Poll and Discussion for “An Apple Red as Blood”

Editing to add: I just saw it. Initial thoughts:

The episode was all about sacrifice — including Henry’s surprising self-sacrifice at the end. I don’t think he will die, though. I don’t think the show would go that dark — plus the show needs him as the SB connection between Regina and Emma.

Loved the interaction between Mr. Gold and Regina. They have such wonderfully malevolent chemistry between them.

I wonder where Mr. Gold is planning to go on his out-of-town trip.

Did Grumpy really say to Red, “You have someone on your chin”?

Did anyone else expect Regina to tell Mr. Gold, while she was in his shop, that she had Belle?

Things I wonder if we’re going to see next week: A hint about who Bae is now. Whether Mr. Gold will demand the deal with Emma that she had previously promised him. Whether we will see Emma believing in the curse without reservation. Whether Graham and/or Belle will reappear.

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  1. I hope they don’t kill of Henry.

  2. I thought this episode was great, although one thing is really bothering me. Snow has said multiple times that she ruined the Queen’s happiness, but then afterwards, at the latter part of the episode, she finds out that Daniel is dead. So what exactly did she think happened? Regina had just told her Daniel ran off and then said that she was happy with Snow’s father, so something must have happened to make Snow think she had ruined the Queen’s happiness.
    Besides that, I loved it. I think Emma is going to have to face the truth now that Henry has eaten the apple, and I can’t wait to see what plays out in the finale.

  3. I don’t think they’ll kill off Henry, I’ve just watched the next episode preview and you see Emma crying over him and she says I love you which makes me think that she’ll kiss him and he’ll come back ( i know it’s not true love in the same way as snow and charming but mother and son can count right?) and maybe that’s what makes Emma Believe.

    I just hope to see Emilie de Ravin again! I Love the Pinocchio story too I really hope they don’t kill him off :(

  4. I think that pinocchio is going to die. Can someone help me understand how it is that Regina found out that Emma is the “savior”. i thought that she didnt know. i thought that was the reason emma burned the last pages of the book. cuz henry didnt want Regina to know the truth about that part of the story. I thought it was a good episode. I was right about the mad hatter not going inside the hat. he just cant die. It was a great episode. Emma is finally going to start believing.

  5. am i the only one who is really freaked by the idea that the only way for the curse to be broken is if Emma dies??? i mean, that was so obvious, i can’t believe no one figured it out.
    i really hope Henry doesn’t die, he’s one of my fave characters.
    i have never seen the chemistry between Gold and Regina in any way, shape or form. I actually see it more with Gold and Emma, and, of course, I’ll always have my Rumpelle obsession.
    If Emma doesn’t believe now i am not going to be a very happy camper. it’s staring her in the face at this point. Although, now she will most definitely do absolutely everything in her power to get Henry away from Regina. nothing says sociopath like poisoning an apple.
    can’t wait to see Belle! yayy!!!

    • I think the chemistry between Mr. Gold and Regina isn’t really sexual chemistry — it’s in the way they egg each other on to be more evil and devious. Well, I guess Gold isn’t really evil now, but each of them is a master manipulator, and when they get together and face off, they inspire each other to new heights of trickiness — and the air between them just crackles.

  6. OK…Sooooo many things to talk about.

    1. OK. Now we know how magic can exist in our world. It is sort of ‘residual’ magic as I pointed out in the last episode’s blog. Remember the blue fairy said “We have prepare….” in the last episode. If the curse is going to take hold, then what is there to ‘prepare’. I believe the blue fairy knows who she is in the current world. She is just biding her time and has something planned.

    2. When ‘Snow and Friends’ stormed the castle of King George, they needed “Air Support”. Grumpy then stated he was calling in a favor. This was the Blue Fairy. Really???? I know she messed up his relationship when he was Dreamy, but I don’t recall her owing him any favors. THEN when the assault happened, she said “We’re a GO!”. R U Serious? “We’re a GO!” This isn’t ‘Mission Impossible’. That is SOOOOO uncharacteristic for the enchanted world and was a pretty cruddy script. She wouldn’t say something so campy. BAD BAD BAD

    3. This is my biggest pet peeve……JEFFERSON. The curse was only meant for the realm Regina was in. How do I know this? Because if it affected every realm, then Earth, Wonderland, Wizard of Oz (lol)….would ALL BE in the curse. Apparently they are not. The curse was only from that particular realm. How in THE HECK did Jefferson get pulled into the curse? He was in an ENTIRELY different REALM(Wonderland)!!! If Jefferson could get pulled…..then EVERY REALM should be affected…including….EARTH!!! I see a serious problem here. If that were the case, then President Obama and you and I can be a part of the curse. This is one of my biggest problems.

