Poll: Who will die March 10 in episode 2×16 “The Miller’s Daughter”?

In the promo for this episode, the voice-over says, “One of their own will perish.”

Who do you think it is?

8 responses to “Poll: Who will die March 10 in episode 2×16 “The Miller’s Daughter”?

  1. I really dont think anyone important will die, I think Cora will remain a villian throughout the series till the final season , she is to good of a character and a pull for viewers to remove from the show, she is a true evil character, Regina isnt to me , she is just as much a victom as Snow or Charming, Cora planned all this out without Regina knowing, none of this is Reginas fault , Cora is responsible for everything.

  2. As long as it isn’t Hook or Rumple or Regina I’m ok with anyone else. Oh or Bae. Or Henry. Ok no body should die. I really do think that Cora will die. and Regina will kill her. She wants to show everyone that she wants to make better. Her or maybe snow will kill her. This episode is not called the Millers Daughter for nothing. I think that the new villian/s will be people from the real world. Let’s remember that there is someone taking pictures of storybrook that is from the “real world”. We shall wait and see.

  3. “One of their own” perished last episode – Johanna (boy, talk about a red-shirt character)! Just because someone on Team Good dies, doesn’t mean it’ll be anyone we care about. Or…maybe it’s Aurora, who will somehow show up to sacrifice herself to make up for letting Cora use her..? This show is sneaky that way. And then, too…people who are dead don’t always stay dead…

    That being said, if Bae dies I’m going to be really angry.

    I also wonder who Greg’s “Her” will turn out to be.

  4. If it’s Henry or Emma, I’m not watching this show anymore.

  5. Cora should die because she is so darn evil; however, I love to hate her and she brings alot of antagonistic energy. Killing her would be such an obvious prediction. She is a guest star and not a main character. I read somewhere it was going to be a main character. Rumpel is just too good of an actor to give up. Regina is really good too — Except her performance when she first met hook. She so overacted the Queen. Thank God she didn’t stick with that version of her. Other than that I absolutely love Lana Parilla.
    I know I’m probably going to get alot of flack from this, but the kid irritates me. That’s just my personal opinion. He’s already died and came back, so probably not him.
    Charming? Maybe Charming gets it, and snow uses the evil candle to trade Cora’s life for his?
    I did see Snow with somebody’s heart in the previews. Maybe she crushes Cora’s heart?
    Emma has magic and it would really throw the balance of power off if she died, so I don’t see it being Emma.
    So my candidates for death prediction are:
    Good Guys: David
    Bad Guys: Rumpel or Cora
    Remember the seer said the boy, which is Henry, will be Rumpel’s undoing.
    As usual, I’m probably way off….show starts in 1.25 hours…..Come on 7:00..hurry up!!! (I am way too in to this show).

  6. Is Regina Rumpelstiltskin’s daughter?

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