there are hundreds of millions who will not watch this show if another gay agenda is forced on it then let em. Their problem and they deserve it. And lesbians like Epeson or however you spell that dogs name, who I am sure wrote this episode, deserves to be out of work. I am so sick of The Overhaul of Straight America infecting every part of life in this world today-people disgusted and victimized by your lifestyle did not make you gay and it is not our fault if we are repulsed by the things you do, so therefore none of us should be forced to have your perversions or vengeance shoved down our throats.

    • ThePlotMurderers

      First off, it is truly a sad reflection of the times that the LGBT community is equated with child molesters. Secondly, there are bigots in every bunch, and no majority should be judged solely by it’s minority. I have no desire to get caught up in any debate on ‘morals’ or any such thing, suffice it to say that the writers are on top o their game in my opinion, and hordes of fans, gay and straight, are pleased to see the acknowledgement of a very popular pairing in fandom.
      That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.;)

    • Jsmith, if you don’t like the show and the way it is written, then don’t watch it.

      Fairy tales are so old that they are “fair game” and not copy righted or owned by anyone. So the writers have every right to tamper and change them as they see fit.

  8. typo-a right not no right.

  9. another typo-accepted pedophile not expected

  10. The whole premise of the show is that they are taking traditional (or Disney) fairy tale characters and rethinking them and presenting them in new ways.

    The way they present women’s roles, for example, is totally different from what they were in the traditional tales, where the “good” women were, for the most part, passive victims who needed a man to rescue them. That’s very different from OUAT’s butt-kicking heroines. (Even if Snow White does need Charming’s kiss to wake up from her coma, she is later able to return the favor, a kind of balance that you won’t find in the original tales. Not to mention that the new Snow White is pretty handy with a bow and arrow.)

    I think that the introduction of a gay (bi?) character is just one more way they are breathing fresh life into the old tales.

    And they did it in such an understated way. It was just one moment — the moment of Mulan realizing her love was unrequited — and not the start of an ongoing love story. And it was done so subtly that some viewers thought that Mulan was still pining after the Prince.

    It felt like an organic part of the story, not something that was just tacked on. It made sense in terms of the characters. And I thought it made Mulan an interesting character for the first time.

    I thought that moment — because it was so unexpected — actually rescued the episode. The whole ending of the episode, in fact, was strong, with the revelation of Mulan’s unrequited love followed by the revelation that Robin Hood was the man who should have been Regina’s destined lover. Those two surprises turned what for me had been a fairly tedious episode into an interesting one.

    Anyway, I don’t want to get into debates about the “gay agenda” or anything like that, but it’s hard for me to see how anyone could be greatly offended by that short, subtle scene. Not everyone is gay, of course, but I think everyone has had the experience of loving someone who didn’t love them back, so there is something universal about what Mulan went through, about the way she gathered her courage to reveal her heart, only to find out that it was too late or that it was never meant to be.

    I think OUAT may be playing around a bit, this season, with the idea of limitations. Before, the show seemed to be saying that if you believed, you could do anything. Then this season, when Henry believed in the power of pixie dust, that belief led him straight into a trap. Also, before, finding the courage to express true love meant that love would blossom — but this season, Mulan was ready to speak her love, but found out it’s not going to happen. There’s still magic, but it can’t do everything.

    • ThePlotMurderers

      Excellently put! Jamie Chung was impeccable in that scene with Aurora. You can just hear the crack in her voice when Aurora tells her she’s pregnant. This storyline has a lot of potential, which I hope the writers can see through with all the right touches of drama, dignity, and (the most important ingredient) magic.
      Also, I’m loving Tink and loathing Blue.;)

    • I believe you have a great point marj, that ‘everyone has had the experience of loving someone who didn’t love them back, so there is something universal’ about the whole situation.

      I can understand how it may seem cliché for Mulan to be portrayed as gay or bisexual due to the fact she is seen to play a rather masculine character within her fairy tale, yet I believe it should be seen in a good light that she is such a strong character and is able to be independent and not need a prince, as such.

      I think its beautiful then to show the vulnerability in Mulan’s character when she wants to reveal her feelings be it to a woman or a man as it conveys that love can happen unexpectedly.

      Fairy Tales are known to suggest one major hypothesis, that happiness is worth fighting for and happiness has no limitation’s, it is found wherever we feel it. Mulan’s happiness is Auroa, why should she be denied from fighting for it.

      I hope to see more episodes like – quite a common fairy, as it push’s boundaries. And really is that not what fairy tales do, push the boundaries of belief.

  11. I enjoyed the episode(though not as much as last week’s “Lost Girl”) but honestly, for me the whole Mulan/Aurora scenario didn’t seem to jive with last season in which Mulan clearly had feelings for Prince Phillip. While I suppose it’s plausible that Mulan developed feelings for Aurora in Phillips’s absence, I’m more inclined to view this(whatever it is) as TPTB at OUAT attempting to appease a small but very vocal segment of the fan base who (from what I’ve read on Twitter) will never accept anything short of an Emma/Regina pairing. What bothers me about these fans, some of whom are quite vicious toward Adam Horowitz(co-creator/exec prod/writer) is that they refuse to accept the fact that Emma and Regina are straight. They see what they see and want everyone else to agree with them. I don’t avoid shows with gay characters but I don’t need for there to be gays in every show I watch either. If I’m honest about it, as far as OUAT is concerned, I think manipulating the story for the purpose of appeasing a fan base compromises the show’s integrity. I don’t like being distracted from the storytelling and if I’m watching an episode and have to say to myself, “Oh, they’re doing this because of those nasty tweeters……” that’s a distraction.

