Deleted scenes with Sheriff Graham (Jamie Dornan)

Once Upon a Time Season One DVD extras deleted scene screencap

Emma and Graham in a deleted scene from the Pilot

These two deleted scenes are from the Season One DVD, via the Jamie Dornan Online fansite and the Oncers fan community. Video after the jump.

This scene shows Sheriff Graham introducing himself to Emma in the Pilot episode. It’s attraction at first site — the chemistry between them is strong, even if he is accusing her of being drunk:

This scene from episode 1.03 (Snow Falls) takes place after David (Prince Charming) — who, at the time, we still knew only as “John Doe” — got out of his hospital bed and wandered off into the woods.  Mary Margaret wants to come on the search, but Emma doesn’t want her to.  “With all due respect,” Mary Margaret says, “it was my hand he grabbed.”  While they argue, Sheriff Graham hovers in the background:

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