Georgeous new promo — and a heart-stopping moment

I was half-watching this Once Upon a Time promo, when I suddenly saw the face of Terry O’Quinn (Locke on LOST) appear on the screen. For a second, my heart stopped. Could he possibly be joining the show, I wondered — joining fellow LOST alumni Emilie de Ravin, Alan Dale and Jorge Garcia?

And then, a few moments later, I saw the ending credits and realized this was a combined promo for three shows — OUAT and Revenge and 666 Park Avenue, Terry’s new show, which debuts two hours after the OUAT season premiere.

That aside, I think this may be the best promo I’ve seen for OUAT. It has a bit of a surrealistic tinge, which reminds me of some of my favorite creative LOST promos, especially this one.


One response to “Georgeous new promo — and a heart-stopping moment

  1. Hah, I did that too, with another of the combined promos, thinking it was for one show. I think it’s a great idea because you see the characters you know and love and so you stay engaged, and then it’s like “Hey, who’s that guy?” And boom, you discover a new show.

    This one for OUAT is pretty cool looking, I like the music and the cinematography. Nicely done.

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