What did you think of 2×21 “Second Star to the Right” (aired May 5, 2013)?

The season is almost over. Do you think this episode was a good lead-in to next week’s finale?

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  1. Ok, so Regina kills an entire village, kills Snow’s father, kills other people, yada yada.
    How many chances did Snow give Regina? This has gone WAY beyond ridiculous. Snow is guilty of hundreds if not thousands of deaths by keeping Regina alive. She helped kill Cora to protect innocents yet she gets a black heart? Snow should have a black heart for not saving people by NOT killing Regina….COME ON!!
    People are dying…what is it about Snow that doesn’t get that? Regina lives, people die. Proven over, and over, and over again.
    What are the writers trying to say? If people are evil and commit murder and other atrocities….just let them live and give them infinite chances?
    I hate to say it, but Snow’s character has gone beyond an idiot.

  2. I think the writers are trying to say good is stupid too..

  3. I think the whole storyline about Snow killing Cora, and Snow’s subsequent feelings of guilt, wasn’t very convincing. That may have been a problem with the writing. The specifics of the story aside, I could imagine Snow as someone so pure (in a fairy tale, not a realistic, kind of way) that any act of violence or even meanness would be a stain on her previous total goodness. Total goodness doesn’t exist in the real world — but it did in Snow — and now that has been tainted.

    Also, I think Snow is like a death-penalty opponent, in a way. Just because Cora committed unspeakable crimes doesn’t mean that Snow could live with herself after killing her.

    The torture scenes in this episode were even worse than I had thought they would be based on the previews. I’m really not liking this new direction for the show. If it continues, it could be a deal-breaker for me.

    I liked the Wendy scenes more than I expected (except for the ridiculous-looking wraith). I liked that Bae sacrificed himself (or at least believed he was sacrificing himself) to save Wendy’s family. That shows that Bae had a lot of character even as a child.

    What I liked best in the episode was Bae and Emma expressing their love for each other. After seeing Bae’s childhood, I thought he was a worthy lover for Emma. Also, their love was the most plausible thing in an otherwise often implausible episode. I hope that Bae survives his fall through the portal and eventually gets back together with Emma.

  4. I hope Bae isn’t gone (like off the show). I meant to say that last night. This “home office” thing is so stupid. I hate Tamara. Greg, I can sympathize with because he had lost his Mom and then his Dad in such a strange way. Now I am hearing too that there is going to be a Wonderland series. I gotta say I think they are doing this because they screwed up the writing by not going with stories they should of and wasting episodes with scenes we didn’t need to see. (I’m sure they love the idea of making money off of that with tv ads too). On an up note I loved Wendy and the nursery set. The wraif is also stupid, where the hell was Peter Pan? Argh…I also didn’t care about Regina getting shocked. That was her karma and not enough of it. I am real tired of seeing her take her grief/pain over Daniel out on innocent people who had nothing to do with him dying. What a loser.

  5. I’m not defending Regina, who is indefensible. It’s just that I don’t want to watch torture on my TV screen. Maybe the difference is that what Regina did seems unreal — clearly a made-up (and not terribly plausible) story — while the torture brings up memories of the recent real-world controversies.

    It’s painful for me to watch, and I don’t want to see it served up for entertainment. The torture scenes ruined “24” for me. Why did the OUAT writers choose to go in that direction?

  6. Looking at the previews, it looks like Storybrooke might be going away. Maybe the whole town is going to have to jump thru a portal….who knows.
    Speaking of torture, Tamara is going to have Emma, Regina, AND Rumpel after her. Sure wouldn’t want to be in her shoes with that triple threat.

    • I still think that Bae will turn out to be Peter Pan. In the story, the shadow was Peter Pan’s…but maybe in this, it turns out that the Bae is the shadow’s?

  7. I gotta think Bae was transported to Never, Neverland…anyone else get that feeling?

    • Oh…dear. I think I just thought where Neil’s portal is going…

      Stay with me a moment. What if the portal sort of chooses where you go based on something within you (like the sorting hat in Harry Potter)? So, Snow and Emma down a portal, they go to the Enchanted Forest. But Neil down a portal, where will he go? I’m betting he goes back where he went the LAST time he went down a portal. Victorian England. Except it’s 28 years (plus however many years from when Bae went down the last time til the Curse) later. So Neil’s an adult in Victorian London, and who should he run into but…dun dun dun…WENDY! And she’s all grown up, too, and (of course) gorgeous..and voila! Emma’s got competition again.

