What did you think of episode 2×08 “Into the Deep”?

What did you think of the episode that aired Nov. 25, 2012?

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5 responses to “What did you think of episode 2×08 “Into the Deep”?

  1. I thought it was a pretty good episode — nothing groundbreaking, but it did move the story along. I was glad to see Aurora being useful. But how did Hook get her heart?

    • I too was confused as how he got her heart… perhaps when she was sleeping? Of course, then there’s the question of how he even learned that magic in the first place.

  2. It doesn’t take a lot to please me. Any episode focused on James and Snow trying to make their way back to each-other has me on edge. I loved the dream sequence and that they got a moment together even if they couldn’t touch. Knowing Charming was in danger set SNOW off on a rampage! I loved that! And… Really good lines in this one. Rumple’s to Regina telling Belle about how she locked her away for 28 years was hilarious. I wanna see Regina turn evil again, or Emma go after her. I miss that, but looks like that fight between them might be coming back sooner than I thought, based on previews for the next episode! But please somebody Kill off MULAN already. Sorry she annoys the heck outta me

    • On Mulan: I’m still keeping my fingers crossed on a flashback episode for her that will give the character much needed depth.

      Great, now I’ve just come to the realization that there’s a good likelihood of there being an episode focused on her, and her dieing in that episode. In other words, it’s possible she’ll end up dieing the moment she actually becomes interesting… just like the Huntsman and Sir Lancelot…

  3. I find Mulan frustrating as well, but I know there is more to her relationship with Phillip than she’s letting on. And since Cora mentioned a way to bring Phillip back, my guess is that they’ll want to keep Mulan around to make Aurora and Philip’s love a little more complicated if and when he is ever brought back. I don’t think they’ll kill off a character who has been around the whole season and whom we barely know, even if there is a flashback episode. I think the writers have a plan for Mulan, Aurora and Phillip, but are focused right now on all the other things happening, Aurora/Henry, Snow/Charming, Rumple/Belle, Regina/everyone, Hook/Cora/Emma, Emma/Neal, etc. There is a lot going on and I know they’ll get to Mulan soon.

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