Once Upon a Time is back tonight (Sunday, September 30)

Episode 2.1 Broken

Regina faces angry mob in Season 2 Premiere Episode (screencap from EW’s sneak peek video clip)

Once Upon a Time is back! Season 2 starts tonight, Sunday, September 30, 2012, at 8 pm Eastern time (7 pm Central), with a season premiere episode called Broken.

Editing to add: At 7:00, before the new episode airs, there will be a special called Magic is Coming, an hour-long recap of Season One including the characters’ backstories.

One response to “Once Upon a Time is back tonight (Sunday, September 30)

  1. Not sure if Regina gets all her powers back yet. Because the magic coming to Storybrooke is the product of PC’s & SW’s love, it seems like she shouldn’t benefit from it. But Rumple should, cause he is the author of the Dark Curse. I guess we find out in a few hours. I suppose its already aired in Europe,they know what happens. Can’t wait!

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