      But hey, on the bright side…they can probably handle a bullet. And now they can bring in Sherlock Holmes! LOL

  8. I liked this episode and think it leaves a nice cliffhanger for the finale. I hope Tamara sends story broke to the same place Bae / Neil went. There would be magic there and rumple can heal Neil. Trashy Lacey would go back to being Belle. And Regina –the writers can do what they want with Regina. I don’t care she’s a nuisance. Also- I don’t think the torture scene was bad. They cut away from her being tortured and really didn’t make it gory or uncomfortable IMO. I do think the guns were cheesy and redic since the good guys in this show never shoot or kill anyone anyway. What was the point of that? I guess to make me and my husband laugh. :p

  9. I loved the reinterpretation of Peter Pan. I was completely surprised by that. It was very convincing.

  10. Marj, I guess I’m not sure what real world controversies you mean. The weird thing is though about this show is that there IS magick here. Anyone remember when well known witch Laurie Cabot made it snow in July in Salem? The magick here is different though, no one can make fireballs appear in their hand like Rump. I don’t like torture either but I it didn’t bother me to see Regina get some. I hated how she put a spell on Henry and I am tired of her whole manipulative personality. Bitches like her are really a dime a dozen, lol. I was upset when Bae fell through the portal but part of me was thinking, again? I don’t know, I just feel like this show never went where I wanted it to all year long and I am sort of dreading the finale, unlike last year. I wish they’d make a Lost movie, I miss that show even though as long as I live I will never get the ending, lmao

    • Re. real world controversies — I was thinking about the Bush-era debates about the legality and morality of torturing terrorists to gain information — and also thinking about the photos from Abu Ghraib.

      On a lighter note, I totally agree with you about LOST. Loved the show (except for the ending). So sorry it’s over — nothing has come close to replacing it. Would love to see a movie — as long as they don’t blow it, LOL.

      • LOST was such a great show because it kept us thinkig and guessing and debating about whos good whos bad and what thenhell is going on. All of those references and hidden images were fun. OuAT is great too because it reinvents te fairy tales we grew up with. maybe the writers get stuck with this show because OUAT mixes stories we already know too well and at some point the fairy tales are going to stop meshing logically leaving the story to go in circles around the Snow White / evil queen feud.

  11. Tamara will WISH she had magick to protect herself from them Riles, lol

  12. I’ve learned to lower my expectations for OUAT this season but I actually enjoyed this episode. Greg torturing Regina didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would, mainly because Regina remained so defiant through the whole thing(for once I found myself rooting for her)—-even when she told Greg that his father was dead and he went to the woods and found the plaid shirt and human remains I thought it might be Regina messing with him(she claims that she killed Kurt and most likely did, but could just as easily have buried anyone in the woods with a plaid shirt and then sent Mendel there to find it). What really bothers me is Greg and Tamara’s(aka “Boris and Natasha”) whole reason for being in Storybrooke in the first place. Greg looking for his father I get. Wanting to destroy magic on the other hand makes no sense whatsoever. It’s not as if Regina and Rumple were planning to conquer and rule the world. Their magic posed no threat to the world outside of Storybrooke, Maine so why anyone from the outside would want to destroy them—-that entire premise seems flimsy to me. We’re supposedly going to learn more about who or what the “home office” is in the finale so perhaps the plot will begin to make more sense but I’m not counting on it.

    I also have to agree with the majority who believe that Neal/Bae is still alive somewhere. Mulan, Aurora and Philip are reportedly in the finale so Neal may pop up in FTL and run into them, but if the rest of the cast is headed to Neverland chances are that that’s the next place we’ll see him as well—-though not as Peter Pan.

