Poll: What did you think of 2×18 “Selfless, Brave and True” (aired 3/24/13)?

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  1. So is this show going to get all weird like Lost did when they went back in time to 1973? Eyeroll. OUAT is starting to go down the crapper imo just like Lost did only sooner. The writers and producers in Hollywood are SO weird, and the bizarre tv shows that have come out in the last 15 years is evident of it. They really need to put down the crack pipes and start to grow back some brain cells.

  2. mmkay. So Tamara followed August to New York because why? She left him in the alley in China and got her elixir. Why would she follow him?
    If she wanted to follow a magical being, then follow the Red Dragon. Why on earth would she follow August to New York?

    The Red Dragon started to get all red-smoky and Tamara killed him with a stun gun. Um, ok. That’s one hell of a stun gun. What was all the red smoke for. He seemed all formidable, then ZAP!!. ????

    Now Tamara knows Greg who was formerly known as Owen who also knows Neil because she followed August (for whatever reason) to New York.


    I’m glad this show didn’t go 25 different directions, irritate half of their audience, then take a 3 week break only to introduce ANOTHER fairy tale character amidst the other chaos going on…..um, wait….

  3. I never watched Lost, but agree with Jessie. I don’t like where they are going with the show this week. I was okay with the Father and Son camping and seeing Storybrook form from the curse. That was okay. But this new chick (Neil’s fiance)? What is up with all this? I don’t like it. And the magic chinese dragon man? Not liking it at all.

  4. The episode definitely left a lot of unanswered questions but it also played on several of the basic themes of OUAT. We see August and how far he strayed from his promise(as Pinocchio) to be honest and unselfish and we see what it cost him. We see Snow and what straying from her true self is costing her. And we see that redemption is possible but that it’s different for everyone(and that they have to want it).

    This episode also reinforced the basic difference between Emma, Snow and Charming vs. Regina, Cora and Rumple—-the ability to learn from one’s own mistakes, as well as the mistakes of others, and move on in a positive way vs. giving into(and thus choosing) bitterness, regret and darkness. Regina and Rumple spend their lives seeking revenge(as did Cora) and, more often then not, it brings them even more unhappiness. Emma saw what August’s behavior did to him and the people he loved and it made her want to fix things with Henry. Snow/Mary Margaret was finally able to reach out to David and in time it will be the love of her family that heals her heart and saves it and her from darkness.

    I’m as confused as the next person about Tamara and her motives(is she using Greg and Neal? Greg wants his father but what exactly does Tamara want??) but what strikes me is that Regina and Emma now have a common enemy in Tamara and Greg—-they just don’t know it yet. Both women want to protect the town and the people they love, albeit for different reasons, and Emma for one seems pretty determined not to let August’s sacrifice be in vein.

    So is the race on to defend and preserve Storybrooke? I’m clueless as to where the plot is heading but IMO that’s part of the adventure that is Once Upon a Time.

  5. im ok with all of it because i know that the writers are doing everything for a reason. I think tamara is going to end up being some kind of Tiger sHERe Khan from Jungle “Book”. all that orange around her all the time. We shall see. :) Especially in the one scene where we see her for the first time. we see two orange and white stripped posts in the background. oh and also the meat with the bagels why would the writers put that there. just saying.

  6. yes this episode was a bit farfetched. August turned back into a little boy which took me by surprise. I thought that August and Emma were going to be the next couple and Emma would forget about Neal. Im not sure that I like Tamara, she makes me angry. What was that with Owen in the end of the episode??:]. I also agree with Riles on how they dont wrap up what is going on now while we have to wait 3 weeks to pick up on different story lines. But, i cannot wait to see whats in store!

  7. Ok Tamara:
    100% human
    Able to check the contents of the potion with the most sophisticated equipment known to man in a matter of a few days.
    Walking around with essentially “sting operation” money.
    Been looking for “Real” magic for a very long time
    Hmm seems my theory on her being some sort of X files government agent could actually be true.

    I was actually thinking about and it kind of does make sense. Because whenever someone visits another land, they never go unnoticed. They always get dragged in front of the King, Queen, evil witch or some higher power to answer to about why they are there. Well, since Earth doesn’t exactly have a King, Queen or Witch to answer to as “Ruler of the land” The US Government would have to do.

  8. Love this theory above. Makes sense honestly.

    To me it seems like she has been following August. That whole bar scene with her wad of cash…she did that on purpose. Who carries that much money and shows it off?

    All we know is that she is a liar and a manipulator. Uses anything and anyone to get what she wants…..Next season villain.

  9. Do you think her grandmother is someone significant?

    Now that August is a little boy…all I have left is Rumple. Sadly this show doesn’t have the same appeal to me any more…but there are a few interesting comments on here.

    • I had read on another forum that either she made it up or that the grandma is Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas. I do not think Tamara is Pocahontas lol

  10. Who would believe August would walk through NYC made of wood, or go into Tamara’s building like that and pass by other tenants? Stupid

  11. Can’t take credit for this theory as I read it on another website but it makes a certain amount of sense: Tamara lied when she said she wasn’t from FTL. She’s actually somehow related to Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother—–done away with in season 1 episode 4(The Price of Gold) by none other than Rumpelstiltskin—–and is out to avenge her death. What better way to get back at Rumple than through his son.

    Still leaves a lot of unanswered questions but it’s one theory that works for me.

