What do you think of 2×07 “Child of the Moon”?

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  1. Being a male in what seems to be a mostly female fan site, I have to mention that Ruby is HOT HOT HOT!!!
    In the beginning of the series, I thought King George wanted what was best for his kingdom and was misguided in forcing David to choose the kingdom over true love. As more stories are told, King George seems to get more and more evil.
    Seems that Cora and King George deserved each other!! Maybe they once belonged together until Cora left <– just entertaining a working theory.
    Besides the bad CGI that needs drastic improvement (thanks for mentioning that Deeps!), the series needs to focus on glaring holes in their stories. Before Red killed her 'mother', there was an entire pack around. Then Red killed her mother (if indeed it was her mother) and the other wolves were nowhere around. Why didn't they defend their pack? That was a HUGE hole I could not ignore. The first words out of my mouth during that scene was.. "Where did everybody go?" It was a great story until they majorly blew it right there.
    Shifting focus, seems some peeps were right about Henry and Aurora sharing the same dream. They are at the threshold of life and death (according to Rumple is a very real place).
    I wonder when Rumple is going to find out Henry is his grandson?
    Hey, Did I mention Ruby is HOT !! }:-)

    • I’m female, but I’ll agree that Ruby is hot. Hey, maybe they can pair her up with Hook — that would burn up the screen!

    • You are welcome. I am watching Pirates of the Caribbean right now and pretty sure Disney sent that team to do the OUAT CGI. Except POTC was a decade ago.

      I feel bad for King George. He lost everybody he ever loved. And Charming was willing to send his kingdom into ruins to run after true love. And now that kingdom worships Charming. That must be galling.

    • I know what you mean about the wolf pack suddenly disappearing. I think the Queen’s knights killed the wolves except for Red’s mother. –I also have a feeling that Rumple already knows that Henry is his grandson. Which is why he is so nice to him, and always says “I am invested in your future” to Emma and Snow. He is the one that set up the adoption for Regina afterall…

      • I agree about Rumple knowing, besides that he doesn’t miss much, he does have a very keen fondness for Henry.
        I can’t wait to hear how Rumple got him as a newborn.

  2. Loved the friendship between David and Ruby and between Snow and Red, the way they accepted her and believed in her and got her to accept and believe in herself. But was I the only one who was a little nervous when Ruby went for her run at the end? I thought maybe she was pushing her luck a bit.

    I like that Aurora and Henry were able to communicate in the fire room. Maybe Emma and Mary Margaret can get a message to Henry through Aurora.

  3. It was a good episode, although some of you want to pair her up with Hook, I´m not agree because they have almost the same personality when a couple have the same way of thinking It´s perfect in real life, but on TV It´s boring because everything would be peace and love, so I think on screen the most interesting is between differences, I think Ruby should hook up with August, I remember when August were talking with Ruby about lemures I can see some chemistry between them and I´m sure they don´t think in the same way.

  4. What is with this show and killing hot guys? Sigh. Ruby looked delicious though.

    Just like Regina and Daniel’s story in season 1, I felt like the flashback story should have been a multi episode arc. Maybe have a part 1 and part 2 with the murder mystery also playing out over 2 parts. (No dragging the mystery beyond that – I shuddered when they referenced the Mary Margaret one). As it played out, I felt like I was watching a recap show and it was hard to emotionally feel Ruby’s loss and choice.

    I loved the friendship between Red and Snow/Charming. And while it was pretty obvious, I liked the tie in between George’s feud against Charming and Ruby struggling with her wolf side.

    One thing I am enjoying about this season is they don’t seem to be dragging the main story. People have agency and they actually get things done. They, gasp, talk to people about stuff. Maybe a little too much. The villains seem to know everything. But I will take this over banging my head over them not doing the most obvious thing.

    • I agree that they could stretch the storytelling out a little more. Though it feels as if Snow and Emma have been in FTL for an eternity, overall the narrative seems rushed this season. I enjoyed this episode and there are moments in every episode that stand out for me but the pacing of the show is off compared to season one.

  5. I liked that now we know what Snow meant last season when she said to Red “I stood by you when no one else would” in season one.

  6. Still curious how Henry got to Storybrook via Mr. Gold. I’m sure August had something to do with it, but it must have been without him being seen since Gold hadn’t met August posing as his son before. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together. When Gold gave Henry the necklace, I immediately thought of the wizard giving the lion courage in Oz.

    Love that Grannie knows how to weld! Did I miss how King George acquired the red hood?

    Someone mentioned before, but why hasn’t Grumpy reunited with his nun/fairy yet?

