Is August Pinocchio? and other new polls

(Polls closed 4/29, before the start of “The Stranger,” which will probably answer all, or at least some, of the questions. See poll results after the jump).

The still-mysterious August W. Booth

It looks like most people now think that August W. Booth (aka “The Stranger”) was Pinocchio in Fairy Tale Land. Do you agree?

In The Return, the writers seemed to fake us out, at first making us believe that August W. Booth was Baelfire, Rumpelstiltskin’s son, and then seeming to reveal that he was not. But could the writers have been doing a double fake out? Could August really be Baelfire after all?

Another possibility, though maybe a long shot, is that August is Henry’s father. He could be Henry’s father whether or not he is also Pinocchio or Baelfire. What do you think?

If August is not Pinocchio, then who could he be?

9 responses to “Is August Pinocchio? and other new polls

  1. After rewatching the Return..I’m still convinced August is Bae…he might still be Pinocchio and/or even Henry’s dad – but I feel certain he is Baelfire. So I’m sad that Mr. Gold quit believing that. I think he was testing the power of the knife and his father…remember he needs magic to live.

    Some commenters said the figure was toto — but this tine around I could see it was a donkey. That gives a Pinocchio clue – but also a reference to the donkey man who was killed and set Bae off on his efforts to have his father return to normal.

  2. It was definitely a donkey that August had on his desk! I thought it actually looked a bit like Donkey from the Shrek movies…

  3. How could he be Henry’s father? Wouldn’t Emma recognize a guy she’s been with lol.

    • Yeah, that’s the catch. 😉 Maybe he’s some sort of shapeshifter, or it was a one-night stand, and Emma was drunk, and it was dark, and she couldn’t see anything. The main thing this otherwise far-fetched theory has going for it is that August first showed up right after Emma was telling Henry a made-up story about how his father was a hero and had died. Emma was talking to Henry, for the very first time, about Henry’s missing father, and then — boom — this mysterious stranger rides up on a motorcycle. At the moment, it seemed like one thing must have been related to the other.

      • Today I was out driving when a man on a black motorcycle came towards me…did I think of my husband on his black motorcycle? No – I immediately thought of August! Yikes what is happening to me?!!

        I wish we could come up with a really good reason August may be Henry’s father…they look alike. Oh wait they’re actors! Lol

  4. It is my belief that August is surely Pinocchio, because he would have been sent thru by Gipeto ahead of giving the cabinet to Snow. I’ll bet that Baelfire winds up being the father of Henry.

  5. But why AUGUST? Where did he get his first name from? Was that when they both arrived in our world in the wardrobe?

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