    On a more positive note, I think Tinkerbell will be an interesting addition. I enjoyed her history with Regina and am curious to find out more about her history with Hook…..and will helping the “Nevengers” lead to her own redemption with the Blue Fairy? The Charmings totally have my heart and any scene involving Snow, Charming and Emma is an instant favorite for me. David’s dilemma has me riveted. As for Regina and Robin Hood, I think the jury has to remain out on them as a couple until we see the characters actually interact with one another(perhaps in season 3 part 2?).

    So much going on this season. At least the first three episodes have left me wanting more……and that’s a good thing.

  12. I’m really out of it as far as knowing what is going on in the OUAT fan world — which is funny/weird because I’m running a fan blog (hitting myself with a wet noodle). I haven’t looked at Twitter in ages.

    So I’m out of the loop and hadn’t known about fans trying to pressure the writers into making Emma and Regina a couple — which doesn’t seem like a particularly good idea.

    I wonder how much the producers/writers actually give in to fan pressure. Suppposedly, they’ve had the major storylines mapped out far in advance, so it doesn’t seem like they’d be able to make big changes on the fly, even if they wanted to.

    And if, say, the reason they killed off Greg and Tamara so abruptly was because of fan pressure, that could serve as an example of why they should have stuck to their original plan — or at least eased Greg/Tamara out of the show a little more slowly.

    Anyway, I saw this episode without knowing about any rumblings about including gay characters — other than hearing a rumor, a while ago, that they *were* planning on having a gay romance.

    The Mulan scene took me by surprise — which I liked. My favorite thing about OUAT is the surprises.

    It makes sense to me that she could have had a crush on Phillip last season and then fallen in love with Aurora after Pillip was gone. Maybe she’s bi. Or maybe she thought that it was for Phillip’s sake that she was taking such good care of Aurora — maybe it took her a while to realize that it was Aurora who was the one she really loved.

    I liked the Mulan/Aurora subplot because, besides the novelty value of having a gay character (which I think did add something interesting to the episode), it also showed that, as the Stones sang, you can’t always get what you want. I thought that was a bit of realism in a show which can sometimes use more emotional nuance.

    Of all the new characters, I’m liking Peter Pan the best. Think he’s really well acted.

    Sorry that Regina didn’t grab her chance of happiness — though, of course, if she had, there would have been no story. But she’s really good at sabotaging herself.

    Glad to see Rumpel in Fairytaleland flashback again. He’s always at his hammiest best when in a room with Regina. That line about simmering rage being Regina’s best quality — the way he said it — that was so good.

  13. Beset episode by far in a long time. I really thought going to Neverland was going to be the end of this show, but Peter has been devious and Lord of the Flies-enough and Tinkerbell! I thought her character was going to suck but the actress portraying her had a great look to her, very pixie-like, and I thought the story was awesome with her and Regina’s past. She looked great as magic-less Tink in Neverland, sort of modern grungy. As soon as the guy with the lion tattoo was shown in the pub I knew right away it was Robin Hood. I hope that Regina can turn a new leaf and somehow find her way to Robin and his son– a family all to her own and her own happy ending instead of trying to steal everyone else’s. I don’t really care about Bae at this point, I sort of want Emma to end up with Hook if she decides to end up with anyone at all. And Rumple! Is he just wandering that island having an existential crisis or what?
    As for Mulan, it seemed she *was* getting all lesbian on Aurora, which was a shock because all 2nd of season I felt these vibes that she was in love with Phillip after having been his companion for so long and she sort of resented Aurora for being back in his life, and then it was a drag for her to watch after Aurora like a guardian until they eventually became friends. But if she *is* in love with Aurora, it just sort of reads as the writers trying to throw in a token gay character into the show just “because”; i.e it didn’t feel natural at all. I felt it was a bit stereotypical, too. The woman who acted as a man to save her father, who is a tough warrior of course *has* to be gay. It just didn’t seem to fit properly. it’s like the Dr. Whale storyline…utterly pointless. If they wanted a gay character, I wouldn’t have chosen Mulan, not sure who I’d choose (Red’s granny comes to mind, haha), but not Mulan, because we haven’t really gotten her back story yet and haven’t seen much of her this season and again, it felt forced

  14. *Best (sorry, ugh, typos). I think Lisa put it really well. I don’t mind gay characters on a show, but don’t just have them to say “oh hey look, we have a gay/bi character now.” And maybe she was in love with Phillip and then fell in love with Aurora? But there wasn’t much indication previously. I felt it was a bit jarring, like if suddenly Grumpy told Red he loved her, you’d be like, uh, what the heck? As far as Emma and Regina being a couple, ugh, no, just because they both view Henry as their son doesn’t make them his lesbian mothers. Fans like that are annoying, and are the same ones who want Sherlock and Watson to be a couple, which would make me STOP watching Sherlock because I don’t think it’s in Sherlock’s nature to be with anyone, really. And Emma and Regina are both straight, and that is not a bad thing. I think it’s a bit odd to just take a character and suddenly make them gay. It doesn’t jive well. Better planning would make a gay character more believable and endearing.

  15. “Roasted Swan”. “You’ll get that later”.
    -Rumpel didn’t know Emma’s name until he made a deal with Snow.
    The writers seem to have forgotten Rumpel didn’t know Emma’s name.
    The ‘seer’ story is sloppy and introduced intricate complications for the writers. — Pretty much like the spell that helped Snow and Charming be invulnerable against Regina. Hell, if it was that easy, then the story would end.
    -Details, details, details
    The credibility of the story gets weaker and weaker every time the writers introduce a concept, then ignore it when they travel down every conceivable rabbit hole in search of a left-field idea.
    According to ratings, the viewers are down to 7 million. The show has lost half of their audience since inception.

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