  7. I also wondered about Grumpy & Nun/Fairy! Hope those kids can find a way to come together.

    My biggest issue for the story line was how easily Ruby accepted that the pack leader was her mother. Well, that, and where the wolf pack suddenly disappeared to…

    Also, I just wanted to make sure I’m not missing something- we’re all assuming that Henry is Rump’s grandson, right? I think it’s a good theory, but it is just that, a theory. Bael’s identity is the biggest mystery this show has going for it, and everytime a new male mystery character is introduced, we all jump to the conclusion that it is Bae. At least, I know I do :) I do think that Neil being Bae is the most plausible we’ve seen so far, and I really like the idea of Rump’s connection to Emma & company, so I hope it’s true.

    I also have to sigh about the CGI in the dream sequence, no bueno. If the nigtmare is part of a spell, who do we think cast it? And how/who could cast a spell that would affect 2 people that live in 2 different worlds, and have had zero physical contact with eachother?

    King George is a real egotistical jerk. When they showed him spying on David & Henry, I thought for sure he was going to go after Henry- which makes me think, maybe he is in cahoots with Cora, and he is the one orchestrating things on this side?

  8. Unlike the rest of you guys im a fan of the bad guys, though I do love the good guys, its just evil is sooooo much more interesting and fun than good. I dont like King George much, im glad David catches him, I think you guys are right that Rumple is Henrys grandpa. I love love love Regina, she is awesome, I m hoping her relationship gets stronger with Henry and am curious to see how her relationship with Emma, Snow, and Charming play out, exspecially with Snow knowing how much Regina hates her, I have no idea if she ll forgive her or hate her but not try to hurt her anymore or she might still want revenge. The show could go in so many directions. I also wonder if Regina will know Aurora or Mulan if they meet in storybrooke. I think at this point Regina can go either way in future episodes, she is tryin not to use magic but I dont think it will last, her evil nature will take back over, I dont think she can be good anymore…

  9. I’m kinda with you Tara. I like the villains of the show but pre “Broken”. What I mean is (and don’t get me wrong I love this show) the season 1 villians were great right from start. Rumple creating the curse and telling Regina, in “The Thing You Love Most”, to kill something she loves more than her prize steed was a moment in the show where I thought that the villians would someone you would love to hate. In season one, Rumple was dark enough to ensure that there would be a battle of epic proportions between the the “savior” and the bad guys, hopefully somewhere around the end of season 6 or 7, :). During that same time Regina showed the potential for her character to grow to be an even greater villian than her Fairytale namesake, The Evil Queen, portrayed. I thought throughout season one that this show will end with the Evil Queen and Rumple either joining forces against Emma and the gang or there would be some sort of triple war between the three (triple war actually sounds awesome when you thin about it). Then season two comes along and Regina is trying to be nice and Rumple is asking girls out on dates. I wish they would be meaner or at least go back to the darker personality they exhibited before the curse was broken. Rumple even stated that on Emma’s 28th birthday the “final battle” would be begin. I wanna see at the very least the beginnings of that battle.

    Please don’t misinterpret what I’m saying as the show is not good anymore. I think the exact opposite. I LOVE this show and watch it every Sunday and then rewatch it throughout the week. I think the writers are amazing and very creative and smart. I just wanted to express my little opinion because you said you like the bad guys and it got me thinking. :)

    Maybe this is all a part of the writers plans? Get us to like Rumple and Regina in a good-hearted way then, !BAM! they will do something so evil that we have to hate them for the final batlle later on in the show. That would be interesting. Have a great holiday everyone!

    • GeorgeN, I get what your saying but im likin the good Regina, but it wont last long, Regina will never be good really, she has done to many bad things and loves having power, something will set her off in this season and she ll snap out of the good phase and start really bein evil. I dont think Regina knows how to be good anymore

      • I really hope she will stay good. As much entertainment as the bad guys give…I still like the good guys to win. I like the good Regina, she’s pretty sweet.

        On another note- I might not be loving August as much as I used to.
        Ha maybe it’s the same thing- I like them good!
        I like Good Rump too…

        Wow I am a sap.

        • Evil is just soooo much more interesting, but I hope Regina will not get herself into to much trouble, and yes I m not liking Augiat to much either

  10. You’re right Tara, the whole Regina being good thing won’t last long. This season closely resembles the second season of Lost where the writers introduced the…well, I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t seen Lost. I just hope Regina turns to evil ways soon as well as Rumple. I can see Rumple turning Evil in Storybrooke and pushing Belle away but what is going to be difficult to see is Regina turning evil while trying to keep Henry close. Those two are mutually exclusive it seems. It’s possible she will hide her evilness from Henry in order to keep his affection but it will ultimately be her demise. It’s a very interesting storyline line none-the-less. As far as August goes I wanna wait until we see him in a few more episodes to make my decision. Although, I can’t wait until we see him with Emma next! What is she gonna say to him??!? And what is he gonna tell her?!?! Is gonna be a very good episode when that finally comes.

  11. ya, im very interested to see whats happening with August, his dad is lookin for him .

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