What do you think of Episode 2×06 “Tallahassee” (broadcast on Nov. 4, 2012)?

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  1. I loved this episode. I was glad to finally learn Emma’s backstory. At first, I was surprised that she had been a thief, but then I realized it made perfect sense, since she had grown up in that horrible orphanage, the perfect breeding ground for future criminals.

    I was so glad that Henry’s parents really loved each other, and so sorry that Emma believed that Cassady deserted her.

    Loved that August showed up out of the blue to change Emma’s fate, but what a hard, cold path he created for her.

    It was deliciously creepy the way that Henry and the Annoying Princess were both in each other’s nightmares.

    Jorge Garcia was fun in his small role as the fierce Giant with the heart (and storeroom) of gold.

    I thought Emma was falling for Hook. Guess the show faked me out — unless she really was falling for him, and they will hook up (sorry — couldn’t resist the terrible pun) later. He did have an ability to see right through her — will she be able to resist his guyliner for long?

  2. What did August show Neal that made Neal believe August? A typewriter?
    Maybe somebody can shed some light on this.

  3. You took the words right out of my mouth — I was about to add a “P.S. I forget to ask — what was in the box?”

    I think it has to be something more than a typewriter. It was something that August said would make Cassady believe in magic. It was something that made Cassady agree to leave Emma and to set her up for a fall.

    There was a “magic box” in the “Man from Tallahassee” episode in LOST. And what was revealed to be in the box, in the end, was Locke’s horrible, despised father. I wonder if that could be a clue.

    Oh, also forgot to say that I thought it was very cool that we learned who sent the postcard seen in the season premiere — and why. Does this mean that Cassady is now free to rejoin Emma? (If so, too bad she is no longer in this world.) I guess it also means that August/Pinocchio was alive and well and limber enough to put a card in the mail.

  4. Ok so my sister is convinced that it was money.I say I don’t think so because who would believe about a curse just because he is being offered money. I think that he showed him a picture of the dagger or the book or something to the effect of making him believing him. I like how neal at the beginning said”good name” could that be a hint from the writers “what a lovely name” -Mr gold in the beginning of the show. I guess we shall see. I love seeing August again.

  5. Maybe he showed him a picture of the “Magic Bus” that the real Neal Cassady drove with the Merry Pranksters? And the OUAT Neal Cassady somehow recognized that as his future … or as the past of his namesake? I think there has to be something important in the “Neal Cassady” name …

  6. Just thought of something — remember how we were speculating in the beginning that the “Mysterious Man” (who we now know as Henry’s daddy) was Bae? He still could be. I don’t think there was anything in this episode that would contradict that. If Cassady is Bae, then perhaps August showed him something that made him remember who he really was.

    (Votes in this poll run after the Season Premiere showed that 53 percent of you thought the Mysterious Man was Henry’s father *and* Bae: Who is the mysterious man at the beginning of 2×01 Broken?, which is what I thought too.)

  7. That’s kind of what I said in my post earlier today. With the whole”good name” and Mr gold saying the same thing in the beginning of season 1.

  8. Or maybe Cassady already knew he was Bae — maybe he never forgot who he was — and August showed him something that let Bae know that August knew who he was too. Something that had belonged to Bae — or to Rumpelstiltskin — in the other world?

  9. (simultaneous posting)

  10. This episode left many unanswered questions but was engaging and enjoyable. My favorite moments were Snow talking about her husband, “Charming,” to Aurora(still not warming up to the Sleeping Beauty or Mulan characters who just seem vapid and out of place)—–Ginnifer Goodwin is such a good actress you could just feel how much Snow was missing him as she spoke about him——and the Snow/Emma bear hug near the end. I feel as if the two have a way to go in their mother/daughter bonding but this moment, with Snow literally holding onto Emma, may help Emma realize that her mother will never let her go again. Last season they grew to love one another as friends, now they’re learning to love each other as family.

    Also wondering how and/or why Henry and Aurora are connected as they had the same nightmare….and David lighting the candle for his grandson as he did for Snow was, well, “charming.”

  11. One more thing — When Aurora described the room in the dream with the red curtains and no windows, I thought of the round room that led to Wonderland. Do you think it could be?

  12. Remember the episode when August met with Mr. Gold and who pretended to be his son. That to me is an indication that he knows Baelfire. I believe that Neal is Baelfire.

    • Yeah, good point!

