Once Upon a Time renewed for Season 2

There was little doubt that the show, which has been a huge hit for the network, was going to come back next year — but now it’s official.

Here’s Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White/Mary Margaret) with a little message for fans:

2 responses to “Once Upon a Time renewed for Season 2

  1. Does anyone know if the season two premiere will be a one or two hour show?

    I’ve been watching a few of the OUAT comi-con videos out there on YouTube but I haven’t seen anyone confess if Regina will have her old powers back in season two and how all that magic coming to the real world will work. Anyone have any ideas?

  2. The premiere is only going to be an hour.

    I don’t think Regina will get all her old powers back because if she did, she could just destroy everything, and then the show would end prematurely. 😉

    The ABC press release says, “In fairytales magic has its place, but in our world it can have unfathomable consequences.” Maybe there will be interference from something in the modern world — like electricity — which wasn’t present in FTL. Or maybe the lack of belief from the world at large, outside of Storybrooke, will have an effect on the way magic works — or doesn’t work..

What do you think?