    4. The Red Apple…..oh my!! Ok. In the second?? episode, we saw Regina battling Malificent for the ‘Dark Curse’. Regina complained that the sleeping curse she swapped with Malificent could be broken with a simple kiss (or tru loves kiss….whatever). So, I was happy that the sleeping curse was explained. THEN, in a later episode, Regina had to get the ‘RED APPLE’ from the Blind Witch. SOOOOOOO, why did she have to go through all that? Why did she have to get the red apple? Apparently, the curse wasn’t just bound to any one medium because Malificent used it on ‘Sleeping Beauty’. So, couldn’t Regina just cast the curse one another one of her apples? Why didn’t she just cast the curse on another one of her apples? The curse is apparently reusable….doesn’t make sense there.

    • Maybe Jefferson made another hat at the wrong time and made it through as the curse was coming through and that’s how he remembers, or he’s from the fairytale land and that’s why he was brought through to the real world.

    • Is it possible Jefferson is in SB just so he can watch his daughter?
      She is there because she was in FTL when the curse was enacted.

  7. So if Regina dies, the curse is permanent (the conversation between Jefferson and Regina at the beginning of the show)
    If Emma dies, the curse is broken (conversation between Rumple and Regina)
    So why is the curse weakening with Emma there?
    So the curse can end if Emma stays long enough (must be cause Rumple was packin’ and plannin’ a trip. lol) and ALSO the curse can end if Emma dies?

    I think the writers are screwing up alot here. Maybe not well thought out? My fears are they are grasping at crazy ideas without structured care. Then, they are trying to back-cover their mistakes and ‘pull stuff out of air’ to fill it in. That’s why I stopped watching LOST because it got sooooo ridiculous.

    • I think there are a lot of things that don’t add up. Even the whole notion that time used to stand still in Storybrooke, which is the basic premise of the show, doesn’t make sense if you think about it (how could they even breathe, if time wasn’t moving?). I watch the show with a certain amount of willingness to suspend disbelief. I don’t think it’s ever going to make complete sense in all of the details — but I do think they have the broad outlines of the story worked out. I have no particular reason for believing that — it’s more of a hunch than anything — but some of the bigger pieces of the puzzle have already been fitting together nicely.

      I don’t think this is going to be another LOST (which I loved all the way through, except for the last episode). In LOST, they set up too many riddles in the first season with no idea of how to solve them. (Damon Lindelof has talked, after the show ended, about how at first they didn’t expect the show to last for more than one season, so they threw in things like the polar bears without worrying about how they got there — and then they had to figure it out later when they show unexpectedly became a hit.) I sense that there is more control over the plot in OUAT. But it’s a fantasy about an impossible situation, and it never will completely add up logically, in my opinion — nor could it.

  8. I think Regina couldn’t use the little bit of magic she had left to cast the spell because all of her apples were rotting on her tree (who knows why she couldn’t just get an apple from the grocery store or the diner…). It could be that she didn’t have enough power left to create another sleeping curse. So, she had to get the exact apple that Snow took a bite of, which already had the curse in it.

    I’m not sure why the curse is weakening the longer Emma stays in town. It may possibly be that the longer she sticks around, the possibility of her believing in the curse becomes greater. So, this in itself is weakening the curse.

    I don’t think that if Emma dies the curse is broken. Regina stated in her conversation with Mr. Gold after she gave Emma the apple turnover, that he better have gotten travel insurance, because he isn’t going anywhere- that he is going to remain in SB “right where he belongs”. So, if Emma dies, everything stays the same, and no one is going back to FTL.

    From looking at the trailer for the finale, it looks like Regina and Emma are in the hospital with Henry. Emma tells Henry “I love you” and gives him a kiss on the forehead. I believe from the astonished face of Regina that Henry is going to wake up from the curse because of “True love’s kiss”. This will get Emma to start wondering if what Henry has said all along is true. She will go to “Pinnochio’s” room and start to see that he is sick and dying and start to believe even more…then I think all hell is going to break loose and as it says “a battle is coming to SB.” Looks like it is going to be a great finale!

    • Kristin..my bad. I meant why didn’t Regina create another apple in FTL not SB. I was questioning why she had to go thru that whole ‘Blind Witch’ escapade (Hansel and Gretel). She could have just made another cursed apple. Yes, I agree, once in SB, she had no choice but to go back and get an apple.

