Poll and discussion — Season 2 premiere episode: “Broken”

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My first thoughts are after the jump:

I’m very glad that Rumpel and Belle are together at last and that Belle decided to stick by him.

Poor Emma — she’s still trying to process the idea that her parents are fairy tale royalty younger than she is — and now she’s going to have to adjust to an even stranger idea.

The wraith looked too much like a Halloween decoration to be scary, but the story all came together in the end, and I’m eager to see what Snow and Emma will do in their strange new land.

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  1. Overall, I am glad the show i back on. But, I dont understand how Regina didn’t have magic powers for the whole entire episode- (in front of the townspeople, the jail cell lock, and with the magic hat), and then she suddenly had magic powers at the end when she tied up Price Charming with the trees on the wall. Also why did she pretend not to know Jefferson?? I must have missed something there…

  2. I had the same reactions.

  3. Really wanted to love it but in all honesty was somewhat disappointed. I thought all the reunions were rushed—-the episode tried to do too much all at once and sacrificed “moments” that should have been. For example, David(Charming) and Mary Margaret(Snow) have yet to have an actual conversation and they’ve already been separated again:(

    The only thing I noticed about Regina and the magic was that she couldn’t get the hat to work until Emma touched her. Perhaps Emma has the magic and somehow transfused it to Regina.

    Not feeling the whole Aurora/Mulan thing yet.

    Overall, I just wish the writers would take their time telling this story so we could savor every moment.

    • I just rewatched it, and I think you may be right about the hat. It wasn’t until Emma grasped Regina’s arm that the hat started to spin.

      Agree about Aurora/Mulan. I thought that whole section, with them and Prince Philip and the wraith, was the weakest by far of the episode. Things should liven up, though (knock on wood) now that Emma and Mary Margaret are on the scene.

  4. Honestly, it wasn’t quite as satisfying as I had hoped it would be, but I find that the beginning of seasons usually aren’t. Here’s to hoping it’ll get more enticing as the season progresses.

  5. I think that Regina’s sudden appearance of magic came from Emma touching her while messing with the hat. Maybe, when the curse was broken Emma received some form of magic, maybe Mr. Gold had something to do wiht that. Who knows? As for Emma and Snow being sucked back into the fairytale world I think that working together while getting to know eachother will be exciting to watch. Fighting ogres and creepy magical “things”. I do not think Regina will be able to stay away from magic what so ever, even if she sneaks Henry will most likley find out and I also think that Prince charming’s best chance of survival from the queen is keeping Henry safe!! My question is, will Mr. Gold change or will him and Regina work something out to get back to the fairtale world, I mean afterall he did do something with the magic at the end of season 1. Finally, my thoughts on Mulan and sleeping beauty are that they will work together while butting heads over who’s doing what, who’s in charge and so forth. Who knows? One last thought. The mysterious man in the start of the show could be Mr. Gold’s son.

  6. Hi Everyone!
    I enjoyed the subtle entry to season 2. We all expected that Rumple would want revenge on Regina. We also expected a lynch mob against Regina. The reason, I believe, Regina denied knowing Jefferson was to minimize the hatred everybody feels towards her. After all, the curse was horrific. Why add more insult to injury?
    Regina was powerless in the land of new magic (Our world, Storybrooke Maine). After the lynch mob, with Whale at the charge, I almost heard a comedic game show ‘Waaa waaa waaaaaaaa’ after Regina tried to use her power and failed. When she tried to use Jefferson’s hat, her futile attempt was amplified. She was powerless.
    As Emma touched Regina’s arm, Regina found her magic.
    Emma is the key.
    Remember the first season. Emma is the product of Magic. She is the product of true love. True love is the strongest magic ever. It transcends realms and worlds. (According to Rumple from season one… I forget the actual quote).
    Thank God for Henry. Regina’s feelings for him saved James from a certain death.
    Since Emma is the product of Magic, and in essence gave Regina her power, I believe Emma will be pretty powerful going forward. She will possess magic. I anticipate her growing in her new found heritage and wielding the magic within.
    I foresee Emma conjuring up a few spells to repel the Evil Regina. I also expect Rumple will have a hard time fighting the product of true love…Emma.

  7. Yes not quite as exciting as I had hoped especially after waiting all winter for the show to return (I live in New Zealand). I am intrigued as to who the man was at the start, perhaps Baelfire but we will have to wait and see. I too think Emma is going to display some hidden magical powers- look out Mr Gold (tho I think his character is fantastic!) bring on next Sunday!

  8. This show is so ridiculous. It could of been so righteous but Horowitz and Kitsis are morons and send all the wrong messages. One of them being, let evil just push goodness around, have it’s way with it and kill it, while goodness should just lie down and let it. It is also totally stupid that Henry would even call Regina his mom, because she is isn’t and the thought that she loves Henry is beyond laughable. Lame, lame lame and gay. That is what OUAT is..

  9. It is also totally stupid that Henry would even call Regina his mom, because she (*is=typo) isn’t

  10. I think Henry dislikes violence so much, he was willing to call Regina “Mom” just to quiet the mob. Also agree that it was Emma who gave Regina her magic — not so good for the people of Storybrooke, but might come in handy for Emma.

    The old phone — perhaps a link to someone in Storybrooke since the style of phone does date back to the time of the curse? If so, why the note?

  11. Who the heck is Dr. Whale? Did you notice that David didn’t know who he was.

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