Poll: What did you think of 2×20 “The Evil Queen” (aired April 28, 2013)?

So … what did you think?

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  1. absolutly loved this episode cant wait for next week. i cant believe reginas getting tortured , im pissed

  2. So there’s a bracelet that contains special metals to counteract Regina’s magic. It also contains some hardware?
    She can’t take it off– and if she does, the leather “container” doesn’t matter. HUH?
    Are the metals in her bloodstream? WTF?
    Maleficent reconstitutes herself from ashes. Why now — at the exact moment Hook falls into the pit? HUH?
    OK. We’re at the point where lost was at when it “got weird”.
    In the next couple of episodes, we’re going to Neverland I suppose.
    Tonight’s episode was the first time I recorded on DVR because I wasn’t in a hurry to watch it.
    I’m slippin’. It’s getting ridiculous.

  3. I dont think its gettin wierd, they r gettin ready to go back to the enchanted forest. Im really loving this season.

  4. I suppose that the introduction of outsiders in Storybrooke was inevitable but I’m not enjoying the way this story is playing out. Greg/Owen in search of his father would have been interesting in and of itself. Throw in Tamara with her data collecting and ability to “kill magical creatures” and the two of them are coming off as little more than cartoon villains. OUAT’s greatest strength in season one was making the unbelievable believable. Each episode struck a near perfect balance between Storybrooke and FTL. Its greatest weakness in season two has been a lack of balance. The scenes of Snow and Regina in FTL were basic, classic ONCE, but were contrasted with Storybrooke Regina bouncing all over the place—-first she’s shape shifting to eavesdrop on David and Mary Margaret, then she’s manipulating Henry, then deal-making with Hook, only to end up in the clutches of OUAT’s answer to “Boris and Natasha.” And why oh why are TPTB so insistent on rushing the narrative? Savoring every nuance of character and story can only make the show better. I’d rather enjoy a six or seven season run of a GREAT Once Upon a Time than a two or three year flash in the pan. I’m not giving up on my favorite show but I hope it gets its mojo back before it’s too late.

  5. LOL at “Boris and Natasha”!

    I agree that this season the show has been sprawling all over the place. Part of the problem is that once the curse was broken, the original storyline was over, with just a few odds and ends left to be cleared up.

    Now there’s not a lot of suspense. There’s still the question of whether Emma and Neal will get back together, but I think it’s inevitable that they will. There’s the mystery of who, exactly, Tamara and Greg are, and who is Greg’s father, but all that should be cleared up soon.

    Whatever happened to Aurora and Philip and Mulan? They were so prominent in the season premiere that I thought they would be major characters all season long. I guess they’ll show up again in the next two episodes, but they’ve been offstage for a long time now.

    I still find the show entertaining, but not as compelling as it was in Season One. Last year, it was driving straight through to the endpoint of the curse breaking. This season, it’s just wandering all over the place.

    The characters are also getting more inconsistent. I wish they hadn’t shown Regina ordering the whole village killed. That makes her irremediably evil, in my eyes. It was more fun when she was a combination of good and bad, and I was more comfortable rooting for her then.

    RumpelGold also is getting nastier and harder to like. I had hoped that finding his son would change him for the better, but it seems to have made him worse.

    On the plus side, Hook is a great character. NealFire adds a lot to the show, Robert Carlyle continues to impress. And I am mildly curious to see what they will do if/when they resettle in the Magic Forest.

    As for Wendy … do we really need another new character at this point?

  6. I agree with Riles and I am starting to wonder if the writers are nuts. I think introducing Wendy is okay though because it will show us what happened to Bae after he fell through the portal and how he ended up in our world.

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