      Actually both Gold and Regina say that if Emma dies the curse is broken. Regina even asked Gold to remove that provision of the curse. Of course, Mr. Gold can’t. Once Regina gave Emma the apple(turnover), she was sure Emma was going to eat it. Once eaten, Emma would be ASLEEP not DEAD. Therefore, the curse can continue with Emma in a coma of sorts. That’s why Regina threw the whole travel insurance thing in Golds face in the end of the episode. She thinks she put Emma ‘to sleep’. What Regina doesn’t know is that Henry ate the apple(turnover), not Emma. I agree, a ‘true loves kiss’ might get Henry back. His mother truly loves him, so it might work.

      It is very interesting now. Regina can’t kill Emma. That throws a whole new twist in the game. Also, Emma can’t kill Regina, then the curse would never be broken. So for now, they are at a stalemate. That is, unless Emma can weaken the curse enough for it to break naturally.
      Gold WANTS the curse broken so he can leave SB (conversation between Regina and Rumple) to find Bael (Im assuming). Would he be desperate enough to try to kill Emma to do it?

      Also, I’m still sticking to my Blue Fairy prediction. She had to prepare something before the curse. I’m wondering what that is. Its stuck in my head like a dog with a bone he won’t let go. LOL

      • Well, that totally makes sense now- the comment about him not going anywhere because the curse won’t be broken. Of course if she is asleep, not dead, then Regina wins- especially if she was supposed to eat it as traveling food (hence, she is out of SB when she eats it and no one can leave to wake her up from the curse (well, except Henry (he has left before as he didn’t get brought from FTL- and Pinocchio- he can leave town too, but he won’t as he is dying).

        Another ? How did Mr. Gold arrange for Regina to adopt Henry, as Mr. Gold nor Regina could not leave SB?

        Anyways, it will be very interesting, now that Regina used up her last little bit of magic she had left and they are on even ground now. No more poisoned apples! Thanks for clarifying! :-)

        • I’m just thinking … doesn’t Mr Gold have a shop filled with things from the Fairytale world? would they not hold magic like Regina’s things did?

          • I don’t think all things from FTL are magic or have magical qualities…so those items in Gold’s shop don’t necessarily have magic. Or if they do Regina doesn’t know about it!

    • Perhaps the curse wouldn’t work on someone who hadn’t been to the fairytale world and she needed the apple cause it was linked to Snow – Emma’s Mum, which in turn work on Henry as he’s Snow’s grand child … the thing that gets me is why she even uses a curse as “all curses can be broken with true loves kiss” surely you’d get the hint and find another spell or something?

  9. I still love this show. I view it as fairy tales, meaning that everything will not make sense. I just like being entertained.

  10. I think in the next episode, Regina will try to wake Henry up with true love’s kiss considering she’s the only one who knows about the poisoned apple at this time. It obviously won’t work because she doesn’t truly love him. Emma will kiss him and he will wake. That will trigger Emma’s belief in the curse and Regina just might go over the edge that her kiss didn’t work.

  11. And of course Gold will cash in his favor from Emma. I think it’s going to be something that will indirectly confirm her belief in the curse. And the season will most definitely end with a cliffhanger, that is almost guaranteed. Maybe it will end with Bae arriving in Storybrooke?

  12. OUATFan,

    Ooh, that would be good! Only a few more days… :-)

  13. has anyone figured out how it is that Regina knows that Emma is the savior? right now that is my biggest issue with this whole thing. They made it such a big deal to have emma rip the last pages of the book out in the beginning of the season. how does she all of a sudden know. I think that with the little magic that she did have she could still use mirrors to see things.

    • I was wondering the same thing. I felt I must have missed an episode at the beginning of “An Apple Red As Blood”. How did Regina all of a sudden knew?

    • In one of the episodes (very early episode) when Gold is talking with Regina by her cut-up apple tree (thanks to Emma), Regina and Gold were talking about Henry. In the discussion, Emma came up and Regina asked, “Who is she?” Gold replied “I think she is exactly who you think she is.”
      Remember this was so early on, we didn’t know if Regina knew her true identity, nor did we know if Gold knew his.
      Once we knew Regina knew her true identity, she had a little conversation with Mr. Gold (in a later episode) when he was incarcerated in SB. She asked him who he was. He finally divulged his real name.
      So, Regina just put 2 and 2 together. The curse was weakening, and the only person who can weaken it is the ‘Savior’.

  14. Goodwin said we’d be throwing stuff at our TV by the end of the finale. Maybe Henry will die…

  15. Maybe whoever has the story continuity job will be canned, LOL.

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