Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz tease the finale

On Wednesday, Once Upon a Time creators/executive producers/writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz had a Facebook chat about the show. They showed a clip from the finale and answered questions from fans.

Some of the questions they answered (very slight spoilers):

Q: Whatever happened to Malificent? A: I think you should watch this weekend.

Q: Will we be seeing the Mad Hatter again? A: I would say that he will be making an appearance this weekend.

Q: Will we be seeing any more episodes with Rumple and Belle A: “There is one episode left, so I would be very disappointed as a fan if they didn’t make an appearance in it.”

Q: Is Henry’s father coming into the picture? A: We made a big deal in Episode 9 about how Emma lied about who Henry’s father was, so that is “definitely a mystery we will answer.” That’s important to the show, and we want to get to it — but that’s for the future. We know who the father is — it’s just when we choose to reveal it. It’s finding the right moment in a show to reveal certain things. You want to intrigue the audience, get them interested, and then satisfy them with the answers at the right time. That’s the tricky dance.

Here’s one where the answer really surprised me: Q: Did Mr. Gold know from the beginning, or did he regain his memories when Emma came to town? A: When Emma came to town — when he heard her name, in the Pilot. That’s why he was asking for her name in the jail cell.

I thought he knew all along!

There’s an eight-minute highlights video: Chat highlights. Or you can watch the full 30-minute chat below:

4 responses to “Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz tease the finale

  1. I thought Gold knew all along too!
    Well then that is just interesting!
    I’d like to go back and rewatch shows with that in mind.

    • I did too! But I don’t think it’s a huge deal if he didn’t know. I don’t think there was a lot of drama in SB before Emma showed up so even if he did know, there was not much he could do about it.

  2. I am really hoping that OUAT doesn’t end for a long time it’s so good I hope there is more with Emma and Hook

  3. Kevin Hernandez

    You know what would be cool? This is just a suggestion, but the Dark One turns out to be Satan, and his plan to destroy the Earth by using Gold to reverse the idea that good always wins. Gold thinks he’s doing his own plan, until the Dark One has his own will, and he’s the reason why Golds heart was black, and the struggle for every character, even ironically the Author, against evil, until the war that every character has to confront the Dark One and find someone that can defeat him without magic, or lose to his plan. That idea was always tinkering in my head.

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