    (As for August, only believers could see that he was made of wood so the fact that he went about NYC unnoticed makes perfect sense.)

    • Marj (the blog host previously known as Ms Terri)

      I like that theory too. Tamara was able to see August’s wooden leg — so there was something out of the ordinary about her — which suggests she really could have been from FTL. And she’s already shown that she lies easily and often.

      And the Fairy Godmother’s death — maybe more than any other death on the show — calls out for revenge. It was so unjust — a cold-blooded murder of an innocent for the sake of pure greed. Even thinking about it now makes me think of Rumple, for the moment, as pure evil, despite all that we’ve learned about him since.

      • What if…the Fairy Godmother Rumple killed so casually is Tamara’s grandmother?

        That would make a lot of sense.and give her motive. She’s been in our world, but perhaps after Fairy Godmother’s death, she was sent here for her own protection (like August and Emma were) and she’s been trying to find the way back all this time. She met up with Greg/Owen and believed him (probably the first one who did) and they created an alliance to find the magic.

        Also…she probably knows EXACTLY who Neil is, and who is father is, and she’s after Rumple, too, to avenge her grandmother’s death. Remember Hook in the storage room…but he wasn’t there when Tamara got her stuff out of there? They’re probably allied, too, since they have a common enemy in Rumple.

        This all hinges on the Fairy Godmother being Tamara’s grandmother. It seems to be a big hint, though, that they are both women of colour when most of the citizens in Storybrooke are caucasians…

      • Also looked up “Tamara.” It’s a hebrew name meaning “Palm Tree” but In ancient Britain, Tamara was the goddess of rivers and streams.
        There’s also a “Tamora” in Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus who’s described as: “an ambitious and vengeful woman. Her sons plan to rape the daughter of Titus Andronicus and Tamora refuses the girl’s pleas to stop them. Titus, in revenge for the brutal rape and disfigurement of his daughter, kills the young men, has them baked into a pie, and serves the pie to Tamora. Titus tells her that she just ate her sons immediately before killing her, too.”

        So there’s that.

        • Marj (the blog host previously known as Ms Terri)

          Wow, that’s brutal. Maybe that explains why Titus Andronicus is so seldom performed or taught, compared to the other plays.

          Rivers and streams could be significant. Could be a tie-in to the Lady of the Lake or the river under Storybrooke’s well.

          I was thinking the same thing you are about how the Fairy Godmother could be Tamara’s grandmother.

          I agree she probably knows who Neal is. Interesting idea that she could be allied with Hook — I hadn’t thought of that. Do you think she’s the one who let Hook out of the storage room?

          • Yes, I do. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Hook’s back in Storybrooke, hiding out, because he carpooled with Tamara (remember, his ship sailed back without him). *IF* she’s the Fairy Grandmother’s graddaughter, she and Hook have a common enemy.

  12. Anybody ever think Tamara isn’t out to possess magic? What if she is out to destroy magic? When she took the ‘potion’ from the Red Dragon, she immediately killed him. She also left the vile of magic for August.
    Maybe once she finds proof of magic, her objective is to destroy it.
    The same objective as Henry :).
    If she wanted magic, wouldn’t she be keeping every last bit of it?
    Just another spin….

  13. ok, lots of theories here! i love this show but i feel they leave many things in the air… like the Cinderella story both in Storybrooke and past FTL. Prince charming goes missing and then that’s the end of it? also what happens to mulan and aurora and whats going on in present FTL, if anything.
    Also this whole Tamara thing is annoying. My thought is that she’s some type of agent working for a gov’t or something. i mean the U.S. gov’t ought to wonder whats going on in this place right!?
    1) two kids are found out of nowhere
    2) Man goes missing
    3) Owen swears there’s a town that noone else sees
    and im sure there could be additional records of hazy things that may have happened.
    I guess Tamara was instructed to follow one of the found children (Emma or August). and since she believes im sure she saw nothing out of the ordinary in Emma but saw August’s wooden leg. im not sure why she would get involved with Neal, maybe because she already had a rough patch with August?… but i really did like the episode, very very much! and i also dont get that whole taser gun killing how? Especially since August is made out of wood … wouldnt it cause little damage?

  14. Dumbest part of this episode? Henry: “if we can just get the blue fairy here, I’m sure she can save him!” *poof out of nowhere in a second, Blue fairy: “I’m here!”

    In FTL, I could believe that, in Storybrooke, not so much. It was so cheesy. And I think him being tasered was lame, and being turned back into a little boy was even lamer. I love OUAT, but this episode was LAME. Why even have the old man start puffing red smoke and get me thinking he’s Mushu, just to taser him before anything real happens? How does a taser kill a wooden man?! Why can’t MM/Snow White talk without breathing out EVERY time? Were we supposed to forget about Aurora and Mulan saving Phillip, because it’d be more interesting than what’s happening in Storybrooke.

    Emma keeps it real with her quips, but otherwise, there’s a lot of cheese.

  15. It’d be cool if Tamara was the Fairy godmother’s daughter or granddaughter. Maybe Tamara wanted to find magic to get revenge on Rumple for killing her. Maybe the is why we don’t see Hook. Maybe she did something to him because she knows Hook wants to kill him but she wanted first dibs. But how did she get in NYC then if any of this is true? She only could of come over through the curse but then she couldn’t of left Maine. Unless she found a portal her on her own. Hmm…

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