Lana Parrilla talks about filming “The Stable Boy” and other interesting things

Lana Parrilla (Regina, Evil Queen) talks about Once Upon a Time

Lana Parrilla in Toronto on May 31, 2012

Lana Parrilla spoke last week in Toronto at an event called Bell Media Upfront

Highlights of her talk:

— Now that the two worlds are merging, she is starting to bring the Evil Queen into the Mayor a little more.

The Stable Boy was one of the most challenging episodes for her. She “couldn’t wrap her head around” the last scene until the very last minute when they were setting up the scene to shoot it — and she had read the scene four or five times a day, for eight days, and had many conversations with the director because she couldn’t understand the way Regina blamed Snow, who was just a child and didn’t mean any harm. [I had the same reaction when I watched the episode!] Lana asked herself, “How do I make this work?” and “Why does she want to kill her?” It was, she said, “a tricky, tricky scene.”

What Parrilla realized, when she finally “got it,” was that, ultimately, Regina felt betrayed. In fairytale land, Parrilla said, you only get one love, so Regina could never replace hers. And then what came to Parrilla while she was filming the scene was that Regina, looking at Snow, had the thought (in her twisted mind), “You little bitch. You did this because you wanted me for yourself.” And out of that, Parrilla said, came the desire for revenge and everything that followed from that.

— Her mother and her friends wouldn’t stop giving her grief because she killed Sheriff Graham. She said, “Ma. It’s a television show.”

— She hopes that Regina does find love somehow. “Everyone needs love in their life.”

— She’s become really good friends with Robert Carlyle. “The villains always team up.”

The video of her talk is below (via The TV Addict).

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  1. Regina didn’t set out to kill Snow White until after she was conned and emotionally manipulated by Rumpelstiltskin.

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