Recap Season 1 finale — 1.22 A Land Without Magic

Purple smoke pours out of the wishing well

Henry, after eating the Evil Queen’s apple turnover and collapsing at the end of the previous episode, is rushed to the hospital, but the doctors can’t find any evidence that he was poisoned.

Emma starts to realize that the cause must be magic. No sooner does that thought bubble up, then she touches Henry’s book — and suddenly has flashbacks to when she was a baby in Fairy Tale Land.

Emma, finally, knows the truth. Soon, Regina knows that Emma knows. Out of desperation, they turn to Mr. Gold (who Emma now knows is Rumpelstiltskin) to help them in their shared quest to save Henry.

In FTL, the Huntsman helps Prince Charming escape from the Evil Queen’s palace. But she traps Charming, from a distance, in an endless loop in the forest, and he, too, has to accept Rumpelstiltskin’s help.

Rumpel wants to protect his dwindling supply of bottled true love. His deal: Charming hides the bottle in “the belly of the beast,” and Rumpel gives him back his now-enchanted ring, which will lead him to Snow.

Back in Storybrooke, Gold/Rumpel tells Emma she must retrieve the bottle — which she does by slaying a dragon (who used to be Maleficent) underneath the library — with her father’s sword.

In the hospital, Jefferson, who wants to get back at Regina, creates a diversion by killing Henry — then releases Belle from the dungeon and tells her to find Mr. Gold and tell him that Regina locked her up.

Back in FTL, we’re back where we came in during the pilot episode — with Prince Charming galloping down the narrow road, kissing Snow, and bringing her back to life.

In SB, Gold had tricked Emma. He wanted the potion for himself. But Emma saves Henry anyway. Her kiss on his forehead — true love’s kiss — breaks the curse, brings Henry back to life, and sends a ripple through the town — like the ripple that went through FTL when Charming woke Snow — and everyone starts to remember who they really are. David and Mary Margaret recognize each other as Charming and Snow, and they kiss, knowing they have found each other at last.

Belle recognizes Rumpelstiltskin, but Rumpel has no time yet for love. He drops the bottle of true-love’s potion into the wishing well, and a purple smoke bubbles up, grows, and washes over the town like a tidal wave.

“Magic is coming,” Rumpel says.

“Why?” Belle asks.

“Because magic is power.”

Regina, watching the smoke wash over the town, smiles.

The clock on the tower stops at 8:15 — bringing us full circle back to the pilot episode.

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