    • Good point indeed Micheline! August said he would mail a postcard. The postcard read “Broken”.
      Also August asked Neal if he believed in magic. Neal replied..”Obviously, YOU do”.
      I’m with you guys. Neal is Bae.
      The fact that Neal and Emma were both orphans unifies their understanding of each other. I really like that angle.

      • Yes, great point — they were both alone in the world (this world, anyway) — and then they found each other. I think they really did have true love.

  13. Excellent episode! But casting Jorge Garcia as the giant??? Well, I don’t
    know. At the very least, the special effects/sound dept. should have magnified his voice to correspond with his giant size.

    • I just wish they would have left out the shaking of the ground. We understand the giants are bigger. Their environment was built to accommodate them, Why is the ground shaking? Do the giants need to fire their architect? LOL

      • Maybe the giants don’t feel like the ground is shaking. Like the ants would think the ground is shaking when we move but we don’t realize it?

        • I was hoping somebody would entertain the notion of perception.
          When the giant ran through his house, cups, treasures pillars, etc, fell down. Do cups and saucers and things fall down when you run through your house? I think not.
          Perception is one thing..physics is another.
          When ants crawl through your kitchen, do glasses and dishes fall when you run through your kitchen?
          ….your argument is void :)

  14. I loved this episode. My favorite is definitely the Emma/Snow relationship. I was surprised snow was so okay with Emma climbing the bean stalk, but it was good to see she fought Mulan in the end for Emma.

    I also agree that Neal is bae, why else would he do what he did. I do wonder if he knows he has a son? Also thinking August is the one who brought Henry to Mr. Golds attention when he was a baby so that Regina could adopt him. Maybe the whole thing was Augusts plan…put Henry in Storybrooke, write the book, give it to Mary Margaret and just hope it all works out.

    As for the dreams I know the writers did say something about showing a connection or portal between the two worlds soon. Well my guess is that this is it and if Henry and Sleeping Beauty get past their fears maybe they will figure it out. Hey with the help of Snow and Charming on both sides maybe they can.

  15. If Neal is Bae, it makes sense that he found out about the curse only when August told him. I wonder if he is conning August into thinking he wants to know about Storybrooke for Emma when he actually just wants to keep track of the world.

    Also, does this mean Aurora and Henry can communicate with each other since they were both stuck in the “sleeping curse” at the same time? Maybe the sleeping curse means your soul is stuck in a particular place. It could also be an explanation for why true love’s kiss could bring them and Snow back but not Graham or Daniel. And does this mean Aurora and Henry will be used to pass messages in their “sleep”? Probably the first time I am interested in Aurora. Also Hook the charming, soulless rogue also finally came to life.

    And again the show flip flops on whether Emma’s ability to tell the truth is a genuine ability or just a con she uses to get people to open up to her. I say the latter and it works most effectively on kids.

    I thought last season August came back because his body was starting to turn wooden when Emma entered Storybrooke. Now we find out he went looking for Emma earlier. What made him change his mind? Also I am not sure whether the way he went about it makes it any better. He comes across extremely manipulative and susceptible to the dark side with his end justify the means way of working.

  16. Am I the only one who thought Hook was soooo sexy in the episode? Okay, I know, I know! This is an intelligent blog that analyzes the story. And you all know that I do analyze and brainstorm on other posts.

    But still, I can’t help but comment on Hook! When he bit that scarf with his teeth and pulled it (wrapping up Emma’s hand) – I swooned! (And yes, my husband knows I have a t.v. crush! Ha ha!)

    Okay, back to intelligent analysis. I think Cassady is Bae. When August/Pinochio asked him, “Do you believe in magic?” Cassady never answered yes or no. He only replied, “I take it you do.”

    So because of Cassady’s evasive answer, I think he could very well be Bae.

    And I too an wondering what was in the suitcase/box that August showed to Cassady. Yes, he used to have a typewriter in there. But how would a typewriter get Cassady to believe anything? It wouldn’t. So it has to be something else in there. But what?

    And about those freaky red room/fire dreams that Princess Aurora and Henry are having – have no clue what that’s all about! But will be interesting to see what they mean. When they say the word “red” it always makes me think of Ruby/Red Riding Hood. But I don’t see how she could be involved with these dreams in any way. So that makes me rule her out. Plus, they mention fire. So that throws me off in figuring it out. I have no clue as to what these dreams mean.

