Poll: What did you think of 2×16 “The Miller’s Daughter”?

What did you think of “The Miller’s Daughter” episode (airing March 10, 2013)?

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  1. Regina watched her mother rip out Daniel’s heart. She watched her mother pick the daggar over her.,..,and STILL Regina blames everybody else…am I missing something?

  2. Regina is immature. But evil always is..

  3. I think this episode proved that any woman who could fall in love with a man with black rotted teeth has a mental problem to begin with.

  4. One question I have is, why is it that Cora couldn’t love without her heart inside her, but Graham loved Emma? Regina had his heart locked away.

  5. I thought this was a great episode. I was shocked that Ava (Snow’s mother) was such a little b (rhymes with witch). Tripping Cora as she carried stuff was mean!

    And I was surprised that Cora was the one to die. I thought that Baelfire would have been the one. I thought he might sacrifice his own life to save his father. (I thought Cora was such a main character that they wouldn’t kill her off).

    But seeing the way they did kill her off, by making Snow White the reason, made sense to the “conflict” of keeping Regina against Snow.

    That conflict/hatred that Regina has for Snow is the whole reason for the show. So I guess they had to re-establish that. (Because Regina had just learned in the last few episodes that Cora had been responsible and orchestrated all the events – including rescuing little snow, etc.). So Regina had to have a new reason to hate Snow White – to keep the show going.

  6. Snow knew she had to stop Cora, Cora stopped at nothing. Snow lost everything because of Cora. Snow also knew Cora was a calculating, evil sorceress that killed many innocents without cause or justice. Snow was in a situation to make a choice. Even though Snow was an innocent that doesn’t kill out of anger or vengeance, she decided that she must do something to protect the innocent. Snow made a very tactical hard choice. It was war.
    She had to choose between hundreds, even thousands of lives, or Cora. Life is not cut and dry…a lesson Snow now knows.
    She made a hard choice. The choice is still good, even though she used the ‘dark candle’.
    Life isn’t about absolutes. The right reason lies in the middle.
    Does anybody watch Star Wars? Only a Sith beleives in absolutes :)
    Bottom line …. life is a grey area.
    Did anybody feel for Cora when the King and Eva made Cora bow?
    cora was just doing her job. Eva was a b1tch !
    Maybe the show is showing how bullying is such a problem.

    • Snow made a difficult choice and seemed to have regretted it the moment she made it. What makes Snow and Eva different from Regina and Cora is that Snow and Eva chose the path of goodness when they were very young(Eva was referred to more than once in this episode as a “girl” so, although she had a “mean girls” moment, she obviously changed her ways as she matured) and Cora and Regina took the darker more vengeful path. Cora could have risen above her lowly beginnings and the treatment she received for being “the miller’s daughter” but she chose to be bitter and resentful(to put it mildly). Sad that the price of learning how much she loved her daughter was her life…..and from the looks of it Regina has no intention of learning from her mother’s mistakes, but I do believe that, eventually, the love of Charming and Emma will help Snow to heal from the trauma of what she did. Should be an interesting journey for all.

  7. Eva had a choice. She was a b1tch. She chose a path of goodness because she always had it so good :)
    I need a better argument.
    I hate Cora, but still….

  8. Regina also knows that Snow White tricked her into causing Cora’s death. For that she’ll never forgive Snow. Never. By the way, Cora still loved Regina, despite the missing heart. There was a reason why she was over the moon, when she was in Regina’s wardrobe. And there was a reason why she clung to the rose that Regina gave her for nearly three decades. Cora loved Regina . . . heart or no heart.

    I’ll miss you Cora. You were one of the best television villains ever.

  9. Bahhhh.
    Cora was the one who made the choice. She manipulated Regina. Regina and Snow were victims. What bothers me is that Regina can’t see this.
    Don’t understand it.

  10. Loved the revelation that Cora and Rumpel had been in love — and I loved seeing Bae and Rumpel reconcile and seeing Regina learn that her mother really did love her, even if she did learn it too late. Also loved seeing Snow’s character become more complex. I think Snow had no choice but to kill Cora, but now, having done so, she has lost her innocence and will never be the same.

    So now Regina has killed both of her parents — one deliberately, the other not, but still — what a huge burden to live with.

    Cora set all the evil in motion when she chose power over love. Interesting that her choice was motivated by a desire for revenge for humiliation — the same thing that motivated Rumpel to become, and remain, the Dark One. They really were a well-matched pair.

    I, too, will miss Cora. I guess now Regina will step up her level of evilness and fill the role of the show’s worst villain — a role she actually held last year, so it’s not too much of a stretch.

    Was anyone else worried for a while that Regina was going to be Rumple’s child? I’d hate to think what the family trees would have looked like if that had turned out to be the case.

  11. It broke my heart when Cora said to Regina you would of been enough. How sad after an entire life of killing and destroying people she saw only at the end that her love for her own child would of made her forget her anger and be happy. I think people really need to start learning to get over it. To stop being bitter and holding on to grudges which sadly is how most people in our world now at this time refuse to be. Because the real power IS in love, especially the love of a mother.

  12. Terr- i strongly believe that it will come back later that Regine is really Rumple’s daughter. Something about the fact that he said in a previous episode that he held her in his arms. I think that Cora was lieing the whole time. He knew it too. Rumple never loses. he always has the last laugh. I think that Rumple continued to visit cora and teach her more magic. He did give her the magic book. We didnt see when that was. He sees the future and he knew that everything that happens was to his advantage to find his son.

    • You could be right! There’s definitely more to the story that we don’t yet know about. We know from past episodes, as you said, that Rumpel continued to be in Cora’s (and Regina’s!) life. So something must have happened to bring him back. Also, it doesn’t seem likely that Rumpel would have just let Cora go without her having to pay some kind of a “price.”

  13. Loved the show.
    Hey, how did Hook find out where Gold and Emma were in New York,
    He sailed a cloaked ship to New York, found Emma,Gold and Henry.
    He assaulted Rumpel. Emma,Henry and Bae sailed back to Storybrooke.
    All in a day?
    How did they find a cloaked ship in New York so fast? They must have beat it out of Hook.
    They could have cleared that up a bit.
    A cloaked ship in New York where magic doesn’t exist?
    Wasn’t sure if I was watching OUaT or Star Trek.
    There’s the suspension of disbelief, and then there is just leaving out important details….just sayin’

  14. All good comments. I cannot believe it went over my head that the spoiled princess who humiliated Cora was Snow’s mother, Ava. Totally missed that. BUT. maybe she saw the repercussions of that action (losing out on the prince) and decided to grow up. Obviously she became fair and just even to those below her. Interesting.

  15. Maybe Cora threw a spell on her (Ava) to make her nice, and that is why she killed her because she wasn’t really nice.

  16. Anyone know tell me who is the music that plays at minute 6:05 of this episode during the dance that goes Cora when young.


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