What did you think of 2.10 “The Cricket Game”? (poll and discussion)

They always find each other.

They always find each other.

What did you think of The Cricket Game (aired Jan. 6, 2013, the first episode after the winter hiatus)?

What are your first thoughts, feelings, and impressions about the episode? Please discuss below.

12 responses to “What did you think of 2.10 “The Cricket Game”? (poll and discussion)

  1. So good, I feel so bad for Regina right now!!

  2. I’m with you Tara. Poor Regina, she has been manipulated since day one. First by her mother, then by Rumpel. I hope everyone finds out quickly that Cora is behind Hopper’s death. (Even though he’s not dead)
    One thing that’s bothering me…Gold used the dream catcher to retrieve Pongo’s memories. Pongo knew the person that assaulted Hopper was not Regina even tho the person looked liked Regina. So the dream catcher only retrieves things that are seen? It doesn’t make sense. A memory is a memory. If the memory is somebody other than Regina, then that is what should have been revealed.

  3. SO glad the show is back. I agree with Riles on the sketchy Dreamcatcher. Gold should know that something is up- and killing like that is not really Regina’s style. I don’t feel bad for Regina though. Karma is a B– and besides, she can def handle herself.

    • Good point about the dreamcatcher. Wouldn’t a dog’s memories be mostly smells? I do feel sorry for Regina because she is trying to be good now and because it’s so horrible to be accused of a crime one didn’t commit. But I can see the karma is a b— side of it too. She doesn’t deserve to be punished for the death of [whoever the dead guy is in Archie’s office] — but any punishment she gets she would deserve for the things she’s done in her past. I’m leaning more towards the “poor Regina” side, though. It’s too late now to punish her for her old crimes — she has to be judged for who she is now.

    • I read your recap and wanted to say one thing.
      “I know [Snow is] a good person and obviously wants to handle things in a respectable and peaceful way but she should’ve let Prince Charming kill Regina when they had the chance!”

      In case you aren’t willing to read my wall of text below (I’d forgive you if you didn’t), I wanted to say how it’s only because of Snow’s act of forgiveness that has allowed Regina to redeem herself in Storybrooke. Maybe it would have been better to have just killed Regina. That would have prevented a lot of chaos. But it also would have prevented the hope that Regina now has.

      • Yes I do agree with that, it’s a good point. I wrote that recap in the heat of the moment and my initial reaction to it. I definitely like Regina’s character.

    • I agree. Snow saw something good in Regina — which is only now coming to fruition. And Snow’s reluctance to kill Regina reveals a lot about who Snow is. Of all the characters on the show, Snow may be the one who is the most purely good, with the fewest flaws.

  4. Before the winter break, in looked as though Emma might become villainous herself. Does anybody remember the lines “Regina is the one we should blame,” from Emma?

    If Emma went down that road, it would be the same that Regina went down with Snow. It’s hate. Snow nearly went down it herself before Charming stopped her. It was Charming’s love for Snow that kept Snow from falling. But now we know something else after this episode: Snow’s mercy for Regina allowed Regina to use the curse. We all know the chaos that’s happened as a result. But it was this same act of mercy shown it this episode (letting Regina go), that opened the doors for Regina to redeem herself. And the way how Regina’s doing this is through the love for Henry and Daniel.

    Emma, through her love for Henry, isn’t falling down that same pit of hate. Isn’t, she’s one of the bigger factors that is helping Regina. The entire series, then, are the results and fallouts to these acts of hate and love which have already been committed in the Enchanted Forest.

    Interestingly, the actions our characters make in Storybrooke (or rather, the present), will have the same results down the road. Like many of us have seen on Lost: come season four or five, and we may have flashforwards on our hands. This is up to the individual to decide if that is a good or bad thing. Personally, I believe the writers have done an excellent job with OUAT so far, and may have the ability to pull off flashforwards in a better way than it worked out on Lost. (Again, this up to the individual to decide if this was done in a good or bad way. Personally, I think it had it’s moments, but seemed to stretched out.)

    If the writers were trying to push a point in real life, I’d say it was just this: Love grows more love, and hate, more hate. I will not say that this is a time when we need it most (there seem to have been times in history filled with even more hate). But it is a lesson that each generation must be reminded of. A simple action of forgiveness will have a long term and lasting effect. Even, if we don’t see it ourselves. Sometimes it may seem like we’ve come to the edge of our rope or may even have someone specifically out to get us (this is very much so, the case of Regina). But we may endure. And our test of character is like Regina’s. Her greatest test, I think, will be a decision to either kill Cora, or to forgive her.
    Thank-you for reading.

    • Thanks, Wildheart. Great comment.

      It’s hard to imagine how Regina could ever forgive Cora. But your bringing that up — your planting the seed of that suggestion — reminded me of something the Dalai Lama wrote about enemies:

      I must emphasize again that merely thinking that compassion and reason and patience are good will not be enough to develop them. We must wait for difficulties to arise and then attempt to practice them.

      And who creates such opportunities? Not our friends, of course, but our enemies. They are the ones who give us the most trouble, So if we truly wish to learn, we should consider enemies to be our best teacher!

    • Though, on second thought, Cora may be impossible to forgive. At least so far, we haven’t seen her show any redeeming qualities at all. That could come later, though — I still think we’re going to see a tie-in with the traditional tale of the Miller’s Daughter, which could show Cora’s backstory in a more sympathetic light. But at this point, she seems to be pure evil and what she has done seems essentially unforgivable.

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