Once Upon a Time on hiatus until February 10

Once Upon at Time is taking another break. In the Name of the Brother, which aired on January 20, 2013, was the last episode before this new break. For the two weeks following Jan. 20, there won’t be/weren’t any new OUAT episodes.

On Sunday, January 27, 2013, there was a rerun of episode 2×03 Lady of the Lake at the show’s regular time (8:00 ET).

Sunday, February 3, 2013, is going to be the Super Bowl (on CBS), and ABC isn’t even going to try to compete. They’re just going to show a rerun of America’s Funniest Home Videos in the Once Upon a Time timeslot.

The week after that, February 10, 2013, Once Upon a Time will be back with a new episode 2×13 Tiny, which will guest star Jorge Garcia as the Giant. Then the following week, February 17, 2013, will be another new episode, 2×14 Manhattan.

(updated 1/29/13)

4 responses to “Once Upon a Time on hiatus until February 10

  1. But WHY is it going on hiatus for three weeks? I understand the SuperBowl is one week, but what’s with the other two???

  2. My guess is that they want to have the season end in May (during sweeps week), and if they ran all the episodes continuously, it would end before that. So they need to take breaks during the season to make it last longer.

  3. That makes sense….. I just hope they continue on with the season.

  4. What is a total laugh is the promo for this show that goes from the creative minds of (Horowitz and Kitsis)…or something like that, pertaining to the idea of OUAT, ie: fairytale characters in our day and age and our world. Well it is obvious that they STOLE that idea from a tv show from the 80’s called “The Charmings”, which was about Snow White and Prince Charming who got transported into modern day California through a curse from the Queen and how they tried to survive there. It didn’t take much brain power from these two( Horowitz and Kitsis) to bring all the other characters and have them live in Maine, or much writing talent either for this OUAT show. Read about “The Charmings”:
    I also hate Dr. Whale being Dr. Frankenstein and I hated the In The Name of the Brother episode. It blew.

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