Cora, the Miller’s daughter



Tonight, in “The Queen is Dead,” Cora confirmed that she is the Miller’s daughter. (Continued after the jump)

Readers of this blog have known that for 11 months. Last April, in a post called The Miller’s Daughter, I talked about that — and about the traditional fairy tale of that name.

The reason it matters that Cora is the miller’s daughter is that it provides the link between her and Rumpelstiltskin. In the traditional Grimm bothers’ tale, the miller lied to the king, telling the king that his daughter could spin straw into gold. The king called the miller’s bluff, locked the daughter in a room filled with straw, gave her a spinning wheel, and ordered her to turn the straw into gold. The king said that if she failed, he would kill her. If she succeeded, he would marry her and make her the queen.

Rumpelstiltskin — called “the little man” in the story — appeared in the room. Like the Rumpel we know and love on OUAT, this Rumpelstiltskin from the original tale offered to make a deal. He would spin the straw into gold in exchange for the miller’s daughter’s necklace. The next night, the same deal except she had to give him her ring. The next night, she had nothing more to give, and Rumpel asked her to promise him her first-born child after she became queen.

In the original tale, after the miller’s daughter had a child, she outwitted Rumpelstiltskin by guessing his name, which made him fly into a rage and tear himself in two.

I have a feeling Cora isn’t going to be so lucky.

We’re likely to find out very soon. The title of next week’s episode is “The Miller’s Daughter.” I think secrets will soon be revealed.

Do you have any ideas about how the OUAT version of this story is likely to be different from the traditional tale? What would you like to see happen? Do you think Cora promised to give Regina to Rumpel … and do you think that in some sense she actually did?

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  1. Cora and Rumple kissed, and Cora said “lets seal it like we used to” then kissed him. I think Cora and Rumple were once lovers and that Regina is really Rumples daughter.

    • I don’t think Regina is Rumpel’s kid because he tried to kill her (or have her killed). Plus he could care less what happens to her. Seeing how much love he has for Bae, it wouldn’t make sense. But…you never know.

  2. And we know that Rumple held Regina when she was a baby. It all fits … But if Rumple is Regina’s father AND Henry’s grandfather … what a mind-boggling family. Maybe not so different from real royal families, though, which became incredibly inbred over the centuries. …

    • It wouldnt be inbred , Regina would be Henrys biological Aunt, cause Bea would be her brother making Henry her nephew. Cora wouldnt be biologically related to Henry cause Bea s mom is different from Reginas makin Beas mom his grandmom not Cora.

    • Found my post, gets confusing between multiple areas to reply to different topics on the same episode, sorry.

      • No problem. The other post was from a year ago!! We were pretty good at seeing into the future then — just like Rumpel, LOL — and knowing what would be relevant a year later. (Editing to add — oops, I just saw you also posted on another more recent one about this episode. Never mind — now I’m getting confused, LOL.)

  3. I’m thinking Cora made a deal with Rumpel. His part of the deal was to get her baby. Maybe she tricked him somehow — thus the great battle between Cora and Rumpel.
    In one of the episodes, Regina and Rumpel were debating who was more powerful, Cora or Rumpel. Rumpel made a comment “Yeah, but I won in the end”. I’m assuming that’s when Rumpel ended up training Regina despite Cora’s wishes and Regina sent Cora on her extended vacation.
    As far as what Cora wanted in the agreement, it’s anybody’s guess. Maybe the writers will try and stick as closely as they can with the original story but I doubt it. Most stories are never what we think. That’s what makes the show interesting.

    • My question is , is why was Rumple so interested in turning Regina evil when Cora wasnt even around , he seemed to have and nothing to gain , he already sent Cora to another land why keep training Regina? And also was Cora and Rumple in love?? Im really interested in that.

    • wait remember cora wanted regina to learn magic but regina refused to be like her mother? i think the cora’ wish came true n we all know regina did become queen.

  4. Rumpel needed to teach somebody magic to cast the curse. That person was Regina. Not sure Rumpel and Cora were in love per se, but apparently they had a little somethin’ going on. Guess we’ll find out more next week.
    It seems Rumpel is a little afraid of Cora, which is strange. He’s usually not afraid of anything. Somehow, she became almost as dangerously powerful as him…and she didn’t need a dagger.

    • Cora is scary, she only cares about power nothing else, I dont even think she cares about Regina, Regina is just another tool to her.

  5. What?! man…this is how it goes:

    Cora and Snow’s mother (the Queen) were sisters. Somehow they got sold when little. Cora to the miller and the Queen somehow ended up in the palace with the king. Cora tried to live a honest living when she grew up but Rumple seduced her to the dark side.

    • Ya, i’m with u there. When Cora was over Queen Eva’s body, she not only wanted to kill her, but kill her legacy. Obviously, Cora was shorted the Queen-hood.
      Cora married Nobel blood; however, she wasn’t Queen.
      Maybe Cora had a shot at the kingdom, but was outdone by her sisters or better suitors?
      We will find out a little more next week…. but thanks for posting your insight. Thanks for shouting out with your thoughts :).
      For those that are itching to put in your two cents…don’t be afraid….just make an observation. We’re all gambling here on the foresight of the show.
      It’s a lot of fun having a commonality on something huh?

  6. So if Cora was Evas sister , that would make Regina Henrys what, great aunt??

  7. Yea, it’s a big family, here’s the breakdown:
    Cora & Queen (Eva?) – sisters
    Cora was Snow’s Aunt
    Cora was Emma’s Great Aunt
    Cora was Henry’s Great Great Aunt

    Emma was Regina’s First Cousin, Once removed
    Henry was Regina’s First Cousin, Twice removed

    Here’s the wacky part:
    Since Henry was adopted by Regina,
    Henry was also Emma’s adopted Second Cousin.
    Henry was his own adopted Second Cousin, Once removed.

    But, maybe OUAT would decide a different course of lineage.

  8. That is so complicated , wow, they might not go that way, but I do have a feeling that Cora and Regina are related to Emma , Henry , and Snow in some way.

  9. I want to explore the fact that Bae is obviously part of the Peter Pan story. He spent time in Neverland no doubt. Is he Peter Pan, or a lost boy? That makes sense as he was “lost”.

  10. Neverland, maybe. But Peter Pan…well, might as well put in Superman and thundercats while we’re at it.

    • I agree , I do not think Bea is Peter Pan but maybe a lost boy , I could see that.

      • The fairytale character I really want them to bring in is Areal from the little mermaid, but they should put a twist on it and make her evil , and maybe even friends with Regina, that would be cool. Regina needs some allies, and Lana Parilla said she d love to see Areal as a evil frenemey.

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