    Those dreams do make you wonder if Henry and Princess Aurora are in danger – but how? And how would that danger relate to both of them? They have nothing in common. ????

    Overall, loved this episode!

    • Princess Donna, I agree — Hook was very hot in this episode. I think Emma was swooning a bit too when he did that scarf thing — even if she did leave him there in the end.

  17. I thought it was a great episode but honestly anytime they focus on the main cast I am happy. I think they should give the new fairytale’s a break for awhile because they have so much to work with already. It’s become a bit of a revolving door for me. But that doesn’t take away with how much I am still enjoying the show! Some fans didn’t like Emma not looking young enough, or said her back story showed her out of character. She had a tough like growing up, she had to make a transformation, she had to survive. Just like her mom did. I loved her scenes with the giant too. And August oh how I missed him!!!!

  18. Ok so a few observations, Emma and Neall stayed at the red lantern lodge. Red lantern corps is an anti hero corporation on DC universe comics. Also when Neall was asking the convenience store guy for directions they’re was a keychain that read Henry, alive, Leo, Howard, jack, Sarah. Obviously the Henry one is the most important but I wonder about theAlso other ones. Also Henry saw a women in his nightmare and aurora saw a man/him/boy. Also when Mary and David were listening to them it almost seemed like they knew the story and were kind of shocked.

  19. I agree with Neil being Bae. I assumed since the first season that Bae would be Henry’s father, although I have doubted it because of the time that may have elapsed between Baelfire leaving FTL and when the curse actually happened. 20 years? 100? Hard to say. If Neil isn’t Bae, could Bae be in another world? Or is he an old man in ours? Is he Peter Pan? In watching the show, you see a lot of time pass from the weak Rumple keeping his son from the Ogre wars to the Power Hungry Rumple, Bae-less, teaching Cora, and then many years later Regina, how to be evil, making deals with Cinderella, fighting Hook, falling for Belle, then becoming imprisoned.I’d like a better Timeline of things. I’m starting to like Aurora. Poor thing was cursed to sleep for however long plus the 28 years. Then she wakes up, her love dies, and she is stuck with the stubborn and overbearing Mulan in a world she knows nothing of because she has been asleep all this time. She feels helpless but wants to prove she isn’t, all the while everyone treats her like a child because she slept those 28 years and is clueless. She can’t help she doesn’t have a pair of trousers to wear around like the other girls. She doesn’t mean to be annoying. She has no idea what is happening and just wants to help. Mulan needs more of her backstory with the prince touched on, because she is so cold and unlikable at this point.
    I think that yes, Emma was starting to swoon a little over Hook, but because of her history with Neil, thinking he loved her (he did love her, but from her POV she thinks he conned her) and trusting him, she won’t take that chance with Hook and she doesn’t want to fool herself in trusting him.
    I’m also curious about the Aurora/Henry dreams. Another commented that maybe it could become a way for them to communicate through worlds. The after effects of the sleeping curse transcends the worlds and creates a bridge for them. Who knows?

  20. Don’t you guys love the irony of August, Pinnochio, the puppet, is the manipulator here? (:

    I have a feeling that that “destroyed” magic bean will come back. Maybe there’ll be a way to revive it. Maybe it’ll turn up after Cora’s plan fails (taking a guess here).

  21. I loved this episode! If Henry is Bae’s son, then by extension, Rumple’s grandson, would it not make sense that he made it possible for Regina to adopt him in SB? Rumple always knows more about what’s going on that everyone else. What better way to keep Henry safe from the evil queen that to have her adopt him and grow to love him?

    Aurora and Henry’s dreams (nightmares) being connected is very interesting. Maybe it will be a portal, like other’s have said, to communicate between the two worlds. At the very least it makes Aurora a bit more interesting now. Also…let’s not forget many believe that Cora is the Queen of Hearts. What’s her favorite color? Red. The room with the red curtains could be a portal between the worlds (as I think someone mentioned earlier).

    Lastly…love Hook, love August.

  22. I had not thought about Bae. My mind instantly went to Peter Pan. I am a little disapointed because your thoughts make a lot of sense. Still hoping its Pan.

  23. The perfect thing to have been in that box would be Rump’s dagger. But he (Rump) had seen it in those ten years since Neal and Emma broke up right?

  24. Two more hours until Manhattan. I’m going InSaNe…….

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