Poll: What did you think of episode 2×12 “In the Name of the Brother”?

Once Upon a Time In the Name of The Brother

Dr. Frankenstein tries to revive his brother.

What did you think of In the Name of the Brother, which aired on January 20, 2013?

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17 responses to “Poll: What did you think of episode 2×12 “In the Name of the Brother”?

  1. Love where this show is going, it gets better and better everytime I see it. I really want them to go back to the old world though.

  2. I have two questions: When Rumple kissed Belle (obviously he was trying to break the spell with true love’s kiss) why didn’t it work? Is his love for Belle not pure? I’m thinking his love wasn’t pure enough because he always chooses magic over the people he loves. Thoughts?

    Also, I thought Emma could tell when people were being truthful or lying. So why couldn’t she detect when the stranger in the hospital was lying?

    • I think that for the kiss to be “true love’s kiss,” both of the kissers have to truly love each other. But Belle, at the moment, doesn’t love Rumple because she no longer knows who he is. Without her memories of falling in love with him, she cannot truly love him. (Though there was a hint that some part of her may still remember in the way she smiled before she fully woke up.)

      I do believe that Rumple’s love for Belle is pure enough, but until Belle regains her memory, that love will be one-sided — and I think you need both sides for magic.

      As for Emma and her “super power” of being able to tell when people are lying — I think the show has just been inconsistent about that. She never seemed particularly good at detecting lies after the Pilot episode.

      I am glad that the show was consistent in going back to Emma’s promise to grant Rumple a favor. I had been afraid the writers might have forgotten about that and nothing would ever come of it!

      All in all, I thought this was a very good episode. Barbara Hershey is a wonderfully creepy Cora, and I love the idea of Rumple and Emma setting off into the outside world on an adventure. I liked the parallels between Cora looking for her daughter and Rumple looking for his son — and I only hope that Rumple doesn’t end up damaging his child the way that Cora damaged hers, in the name of love.

      • When Snow drank that potion from Rumpelstiltskin to forget Charming, True Love’s Kiss broke the curse. Snow didn’t remember him before the kiss. Also, when Emma kissed Henry, Henry was asleep in the netherworld. In both instances, TLK was one sided. I see a big inconsistency here.

        • True Love’s Kiss broke the potion curse with Snow because Charming did exactly what she needed; she needed ACTION to show he loved her. Remember? “Words, words, words!” when he told her he loved her. So she then said she responded to action. So Charming took an arrow for her so she couldn’t go through with killing Regina. “Nobody’s ever done anything like this for me before.” or something along those lines is what she said. He had already tried kissing her once and it didn’t work. She had to see the action that he truly loved her, and obviously she knew that she drank the potion to forget someone she at one point loved because Grumpy and the other Dwarfs told her. There is no inconsistency here. After Snow saw the action of Charming, she knew there was love there.

          As for Emma and Henry, TLK was still not one-sided. Remember when Henry kept having nightmares? He and Aurora met? Then David put himself under the sleeping spell. While he was in the netherworld, his MIND was still conscious. Therefore, he still loved Mary Margaret. Also, recall the meeting those two had in the netherworld. When one is in the netherworld, all they can do is sit and wait and reflect on the time their bodies where conscious. While Henry was in the netherworld, he still loved Emma. Again, there is no inconsistency.

          When recalling episodes, don’t forget to pay attention to the little details because they add up to make the bigger picture.

      • Oh, yeah, that’s a good point. I hadn’t thought of it. But maybe there’s a difference between people who are totally unconscious because of a sleeping curse — and who can be brought back with TLK — and someone like Belle, who is under a different kind of curse, and is still conscious but has her memories of love wiped out?

  3. Princess Donna i was thinking the same thing on both your points.
    Also who else thinks that Rumple is going to forget who he is right after he finds Bealfire. I think that he also knows that Emma and Baelfire had a kid together and he is Henry. That is why he is taking Emma with him to find “Neal Cassidy”. I love that i could have theories again.
    Also what the heck is up with another break. what else is so important that they can’t pass this in 3 weeks.

    • I agree — I think Rumple probably knows that Bae is Henry’s baby daddy and that’s why he is taking Emma along. As for the break — they probably are just trying to put off the end of the season until sweeps week in May. According to Wikipedia (which may or may not be accurate), there’s going to be another long break between February 17 and March 3.

