Quick recap of 2×13 “Tiny”

Once Upon a Time 2x13 Tiny Gold airport

Gold going through airport security without his magic-infused scarf

Anton, a gentle Giant played by Jorge Garcia, finds humans and their culture fascinating — an interest that is not shared by his Giant brothers, who know that humans can’t be trusted. Anton — who seems to be, emotionally, a young teenager — feels misunderstood by his brothers, who tease him and call him “Tiny,” because of his (relatively!) small size. Continued after the jump:

He climbs down the beanstalk into the world of humans, where James (Charming’s brother, the adopted son of King Leopold) and James’ lover Jack/Jacqueline, played by Cassidy Freeman, are quick to take advantage of Anton’s hurt feelings and his desire for human friendship. They trick him into revealing the location of the beanstalk so that the Leopold can go after his true goal — the Giants’ crop of magic portal-opening beans.

Anton’s older brother orders him to destroy the beans before the humans can get to them. Anton loses everything — the humans kill all his brothers. Meanwhile, the human woman Jack is (mortally?) wounded in the fight, but James — who is truly a piece of work — grabs some more loot and refuses to help her, just leaving her there to die.

Before the older brother dies, he gives Anton a beanstalk cutting for him to use — when the time is right — to grow another beanstalk that will produce magic beans.

In Storybrooke, Hook, who we last saw being hit by the car, has recovered rather quickly, and is up and about. Belle, though, is in the hospital, where the nurses give her sedating injections. She doesn’t remember Ruby — which is strange because I thought crossing the town border meant losing only her Fairytaleland memories, not her Storybrooke memories — shouldn’t she have remembered Ruby from Storybrooke? In any case, she’s in bad shape, and when she asks people about the ball of fire she had seen in Gold’s hands, everyone treats her like she’s crazy — except for her fellow patient, the driver of the car and the town’s new mysterious stranger. He claims to have seen the fireball too.

Emma, Henry, and RumpleGold leave town in their quest to find RumpleGold’s son. RumpleGold freaks out in the airport bathroom when he tests his magic powers by banging his hand against the wall and then trying to heal himself — and not being able to. The last we see of them they are on an airplane leaving Boston and heading towards New York. Editing to add: There were two LOST shout-outs in the announcement on the plane — that they were flying on Ajira Airlines and that their flight time was 42 minutes.

Anton shows up in a crate on Hook’s ship and goes ballistic when he sees Charming, who he mistakes for Charming’s identical twin James. He escapes from the ship and runs into Regina. It’s not clear whose side Regina is on now. Is she in cahoots with Cora? Is she working with Hook? In any case Regina, for some unknown reason, believes that it would be to her advantage to create a diversion by having a Giant running around town trying to kill Charming, so she gives Anton a piece of magic mushroom to restore him to his original size.

But Charming, being a charming self-sacrificing guy, offers to give himself up to the Giant in exchange for the Giant promising to leave the rest of the townspeople alone. The Giant agrees, but before he can get around to killing Charming, he falls through the ground, and then the effect of the magic mushroom wears off and he reverts to the size of a human — and is hanging onto a pipe for his life. Charming, being charming, etc., goes down into the pit and saves him, and now Anton realizes that not all humans are bad.

Anton wants to pay back his new friends for saving his life by using his cutting to plant a new beanstalk in the nearby fields. And so he does, with the help of the dwarfs. But MaryMargaretSnow is not as pleased as one might expect about the prospect of having magic beans that will let them return to Fairytaleland, the land of their birth. Home, she says, is where family is, and she’s not so sure that Emma would want to leave their current realm.

Where this leaves us:

Emma, Henry, and a weakened RumpelGold are on their way to New York.

The Storybrooke inhabitants may soon have a supply of magic beans that could take them back to Fairytaleland — but will something go wrong before that happens? And if they do get the beans, will they want to use them?

Regina has some tricks up her sleeve, but what is she really up to?

The mysterious stranger is also up to something and appears eager to use Belle to get whatever it is that he wants.

We didn’t see Cora in this episode, but she is still around somewhere, no doubt plotting something awful.

Update: Jorge Garcia did live tweeting during the West Coast broadcast of the show, and he also tweeted some great pictures. See the tweets and pictures on his Twitter feed and look for more pictures later this week on his blog.

11 responses to “Quick recap of 2×13 “Tiny”

  1. I thought it was a great episode!

    When RumpelGold removed the scarf so he could walk through the airport scanner, I wonder if he experienced a few fleeting seconds of not knowing who he was, (one can hear a sound) but knew somehow he could get through it because Emma–the savior– was with him.

  2. I think Rumpel beat up the seat sanitation dispenser because he was having panic attacks being powerless. Seems he was just taking out his frustration. He knew he didn’t posses magic across the line — a fact Henry reminded him of when they were in the car. His attempt at self-healing just re-confirmed what he already knew. He look absolutely petrified about flying.

    • Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

    • Ok, I saw the show for the second time tonight. Henry made the comment about not using magic right before Rumpel went through the metal detector. I thought it was the car.
      During the “rescue” of Anton, did anybody else have a problem with the logistics of the rescue? David repelled down the hole, held on to the rope with one hand, and asked for Anton’s hand. How is David going to support his weight and the weight of Anton, and climb up a rope on one hand. This bothered me last night. Bothered me again tonight. They could have at least tried to put some thought into that.
      This type of half-a$$ing the details is working my nerves.
      I defer to some early commenters about Greg seeing a fireball. He was driving too fast and coming around a corner to positively identify a fireball from somebody’s hand. If I was driving the car, my first thought would be a road flare. Especially after I rolled the car and was in the hospital. I would have believed just about anything. I dunno, some things are just getting weak….like they’re not even trying.

  3. I’m wondering about Belle and her memory too. A few episodes ago, when one of the dwarves crossed, he just forgot his “dwarf self” and remembered his Storybrook person. So, like the original post said, Belle should remember her Storybrook self. Why doesn’t she?

    Also, I love how they give Hook one great sexy line in each episode!

    Snow: “How are you feeling, Hook?”
    Hook: “Why don’t you come a little closer and feel for yourself.”

  4. Belle was lock-up during most of her Storybrook life. wan’t it after the curse was lifted that she got out? if so then she didn’t meet any “Storybrook” people.

  5. Everyone has various reasons for why Gold looked so freaked out right at the end, but no one has yet said what I thought. I think he was freaked out flying for the first time, especially with no magic power in case the plane crashed!

  6. Do you guys really think we will see who Bae is in the next episode or will they not show his face and end it when Emma says oh my god? Is that guy running really Bae or are we just being lead to think it is? I wonder how cut and dry this situation really is and how many games the writers are going to play with us, lol.

    • The writers could be faking us out — they fooled me into believing, way back when, that August W. Booth was Bae, and of course he wasn’t — but this time I really do believe that we will find out that Bae is Neal Cassidy — Henry’s father and the man we saw in the beginning of Season Two episode one. If the writers are playing games with us, and Bae is really somebody else, I’ll have to give them a lot of credit, because I feel so sure now …

  7. I didn’t even make that correlation Terri-that the guy in Broken was the same guy in Tallahasse. This show just confuses me sometimes and if I watch it when I am tired, which is a lot, then forget it, lol. They just better get to it on Sunday, I’m sick of waiting!

  8. Hey Riles-I wrote my comment about Gold being afraid to fly before I read you said the same thing first! Sorry but glad someone else thought the same thing to :).

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