And …. we’re back!

The Season 3 premiere: Heroes and villains must learn to cooperate, pooling their individual talents. Mermaids are treacherous. A nod to LOST is seen in a chase through an island jungle. The Dark One is not in a forgiving mood. Tamara and Greg get a taste of karma. Henry falls into a trap.

I thought it was a pretty good episode, though not a brilliant one. What do you think?

11 responses to “And …. we’re back!

  1. I thought it was a good start to a great new season.

  2. I think this story fell flat. Greg and Tamara worked to banish magic, yet they were working with a powerful magical being from a magical land that was all about magic and claim to not know for whom they are working. That plot line was so weak. I am so disappointed.

  3. With all the advance praise for the first two episodes I tried not to let my expectations get too high, but I really enjoyed the premiere. It wasn’t perfect but I believe that the writers are making a sincere effort to correct some of the missteps they made in season 2. They realize that the audience wants more content and they seem to be working at making sure the show is more character than plot driven this season.

    So the FTL scenes with Bae/Neal weren’t great, and Greg and Tamara met their fates rather quickly(I suspect that they couldn’t get rid of them soon enough) but the scenes aboard the Jolly Roger more than made up for the episodes weak spots. Hopefully all the bickering aboard ship was just the tip of the iceberg. Having Snow, Charming, Emma, Hook, Rumple and Regina isolated together will force them to deal with one another and all their issues and I see that as a huge plus this season. I have a feeling that Henry will hold his own with Peter Pan as well. I’m cautiously optimistic that OUAT will deliver the goods this year. After all, “Hope is the strongest magic of all.”

  4. I am assuming the mermaid dragged on board WASN’T Ariel? 😎

  5. Nice season opener. I like the Peter Pan character and the lost boys. I guess they are the new villains. Glad the Tamara and Greg storyline is over and done with. It made no sense at all.

  6. I think it kind of blew. The one part that would of been a cool surprise they destroyed by releasing that picture of the actor who plays Peter Pan before it aired. I knew the kid who grabbed Henry was him. Whoop di do. Also, the first scene is total bs. Emma could not of changed her mind to keep Henry in prison, she would of been forced to terminate her rights, That’s the way it works. I guess they are using the same set for Lost as Neverland too. Lame.
    Stupid as well is Pan wanting Henry’s heart, Hope it gets better-maybe Horowitz and Eddy will take some writing classes in the meantime, lol

  7. I’m hoping the strength and love of ‘family’ is what ultimately overpowers Pan. Since his power is supposed to be so strong…a family is what he lacks and what he is now against.
    I’m ready for Emma to break out her Magic a little more often.

    I was amused and delighted by Peter Pan…I hadn’t seen the previews…and didn’t really think of him as a young boy. The Lost Boy is a great cast.

    I LOVE seeing rumple again – sarcastic, witty and bad as ever!

  8. Best line ever:

    “They think of us as fairy tales…they even made a movie about you. It was actually pretty good…”
    “What’s a movie?”

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