Once Upon a Time April 15 is a rerun of What Happened to Frederick

Note: This post is from last year. If you are looking for info about the April 2013 schedule, break, and reruns, please see this: Another OUAT hiatus

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"What Happened to Frederick" behind the scenes

Just a reminder that tonight’s episode (Sunday, April 15, 2012) is a rerun of What Happened To Frederick (episode 13).

The show will be back with a new episode next week. There are only four more new episodes this season! Here’s the schedule for the rest of the season:

April 15, 2012 (tonight) rerun of What Happened to Frederick

April 22, 2012 The Return

April 29, 2012 The Stranger

May 6, 2012 Apple Red as Blood

May 13, 2012 Season Finale: A Land Without Magic

7 responses to “Once Upon a Time April 15 is a rerun of What Happened to Frederick

  1. I was watching episode 12, Skin Deep again last night. I hope they repair David’s reputation/sanity before the summer break cause its getting old concerning his ability to make choices in life. Really, two valentines day cards? He can’t figure out how to end things with Katheryn? He’s so wishy washy. MM says he should be home with Katheryn. He agrees. I think David would have jumped into a lake if directed by MM to do so.

  2. Oh I totally agree on David being wishy washy. I’m still so excited to see how they’ll handle Kathryn being alive. These last 4 are going to be so good i’m dying to see them. I hate the reruns inbetween the new episodes.

    • I hope she’s not a twin. That concept has been used already.

    • I’m tired of the fucking reruns abc does. They’re about to lose me completely with these reruns. It’s lame I can’t even keep up because new episodes are so freakin spread apart. It’s ridiculous.

  3. I believe the reruns are to buy the writers time. I think they are having problems with the main story’s continuity. Stories like “Dreamy” don’t seem cannon to the series.

    How long does ABC plan on airing this show? Are we going to have a 18 year old Henry that shaves and still reads fairy tales?

  4. I think the whole season has already been written and filmed, so I don’t think they are stalling for time. They probably just don’t want the season to end too early. By pushing it forward a few weeks, they can get the finale into sweeps week.

    LOL at 18-year-old Henry. My guess is that the show will last for a few more years, but not that long.

    But that just made me think of something … what if the actor who plays Henry has a sudden growth spurt over the summer? They may have to write him almost out of the show, the way they did with Walt in LOST.

    • Yep. Walt looked a bit gangly toward his tenures end. The stories here are already a bit less Henry centric. ))

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