  4. I still have hopes for Regina. She has committed horrible acts of atrocity..,, so much so that it seems there can never be an attrition…it’s just too much.
    I still feel for her.
    Did Rumpel just threaten to kill the entire James/Snow/Emma/Henry clan?
    Surely Rumpel knows he can’t rip out Emma’s heart…a lesson he realized when Emma told him that Cora couldn’t take her heart.
    Rumpel looked nervous when Cora was in his shop. He even made a comment of how it was inevitable. Still, he looked nervous. Where is that protection spell he made for Snow and Charming? It seems to me if he can make that one, he can make another one. I’ve been itching to throw that in the face of the writers. Cora shouldn’t be a threat.
    Emma knows when someone is lying….right? So when she interviewed the out-of-towner, why didn’t she see he was lying? He saw something..right?
    He made a phone call to somebody…and that somebody is a threat.
    Where did Emma’s power go? Is it a hit-or-miss kind of thing?
    When Belle threw the cup against the wall…my heart sank. The realization that Belle can’t remember her life tore my heartstrings.
    I still have a hard time with the Frankenstein thing. The threat of the curse OVERREACHING other stories and fables is still..well…an overreach, The writers need to stick to the story,. Soon after the introduction of Frankenstein, the series took a 25% hit. When Henry made a mention that Regina’s curse transcended FTL, I just shook my head. If the writers go down that rogue road, I fear people will stop watching.
    Regina deserves no sympathy. She has killed, maimed, and tortured countless people..,,including Snow’s father. So why does my heart still pity her? Maybe that’s the point. There is hope for humanity after all.

  5. OMG!!! I agree with everyone! I was thinking the exact same thing with the kiss, I felt that Belle’s memory would return to her as well but I guess that would be too easy. Three wks! man the season just started! I feel bad for regina as well, I hope that she will remain strong for Henry’s sake and try to change for the better but I have a feeling that she is going to succumb to her mother’s evil will. (Cora) I have another question,I thought that Regina was pretty powerful. I couldnt believe that she didnt recognize that Cora was disguised as Henry. Maybe this just shows that Cora at this time is more powerful than Regina. Cora is defiantely up to no good. I absolutely love where the show is heading if they could just stop taking such long breaks. Whats up with all the “non-fairy tale” characters and their introduction to StoryBrook? This really makes for an interesting twist to the story line. Rumple….Gosh I really feel so bad for him. I think that he will find son and that there is gonna be a bad outcome for him. Cora made the deal with him and like they always say…”Magic comes with a price”…I think that Cora has some really powerful magic going on that no one is aware of. I agree with you all too that I think that they need to return to the old world. New comer.. who is this? Who was he talking to? I think that they should have sacrificed him..now everything and everyone is in jepordy.. Sacrifices must be made for the greater good!! People dont understand this!! Rumple said it and they should have listened to him. Well until three my fellow fans!!!

  6. Maybe Rumble isn’t Belle’s True Love

  7. I’ve seen several posts about the “inconsistencies” with Emma’s “superpower” so I thought I’d leave my own two cents. That guy seems to be a pretty decent liar. If I wasn’t expecting him to make the big reveal that he DID in fact see something significant in the end, I would have believed the texting story he gave. You have to remember that, Emma basically being a human lie detector, makes mistakes just like any machine. Being able to read someone isn’t magic. If you disagree, don’t forget we all live in the real world and there are people who actually specialize in being able to read body language, being able to tell if someone was nervous while writing something just by studying what was written, and if they were lying. If someone SERIOUSLY believes the story they give a lie detector, they can trick the machine. Whether it’s true or not. This is why polygraph tests aren’t 100% accurate when reading the brain waves of people taking the tests.

    I think you guys, among other comments I’ve seen all over the internet, are expecting too much from Emma when she doesn’t even know what to expect out of herself. I mean, what would you think if you spent 28 years in one world only to figure out your parents, their friends, and you included are from a MAGICAL land. I’d be exploding if I was in her position. She handles it well and she tries to continue her life as normal as she can so she doesn’t have a mental breakdown. She’s human, and you know the saying. We all make mistakes.

    • “Being able to read someone isn’t magic.” The problem is that (if I’m recalling this correctly), in the Pilot Emma said that her ability to sniff out liars was a “superpower.” She may have been saying that partially tongue in cheek, but considering the show, I thought that she really did have some magical ability to know when someone was lying — an ability far above that of us ordinary mortals or even of the lie-detector machines that we non-magical types build.

      This isn’t a criticism of Emma the character, and I would never think that she couldn’t or shouldn’t make mistakes. I actually attribute this to sloppy writing — maybe the writers originally had a reason for bringing up Emma’s “superpower,” and then maybe their ideas changed, and they just let the whole super-lie-detector idea die out because they didn’t need it any more (just a guess).

  8. I think Emma was nervous when she spoke to the stranger she wasn’t trying to detect if he was lying. She was more concerned with what he saw as opposed to if he was lying.

    • I will accept that reason. Maybe the detection has to be “turned on”. She has to be concentrating on it? Like you said, she was too worried about what he saw. Lying probably didn’t enter the equation for her in that particular moment.

  9. Just throwing my two cents in….

    I remember that one point Regina had said that the spell brought only those SHE wanted there. She brought Dr. Whale/Frankenstein probably hoping that he could bring whatshisname back from the dead. That’s why Cora, Hook, Mulan, Aurora, etc didn’t show up in Storybrook. She brought Malificent back only to keep her locked up in her dragon state. To me it seems like she only brought those she could use (Dr. Frankenstein) or those who have crossed her in some way and she wanted to see them suffer (without them knowing which I think is kind of silly on her part lol)

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