Promos and Sneak Peeks OUAT 2×02 “We Are Both”

Here’s the promo they showed at the end of episode 2×01 in the U.S.:

Here’s the one they showed in Canada, which is totally different:

Sneak peeks are after the jump (warning: spoilers):

This one reveals what happens when someone goes outside the town limits of Storybrooke (spoiler!):

This shows Emma and Mary Margaret in their new land:

This shows a spunkier David and Jefferson:

Here are Henry and his “Gramps”:

And here are some promotional photos:

4 responses to “Promos and Sneak Peeks OUAT 2×02 “We Are Both”

  1. Am I crazy, or do RUMPLE’s clothes in FTL look like they are made of Crocodile to anyone else? Did he kill/skin the crocodile who took HOOK’s hand?

  2. Thanks, maybe he used magic to “become” the crocodile. Guess we’ll find out in episode 4

  3. Well, episode 4 indeed explains the Crocodile clothes Rumple wears.

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