“The Price of Magic” Once Upon a Time special — video

This is the special that aired on 4/14/13.

7 responses to ““The Price of Magic” Once Upon a Time special — video

  1. Just another rerun to me. I’m ready for something more!

  2. Oh I should mention, my husband, a non-OUAT watcher, saw the first half…said he was confused and left the room.

  3. Is this a new episode or no.

  4. Marj (the blog host previously known as Ms Terri)

    No, it’s not a new episode. It’s a special that looks back at what happened during Season 2. It’s a new special, but it’s not a regular episode.

  5. This was a waste! Just go watch the show. I got nothing out of this except seeing the awesome nerds behind this great show.

  6. This was a waste. It was nothing more than a recap of old episodes. The writers had hinted of teases for future episodes. They did not deliver on the promise.
    I saw this to be a waste of time…and a broken promise.
    The two creators sat in their cliche directors chairs and spewed out the story line we already knew. This was no better than the past two episodes with the cheap captions to a story we already knew.
    I’ll continue to watch because I’m a hopeless romantic; however, how many people did they lose? I guess a reduction of an audience from 7 million to 5 million doesn’t matter to the haphazard directors and obvious bad businessmen? (My prediction is based on the show that started with 12M viewers)
    If the requirement for creating an ABC TV show constitutes idiots that don’t learn from their past mistakes, create the same mistakes, and introduce new ones…then I want a damn job application !!!

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