What did you think of Episode 2×09 “Queen of Hearts”?

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  1. That was the last show? It was so good. So When does the next episode premiere?

  2. I absolutely loved this episode. It was very suspenseful!!! To be honest I was a little afraid at first that they might spend too much time with new characters, but they brought it back to the core cast again which is important for me as a fan. I don’t want to see it turn into a revolving door.

    I loved finally learning a bit more about Emma’s powers. Ahhh, the Savior!! It scared me though when Cora tried to take her heart. Oh man Barbara Hershey really is a blessing to the show. She and Regina
    have excellent chemistry especially when they are at odds. Same goes with Emma and Regina. Really the entire cast works well together.

  3. A very satisfying winter finale. Loose threads were tied up, and the stage was set for the next chapter. I agree that Barbara Hershey makes a wonderful villain. Love how she says she wants to make Regina need her. That’s so deliciously warped! And as for Regina, in her Queen days — she almost ran out of parents to kill. Glad that Emma discovered her powers and that she is a match for Cora, and glad that everyone is back together again in Storybrooke (well, except for Mulan/Aurora/Phillip who are holding up the fort in FTL).

  4. I wonder if Hook knows there is magic in our world. The last information he received from Regina is that Rumpel is mortal in the land without magic. He is in for a rude awakening unless somebody filled him in.
    Where do you think Cora keeps her heart? She sure does have some sort of creepy unhealthy desire to control her daughters life.
    Did anybody else feel sorry for Regina after she risked her life to bring Emma and Snow home (almost fried to death), then Henry and everybody went off to celebrate leaving her alone?
    Rumpel had to take one last stab at Regina when everybody left and told her “Maybe they’ll even invite you to dinner sometime”….eluding to the fact that she will be all alone.
    I can’t wait to see a showdown between Rumpel and Cora.

  5. Loved this episode, especially the last ten minutes or so when Emma stood up to Cora and then she and Snow returned to Storybrooke. The Snow & Charming reunion was glorious! I admit I did feel sorry for Regina at the end but she still has a way to go to redeem herself. I don’t think Snow or Emma will ever trust her completely or forgive her for enacting the curse that separated their family. All bets are off with Cora and Hook coming to town. Will it be “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”? We shall see……

  6. Does anyone else see that Emma’s role turned into a Harry-Potter role? She has protection/immunity from the powers of evil because she was a borne of true love?

  7. So, anyone else wondering why Rumple hates Cora? Or how Cora came to be so evil? I also had to laugh when Hook is on top of Emma and starts talking about stabbing his sword in her…hmmmm. Loved the ending, minus the leaving out Regina part. Really? No one felt the need to invite her. Leave Gold in the cold, but not the lady who saved them upon re-entry to Storybrook. Sorry, didn’t buy it. Also the two upcoming titles for the shows in January are intriguing. Excited to see who the “outsider” is referring to…Emma’s ex???? Love this show!

  8. First we saw The Mad Hatter, and now we’ve also seen The Queen
    Of Hearts. I think at some point we should see Alice and maybe Goldilocks as her side kick or something

  9. Who ever made Regina’s dress this episode is amazing! Not o ly is the dress she wore amazing (oh and the back of it) but it had such a storybook queen feel too. I true love her for a evil queen. She plays it so well, not over done and sooooo believable you can almost sympathize with her craziness hahahaha. Wonderful actress!

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