    I too feel as if Once didn’t go where I wanted it to this season. I love the emotional moments like the one between Emma and David but there haven’t been nearly enough of them and the ones there have been haven’t been long enough. I’m still waiting for David and Emma to have an actual father/daughter conversation(something that should have occurred after the mid-season finale). Time and again action seems to trump emotion on this show and it’s a shame because humanizing these fairytale characters is what drew viewers to it in the first place. Next season, instead of dealing with the crisis of the week I hope TPTB get back to basics and delve deeper into the relationships……and hopefully “Boris and Natasha” will be long gone by then.

  13. ” I’m betting he goes back where he went the LAST time he went down a portal. Victorian England. Except it’s 28 years (plus however many years from when Bae went down the last time til the Curse) later. So Neil’s an adult in Victorian London, and who should he run into but…dun dun dun…WENDY! And she’s all grown up, too, and (of course) gorgeous..and voila! Emma’s got competition again.
    But hey, on the bright side…they can probably handle a bullet. And now they can bring in Sherlock Holmes! LOL”

    Lmao, good comment, If they do that I just hope Bae won’t end up being Jack the Ripper. Or wait wait, Rumple will end up there looking for Bae and HE will be Jack the Ripper. Tha’d work huh?
    @Marj, I agree about the torture stuff. If they ever did do a Lost movie I wish the last scene was just someone’s dream and they fill in some spots about the show people still have questions about. I’m just glad Lost is on Netflix and I think I am going to watch it again. It’s funny too because when Lana Parilla was in the Charlie dies episode which really upset me, I actually got mad he died, I didn’t think she was that good, But as much as I hate Regina I have say she is a really good actress in this show.

    • I really hope I’m right about where Bae ends up. And it makes sense…why else bring in Wendy? They don’t usually bring in things like that for no reason…
      Plus, it’d be awesome to get one right! LOL

      Hm…Sherlock Holmes, Jack the Ripper…sounds like we may be going back to Dharmaville, circa 1977…

  14. Yeah true Talonvaki, but what if Bae did go back to London and then Rump goes to find him again but brings Belle (lacey) or she like jumps in the portal to be with him. So there she is all prostitute like in Victorian England and Jack the Ripper gets her all drunk in a pub while Rump is detained and then he brings her back to a room and tries to kill her. Rump comes back and is looking for her and hears her screams and then he barges in and kills Jack the Ripper. He fireballs him to so his dead body disappears. That would be a cool one for Halloween next year wouldn’t it? I mean if they can do the weird Dr. Whale is Dr.Frankenstein and he brings back Daniel from the dead, this idea wouldn’t be to far fetched. Damn, we should write scripts for this show, lol and if we do see this idea in play they BETTER PAY US. lol. I would love to see Bae with grown up Wendy to. That was a great idea you had and it would be so romantic although I hope at some point in this show Emma and Bae end up together. I want to see Henry close with his parents and his parents close as well. They all deserve it.

  15. there are rumors that Ariel is coming to OUAT. i think that Mila will turn out to be Ariel. She was thrown into the sea when she died. maybe some magic see creatures found a way to save her.

    Also Bae is probably going to the enchanted forest. i heard somewhere that he was going to be in contact with mulan somehow. so it is probable.

  16. Just as long as Bae isn’t dead. They CAN’T do that!! I don’t remember the little Mermaid that well-I took my daughter to see it long ago, I’ll have to watch it again, but I did like it. Is Mila that mean witch octopus thing in it cicifion?

  17. I enjoyed the Captain Hook character more in this episode. I love the “it’s a pirates life for you” line they gave Colin O’Donoghue. It took me back to the pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney Land. His interest in helping Bae, cause of his love for his mother, gave the character more depth. Which he needed.

    I agree with all the violence comments above and how guilty the queen is of murder. She really deserves what ever punishment is bestowed on her. For heaven sakes, she was responsible for killing an entire village. I don’t know who is worse. Ben Linus or Regina Mills.

    Its hard to believe that I’m saying this, but I feel sorry for Regina. Because they are all fairy tale characters from stories in a book, their personalities are more or less chiseled in stone, predefined. No matter how they might try to repent or change in our world they can’t. Snow White is Snow White. No matter how much she might want to take vengeance on the EQ. For killing her mother, for killing all those villagers, etc. She will always feel guilty about taking the law into her own hands cause the book has defined her with a high level of morality. None of them have free will.

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