Once Upon a Time spinoff — Will you watch?

Filming should begin at any moment for scenes for a proposed OUAT spinoff series called Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

If the series gets picked up, will you watch it?

More info about the spin-off after the jump.

Here’s what is known — or at least rumored — so far:

What’s being filmed now is a four-scene “presentation.” The pilot, if the show gets that far, will be shot during the sumer.

The pilot will probably be broadcast during next year’s Once Upon a Time winter hiatus.

A few days ago, OUAT co-creator Eddy Kitsis told TVLine, “You will see [Wonderland] both post- and pre-curse. It will be very similar to Once in that there will be flashbacks of these new characters that take us to pre-curse Wonderland.”

OUAT’s other creator, Adam Horowitz, said, “We can’t imagine visiting that time in Wonderland and not seeing Cora as the Queen of Hearts.” Will Barbara Hershey, who does such a magnificent job playing Cora in OUAT, return? According to TVLine, maybe, though “official talks with Hershey likely won’t take place unless the pilot moves forward.”

As for the big question — will Stan Sebastian ever appear in the spin-off as the Mad Hatter? — there’s no word yet.

The prospective new show will star Sophie Lowe as Alice, who will have a “generous heart scarred by a hard life.” Peter Gadiot will play Alice’s love interest Cyrus, Emma Rigby will play the Red Queen, and Michael Socha will play the Knave of Hearts, described as “a sardonic adventurer.”

The White Rabbit will be computer-generated. Paul Reubens (best known for playing Pee-Wee Herman and for his 1991 arrest for indecent exposure) will provide its voice.

Jane Espenson and Zack Estrin will be producers. Ralph Hemecker will direct.

Are you looking forward to this? Or do you think everyone working on OUAT should just concentrate on the original show?

One response to “Once Upon a Time spinoff — Will you watch?

  1. I’m not sure how I feel about this ONCE: Wonderland.

    I think it would be nice if this was taken place in an alternate universe of fairy tales that wouldn’t mess up the canon of ONCE UPON A TIME. I mean, I really love Wonderland and all…But…I don’t know…I will have to see to understand where they are coming from.

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