What did you think of 2×19 Lacey (aired April 21, 2013)?

It’s poll time. What did you think of Lacey?

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  1. Aside from the fact I’m not Rumple/Belle fan(I don’t dislike them I’m just not in love with them as a couple), I found this episode to be very fragmented and disjointed. The Storybrooke scenes in particular didn’t flow as well as they usually do. I’ve nothing against Robin Hood either but, rather than introduce new characters at this point, I wish the writers would concentrate on the stories they’ve already started telling. The Snow/Charming/Emma dynamic is central for me and one little scene in a bean field just doesn’t cut it. The Greg and Tamara scenes seemed tacked on as well. Overall not the episode I was hoping for after a three week wait.

  2. Wasn’t Belle a mental patient in our world? The writers made an entire episode that Belle was imprisoned both in our world and FTL.
    Now they are writing something else?
    There is major discontinuity going on here. Bad writing in my opinion.
    Robin Hood…..seriously? The writers can’t even keep a cohesive story line with what they have.
    So disappointing.
    More ratings drops.

    • I think what Regina did was restore the memories Belle would have had in Storybrooke had Regina NOT made her a mental patient. So, really, Lacey was the mental patient, not Belle.

      • That’s how I saw it too. We never got to see Belle’s Storybrooke identity because she was always locked up and never had a chance to show who she was.

        I agree with the comments about this episode being disjointed, but I did like the idea of Lacey being the flip side of Belle and loving Rumple’s dark side. And, in a way, the Lacey-Gold relationship is more believable than the Rumple-Belle one.

        I don’t want to see Gold beat people with his cane. I like him as a somewhat evil/somewhat sympathetic character. Seeing him be so physically violent destroys, at least for the moment, whatever sympathy I have for him.

        • Robert Johnson

          Another comment from Robert Johnson. I have had time to think about the fact that Lacey actually seems to like Gold’s dark side and if so maybe she is a better match for Gold than Bella. Wouldn’t that make Regina angry, that in the long run she actually did Gold a favor. Also I think that it is time for Mary Margret or Emma to get pregnant. or, for a twist that would really enrage Regina, have Lacey get pregnant by Gold.

        • This occurred to me after reading your comment about Gold beating the Sheriff of Nottingham with his cane in Storybrooke…when’s the last time we saw Gold do that? Belle’s father, in Storybrooke. Evidently, that side of Gold, the one that bashes people’s heads in with his cane (he reminds me a lot of House when he does that…) only comes out when Belle/Lacey is involved. That’s gotta be a plot point at some time. He only gets violent when it’s for her. Meanwhile, Regina’s going round yanking people’s hearts out and causing all sorts of mayhem willy-nilly…

      • Sorry Talonvaki, I meant Lacey. It’s just so easy to interchange names watching this show. I call MaryM Snow, and James, David. Even tho James isn’t really James. James was the prince who go replaced. Not sure what his name really was in FTL.

  3. Rather than pick at all the redic parts of this episode, I’m just going to say Im a fan of the show, but my husband is really starting to hate it. He just sits there and makes commentary on how each scene doesn’t make sense. Unfort he’s right. This show is going down. :( what happened writers?

  4. Robert Johnson

    There are some points I want to make. Being the kind of man I am, If I were Gold and I saw Bella becoming Lacey I think even if Bella recovers her memories it might change my feelings for her forever and make it impossible to resume a relationship with her. Second if Henry is killed off than expect all of the fans of the show to turn it off for good. Also I have to agree that the introduction of new characters right now is just too much. At this point stick with the ones you already have. Last nights episode did kind of bum me out. With the dream that Gold had about killing Henry I hope that the last two episodes of this season go better.

  5. Horrible writing on last week episode of Belle becoming Lacey. Doesn’t correlate with last season… But the worst part was having to view the beating from Gold and having to have our children leave the room. What is this world coming to…
    Disgusted :(

  6. Why do you guys think her name’s Lacey? What is the significance of that?

    I mean, I ask this because the counterparts’ names always relates to their FT person: Ruby for Red, MM Blanchard for Snow WHITE, etc

    but Lacey…I can’t figure it out

  7. Hey, why does Gold have a limp and use a cane? He can reattach a severed arm but can’t fix a limp?
    What was Regina’s motive to keep Lacey in a psych ward and later re-institute Lacey’s cursed memory? I thought the curse was broken. How can Regina give Belle/Lacey new memories? If Regina can do it, why can’t Rumple undo it? It’s not the curse anymore right?
    We see that a magic wand can heal. Wasn’t Queen Eva a friend of the blue fairy? Why didn’t the blue fairy come to Eva’s aid and heal her?
    I was watching episodes 1 and 2 of the first season. Snow distinctly told Charming the Evil Queen wanted to kill her because Snow was more beautiful than the Queen. Major change in the story-line. The reason the Queen wanted Snow dead was because the betrayal of trust about Daniel.
    Do the writers really think people are that stupid? It’s offensive the creators/writers think we, the public, are that stupid.
    The CGI continues to suck, there is WAY too much CGI. Are they using technology from 1995? Xena had better special effects. (btw, I loved that show)
    When Rumpel pulled out the Sheriff’s tongue, it was CGI, it looked AWFUL!!
    They could have used a prop. These people are LAZY!!
    As many viewers as this show had, they could have spent some money. “Budget constraints” are an excuse for as popular as this show is….or should I say…was.
    Henry’s undoing of Rumpel is nothing.
    Sloppy writing, skimping on special effects, bad ideas, too much jumping around on the plot, too many episode breaks, and discontinuity of story-lines are going to be this shows undoing.
    Losing half an audience in 1 season….yeah, that’s bad.

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