First eight minutes of 2×21 “Second Star to the Right”

It’s after the jump (spoilers):

Bae gets fed up with his father. Then Greg Mendell channels the torture-loving Jack Bauer of “24.” I wish the show wasn’t going there. As evil as Regina may be, I don’t like watching anyone get tortured:

Also, here’s the Promo shown at the end of the last episode:

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  1. You are correct, this show is not about fairy tales anymore it scary tales. Watch the first few episode of season one. Other than the killing of Henry the EQ’s father, the show had a more romantic quality. Now it’s turned into a Dark Shadow type show. I’m waiting for the vampires to show up. Maybe Bella and Edward will.

  2. LOL about vampires.

    What bothers me the most is when the characters commit the kind of violent acts that exist in the real world. I don’t mind the show’s “magical” violence — Cora ripping out hearts or Rumple turning people into frogs — because as fantasy, they don’t have the same associations that real violence does.

    But Gold’s beatings and the torture we saw in the clip are too close to reality for comfort. I don’t want to deal with things like that when watching a show for entertainment, unless they really are necessary to advance the plot or define the characters. And I don’t think they are.

    Two shows where I thought the violence WAS necessary were “The Sopranos” and “The Wire,” because both were telling realistic stories about violent people. But the frequent gleeful torture scenes weren’t necessary in “24,” and I don’t see where torture and beatings are necessary in Once Upon a Time, which, as pure fantasy, could go in any direction that the writers want it to go.

  3. And why does the EQ’s eviliness have to go to the level of showing stacks of corpses. This reminds me of how cavalier Ben was when he killed off the Namaste folks and heaped them all in a pit on the show Lost. I don’t have children but I don’t think we need our kids to see that kind of stuff. Violence like that I expect on Grimm, but not Once. Yes and the senseless beating of a man by Rumple just to get the romantic attention of a messed up Belle. What kind of message are they sending there.

  4. I was also reminded of the scene with Ben. And both, in turn, reminded me of the historic events that must have inspired those scenes in both shows.

    But if a show is going to start going into that kind of territory, how are they going to deal with the issues that they raise?

    I understand that the original Grimm tales are very dark, much darker than the toned-down versions I was brought up with. And maybe a different TV show could tackle those darker themes. But I’m not sure that OUAT can.

    For one thing, they’d need a lot more consistency in the characters. That may have been a problem with LOST too. After years of seeing Ben as the ultimate villain, I had trouble believing the more nuanced character we were presented with in the end — a lot of his newly shown traits felt tacked on.

    I think OUAT is deliberately trying to take on more serious themes. I have to applaud them for the attempt, but can they really pull it off?

  5. I don’t really care what happens to Regina and I am really sick of her. I certainly don’t miss Cora. I don’t understand why anyone has any sympathy for Regina either. She makes her own choices. Sure seeing Daniel die was horrible, but others have suffered the same and they don’t go all evil because of it. I hate Regina for putting a spell on Henry to, talk about a tyrannical control freak and he isn’t even her kid. If she gets tortured by shock then that is her karma, for all those she has killed and abused in FTL and Storybrooke..

  6. When Snow found out the peasant girl was Regina, she should have shot her in the back when she was running away. At a minimum she should have at least shot her in the a$$.
    If I were Greg I would turn up the current on Regina and leave it running as I left until somebody found her or they turned the power off for lack of payment. — Like Liam Neeson did in Taken.
    After murdering an entire village; there’s no coming back from that….ever.

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