Poll: What did you think of episode 2×15 “The Queen is Dead” (broadcast 3/3/13)?

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7 responses to “Poll: What did you think of episode 2×15 “The Queen is Dead” (broadcast 3/3/13)?

  1. Go get her Snow. I think it’s time for a rear end kicking of Cora.

  2. Wonder how Regina thinks she’s gonna get Henry back now.
    Pulling the heart out of his Grandmother’s friend, blackmailing his Grandmother, and needlessly throwing Grandma’s friend off the clock tower (well, ok, her mother did that…but she’s still an accessory) isn’t going to help matters.
    I have a feeling Cora is gonna get the boot. It’s a shame because I LOVE to HATE her.
    Then again, maybe the writers think we think Cora is gonna die, and somebody else dies. What if Henry dies? I doubt it, he already died once…sort of.

  3. Stupid…Why they have Neal have a fiance….He and Emma need to get back together

  4. I’m so glad Neil/Bae mentioned his stint in Neverland and that was why he was still young. The amount of time that passed from when Bae left FTL shortly after Rumple became the dark one and when the curse hit had to have been hundreds of years. I knew in that time Rumple had done a great many things including training Cora has a young girl, then Regina, etc. There are other clues that point to that time frame being hundreds of years. I thought, if Bae were still around, he’d be an old man. Neverland! Good save!

  5. Actually it isn’t a save. The bean was supposed to take Bae to a land with no magic and there IS magic in Neverland. Once again, the writers make no sense.

  6. Maybe he got to the land with no magic but, since he was a lost boy,
    he was taken to neverland by tinkerbell or peter pan.

  7. But why would Peter Pan or Tinkerbell be in our world? They wouldn’t be and if Horowitz and Kitstis try to pass that scenario off I am going to be really pissed that they think we are that stupid to buy it. I want to say to, that I am REALLY mad at Gold. What the hell is his problem to act that way towards Henry? Henry is his Grandson and he has known him almost as long as he knew his son Bae. That whole scene didn’t make any sense either. I mean, he’s screaming at Henry for bringing them to NY, but if he didn’t he wouldn’t of ever found Bae. And how is the curse Henry’s fault to begin with? If RumpleGold wants to blame anybody he should blame himself Regina and Cora because the dark curse is all their fault. Henry is innocent and has nothing to do with any of it and I am really sick of seeing him dumped on all the time-and I mean on other forums to-all these psycho adults cutting him down for being mad at Emma and calling her Mom (which she is). Child abusers abound man..

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